PXZ Gameplay of Tron and Her Servbots

Bandai Namco is releasing more gameplay to countdown the impending release of Project X Zone, and this one features the Bonne mechanic having to get along with the likes of Frank and Hsien-Ko (or "that cameraman" and "that jiangshi" according to the Servbots). It even features an arrangement of "The Flutter Vs. The Gesellschaft", which by now has become the trademark theme of all things Legends.

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Iris Making PXZ a Bit More Tragic

Just a small info update on Bandai Namco's Project X Zone. A recent update details some of the support characters, and we get a little more idea what Iris is up to. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear the afterlife has changed her mind much. Her description says of her, "A Reploid woman who once served as an operator for the Maverick Hunters HQ. She was thought to have met a tragic end during a battle, however..." Furthermore, the key quote given to her is, naturally, "I want to be in a world of only Reploids... with you." This may tie into the conversation we see Iris and Zero are having, where Zero says "Iris. That is my answer. My hope, again is..."

Despite knowing that the whole idea of a Reploid-only world was a fantasy, will Iris be hurting Zero the same manner in X4? Of course the real question is, is this even Iris? Considering X and Zero's mission seems to take place in a Cyberspace area, it's certainly possible Vile or someone conjured a digital memory just to make Zero suffer. Just my fanboy-ish guess, anyhow. Whatever the case may be, we'll know more next week when the game comes out.

Incidentally, the afterlife has certainly been generous to... certain aspect of Iris' design. Or maybe it's just character designers. Check out the PXZ page for a couple screens and voice samples.

Iris Joining the Hunters in Project X Zone

Bandai Namco's Project X Zone will be getting another familiar face to fans of Mega Man X4. The latest Famitsu reveals that Iris also shows up in the storyline as an event character. X appears to recognize her as "the girl from that Repliforce incident," indicating that the events of X4 are a past part of their history from this game's viewpoint. It will be interesting to see how Zero reacts to all this...

Iris will be voiced by Yuko Mizutani in the game, just like she was in Rockman X4.

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See Maverick Hunters and Pirates Tear it Up in New PXZ Trailer

Bandai Namco Games sure knows how to make a trailer, eh? Here is 16 glorious minutes of the simulation crossover RPG Project X Zone. And the included Mega Man characters, much like everyone else get their due. You can jump to 4:50 to see Tron Bonne, the Servbots, X, Zero and Vile in the over-the-top action. Of course, the rest of the trailer is pretty good, too!

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PXZ Site Updates with Tron and Servbot Details, Voices (Updated)

Can't get enough of Tron and her followers? The Project X Zone official site has updated with the latest announced contents. You can see this fine artwork of Tron and the Servbot, as well as hear samples of their voice acting. They again have messages from the voice talents, and we'll see if we can get translations up sometime. You can also check out some nice screens of Tron and her loyal Servbots in action. Go check it out, you Tron nuts!

UPDATE: With many thanks to TMMN viewer Amunshen, we now have a translation of the actresses Iizuka and Chisa's personal statements.

Hello Everyone, I'm Iizuka Mayumi, playing Tron Bonne.

Wow, it's already been over 10 years since I met Tron! But I still feel very happy about this reunion with her.

She's so energetic and positive...well she's sometimes also stubborn and clumsy. whenever I act as her, I think that I have so many things in common with her, too, but she's the one who always gives me lot of energy.

Anyway, It seems like a lot of characters from many different games are joining this game! I'd be so happy if Tron becomes a help to you and you like her amongst them!

So! This is Iizuka Mayumi as Tron Bonne! See you!


Hi, This is Chisa Yokoyama as the Servbots.

Well, actually I'm already appearing in this game as another character....Sakura Shinguji.

I wouldn't ever think that both of those characters could appear in same game, but I was so happy seeing the scene when the Servbot says "Imperial Flower Combat Troop!" because I love him very much, too.

And one more thing I'm happy about... a game I'm totally crazy over, Street Fighter II, well, I got to say "Hadouken!" as a Servbot.

So, since I absolutely want everyone to hear this, please play this game with Servbots!

By the way, to tell you how much I love Servbots, I even have a Servbot head which becomes a neat mug when I take the cap on its top. I really treasure this mug.

Anyway, I'm Chisa Yokoyama.

Tron and Servbots joining Project X Zone

New Mega Man characters are joining into the cross battle, according to the latest Famitsu. Tron Bonne and her Servbots (or at least one of them) will be part of the game along with X and Zero. Curiously, in what's appeared in Famitsu so far, Tron does not seem to use her Gustaff mecha. However, she does get to put her Servbots to great use, and even rides atop a giant one. Also, it's hard to make out, but it appears Tron and co. are fighting the dreaded Sharukurusu Reaverbot. That WOULD have to appear.

We have confirmed as well that the characters will retain their previous voice performers, with Mayumi Izuka voicing Tron, and Chisa Yokoyama voicing the Servbot(s).

We'll do our best to keep you posted as more developments turn up. Stayed tuned!

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A Little Bit of Project X Zone

Remember this game? While there's nothing new concerning Mega Man content to report on, I thought you might enjoy these screens from a recent issue of Famitsu. This is our first time seeing X and Zero's splash artwork in the game, and I'm sure it will be even better to see it in motion. Incidentally, this piece of the article discusses how player pairs can be separated into solo units, and you can use up to three solo units of your choosing in battle along with pairs. Should more Mega Man characters make the cut, you can make a veritable Mega Man dream team!

Recently, Project X Zone was given a Japan release date of October 11th. Still no word yet for any release in the west, but one can hope, no? What other Mega Man characters would you like to see?

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Project X Zone Site Goes Live, Voices X and Zero

What a day it is that the big game we're all tuning in to isn't a game of Capcom's at all! Bandai Namco has finally launched their Project X Zone official site. Right now all that exists is a bit about the game in general and an introduction to the leading characters. PXZ is a simulation RPG that promises dynamic battles mixing detailed 2D character sprites with 3D environments.

Over here, you can check out the character pages for X and Zero, which provide their artwork, brief biographies and character voice samples from Sakurai and Okiayu (more on them here).

Otherwise, that's about all for now. More updates should follow closely, however. With luck they'll reveal a trailer showing the first of the action later this month! Project X Zone is set to release in Japan sometime in 2012.

Update: Now with 100% more downloadable Main Theme for your enjoydom!


Voice Talents Behind X and Zero in PXZ

If there's one thing I like most about Project Cross Zone so far, it's the attention to detail. Everything about X and Zero appears to be modeled after Mega Man X4: their attacks, their game locale, even the artwork does a fine job of mimicking the style from then. It certainly helps that X4 is one of my favorites of the series, too. Yet another area where Banpresto has done their homework is the voice acting, because the talents behind X and Zero are no strangers to the characters. According to the recent Famitsu article, X is being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Sakurai provided the voice of X in his more recent games Command Mission, X8 and Maverick Hunter X.

Meanwhile, Zero is voiced by none other than Ryotaro Okiayu. Okiayu has exclusively voiced Zero from X4 and on. He's also voiced Proto Man, Shadow Man and Turbo Man in some of the classic series outings.

While I'm not terribly excited for PXZ as a game itself, it is of course neat to see the support of X and Zero and the detail they're getting. I wonder what else will be used, in terms of characters, music and mechanics?