Rockman 5: Blues' Trap!? Releasing on PSN in Japan

In a curiously sudden announcement, both Ucchy-san of Rockman Unity and Capcom Retro Games announced over Twitter that Rockman 5: Blues' Trap!? will be available on PSN in Japan today, starting this evening. There was no prior announcement to the game being released, as far as I can recall. Hopefully this makes its way over to the west as well, although we've still yet to see a release of Rockman 4 on the PS1 Imports. This of course is the enhanced PS1 version, andlike the other PSN releases ought to run for ¥600. With both PSN and the Wii VC up to Rockman 5, I suppose the race is on to see which service gets Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle in History!! first.

Maverick Hunter X & Powered Up on their way to PSN

mmxmhpromoAccording to, a number of PS1 and PSP Capcom titles will be headed to the PlayStation Network, starting tomorrow with Capcom Classics Collection Remixed. While we don't know when the specific release dates are, Mega Man: Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X are definitely in the queue, and will hopefully come around later this summer. Even more hopefully is other Mega Man games making their appearance sooner or later, especially the Legends games. What better a way to get new gamers into the series?

Capcom's legacy surprise: 20 to 40 PS1 & PSP games coming to PSN

2694075354_55b6ae74e7Just when you thought Capcom couldn't be releasing more games this year, they go and tell Joystiq they're aiming for another 20 to 40 PSOne and PSP games to be released in the next few months. With that large a number, there's bound to be at least one Mega Man game in there.  Here's hoping they show MegaMan Legends some love, as well as Mega Man X and Mega Man 8 on the PSOne side.  I'm rooting for Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X on the PSP side (and Monster Hunter Freedom, editor's discretion).

According to a post on Capcom Unity, expect the first batch of PSOne games to arrive in late May.

Source: Joystiq, Capcom Unity

Batch of PSOne games coming to PSN

In a thread on Capcom Unity, Christian "Sven" Svensson confirmed that a new wave of PSOne (PSX, PS1) games are coming to the PlayStation Network's "PSOne Classics" collection.  While he couldn't confirm which ones are coming, he details that these are only the first and not the last Capcom games that will reach the online store. Spencer on Siliconera compiled a list of PSOne games Capcom published in America and were subsequently rated by the ESRB.  Here's an edited version with any Mega Man references.

Marvel vs. Capcom Mega Man 8 Mega Man Battle and Chase (Ok, this one isn't really a US release) Mega Man Legends Mega Man Legends 2 Mega Man X4 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X6 The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

One can only hope that at least one of those games is part of Capcom's upcoming classics.

Credit: Capcom Unity, Siliconera