Keiji Inafune's Got Some Stuff to Say at PAX

inafune110110Keiji Inafune's got some things to say, and the folks at PAX will be streaming it live. The presentation begins at 4:30 PM Pacific time, 7:30 PM Eastern (and 8:30 AM here in Japan). While Inafune is no longer with Capcom, he is bound to have some interesting stuff to say in regards to his past work and Mega Man. And who knows... he may also have news that readers here could find interesting as well. The only way to know for sure is to watch the stream!

Since the embed autoplays, hit the cut to join in on the action.

Go to PAX's Friday Night Concerts, Get Free Mega Man Stuff

24ea4a7fdfeb62d718e87ce0ee08c469d789088d40b5f514be77d90c6e9c6e3d This weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo, there will be a series of concerts starting at 8:30pm on Friday night featuring Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and The Protomen. Better still, attending affords you the opportunity to get free Mega Man goodies from the fine folks at Capcom Unity.

Community Manager Brett Elston notes on his blog "I sent the good folks at PAX/Reed Expo a heaping pile of inflatable Mega Busters and Mega Man 25th anniversary pins to be handed out for the mega festivities. Simply be there (probably early!) and you could walk away one or both of these collector's items! Don the Mega Buster and PUMP YER FIST to 'The Will of One!'"

As an aside, we're pretty sure that the Super Mega Man figure shown with the pin above isn't being given away, but is there to simply give an idea of scale. Then again, how many of you reading this actually have that figure to know how big it is to begin with? But we digress.

What's more, a limited few will get to go home with this beautiful blue bad boy in its E Tank packaging:


"With so many folks attending PAX - and the all-Mega-Man concert lineup," Brelston notes, "make sure you get there before show starts at 8:30!"

"And for those who couldn't make it to SDCC or PAX, or buy the statute when it was on the Capcom Store," he adds, "don't worry - I've secured some for Unity too! More on that after PAX..."

Submit Your Questions for Keiji Inafune!

This, sadly, did not happen.A few days ago, we reported that Keiji Inafune will be making an appearance at his own panel and signing event at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle later this month, and we have been invited to an interview with "The Father of Mega Man." We will be joining Mark MacDonald of 8-4 Ltd., Tony Ponce of Destructoid, Ryan "Phreak" King from 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3, and others for interviews with Inafune following his panel. While the other outlets may focus on his frequent criticism of the modern game industry or his appearance in a dating sim, we will be focusing on–- what else? -–the Blue Bomber.

The TMMN staff as a whole are coming up with questions for this interview, but since this is such a rare opportunity, we wanted to get some questions from our readers. We have a limited time to ask our questions and some topics may simply be off-limits for official comment, but it never hurts to ask. So submit your questions as a response to this story and we will consider their inclusion in our interview at the end of the month!

Keiji Inafune to Appear at PAX Prime

542682_439126319494948_21891933_nMega Man fans who are attending the Penny Arcade Expo from August 30th to September 2nd are in for a special treat, as none other than Keiji Inafune will be in attendance! Those hoping to see the man who many hail as the "Father of Mega Man" will have the opportunity to do so on Saturday, August 31st from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in the Kraken Theater. The event's description is as follows:

Keiji Inafune: From 8-bit to Next-Gen, and Beyond

Celebrated as the “father of Mega Man,” but branded as an outspoken critic of the Japanese game industry, ex-Capcom honcho Keiji Inafune’s frank talk, controversial opinions, and – most of all – his games have made many fans (and maybe a few enemies) on both sides of the Pacific. Join us for an informal chat through Inafune’s 25 year career: where console gaming began, how it’s changed over the years, and what’s coming next – both for the industry and for Inafune himself.

For those who are not able to attend, worry not, for the panel will also be viewable via livestream. Stay tuned, as we'll provide more information on that as it becomes available.

Mega Man Universe Gameplay Trailer

Well, immediately following my speculation post, here is our first look at Mega Man Universe's gameplay! Which... appears to be some kind of polygonal Mega Man 2. No sign of any Kinect and Move usage, but the visual style is a little... interesting. Still, this only seems like just a taste of what to really expect.

We've updated with our own copy of the full length official trailer. Check after the break to see the other three individual character trailers.

Thanks, XHunter! [via Rockman AMV], Shoot Man

Speculation Train: MMU a Kinect/Move Game?

Been a long time since I did one of this. We are at the eve of PAX, and many things we've wondered about Capcom's Mega Man Universe will be answered in a scant 24 hours. However, a small realization struck me yesterday, and Boss Man insisted I write about it. So then, here we go. What if Mega Man Universe is a game meant to utilize Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move? What kind of game would that be? How would one even reach such an idea?

Truthfully, I owe my "epiphany" to Lance, based on a comment he made in a post yesterday. There was a little joking about Mega Man Universe actually taking place in a kid's bedroom, based on the teaser trailer Capcom put out at Comic Con. However, with Kinect and Move, couldn't Mega Man Universe take place in your bedroom? To be more definitive, Mega Man Universe could be a game that generates stages, obstacles or different forms for Mega Man based on things the Kinect and Move cameras pick up. It wasn't until I started considering the evidence that this became clear:

  • In the trailer, the boy looks at different items around his room. These items transform Mega Man into other forms. This could be achieved with a camera
  • The trailer's tagline is "Your world. Megafied." This could be taken literally - things from your world are going into the game.
  • In an interview on GameSpot a while back, a Capcom spokesperson stated this would be a Mega Man game where imagination is the star.
  • It would explain why Capcom is not releasing the game on the Wii.
  • At Comic Con, Keiji Inafune said it would be a little ways yet before MMU releases. This would be because Kinect and Move still need to launch.

When you consider the points that way, it does seem compelling. However, I could easily be reading into it too much. After all, Capcom Unity's original hint at MMU had many of us thinking it would be a 3D game.

To play the devil's advocate, I tried to consider why MMU wouldn't be a Kinect/Move game, but these speculations reflected more on why it shouldn't.  But essentially, how would such a game work? How much would Mega Man fans want to cart all kinds of stuff into their room just to affect the game? How many Mega Man fans want to actually buy a Kinect or Move to play something like this? Kinect is especially vexing, since it's marketed as the "controller-free controller" but I don't see how a Mega Man game could be played (enjoyably) without a controller. However, Lance did point out to me that the Xbox 360 could use any old webcam to fill the technical need.

I'll be honest that I'm not really good at these speculation things, and my past track record isn't that fantastic. But it is still a provocative idea to consider. What we do know right now, at the eve of PAX, is that the trailer was made the way it was for a reason. The things going on in it aren't just random, but were thought out. So, what would you think it means?

We'll know soon.

Get Prepped for Mega Man Universe at PAX

Capcom Unity has the lowdown for what to expect at PAX this weekend, if you happen to be in attendance. Among those items, new trailers and game levels for Mega Man Universe will be exhibited, so it sounds like we're going to finally see what the game looks like (unless it actually is a claymation style game in a kid's bedroom). Furthermore, the Capcom Unity crew will be giving out special Mega Man Universe headbands every hour.

I can't tell if "game levels" means the title will actually be playable or not, but TMMN staffers Mainfinger and Gelgameth will be at the event to cover whatever Mega Man goodness comes. Be sure to say hello to them if you notice them. And feel free to send your own impressions to us as well! I'd go myself but legal restrictions prevent me from entering the state of Washington.

PAX starts this Friday, so coverage is coming soon!

Servbot Keychains and More @ PAX

Servbot Keychains and More at PAXCapcom has finally announced some of the items they will be selling at their booth at this year's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Though there are only two Mega Man items (both of which are keychains) listed currently, there is a rather vague listing of other types of things that will be available that could very well be related to the Blue Bomber. Specifically, we have the Servbot keychain (pictured on the right) as well as keychains featuring other Capcom favorites including Mega Man himself, Chun Li, and Viewtiful Joe.

Items from other franchises include a Devil May Cry 4 sword, a Dark Void figure, SF20: The Art of Street Fighter, Monster Hunter plushies and chopsticks, and an Ace Attorney bookmark set.

Capcom also mentions that they will have various games, collectible figures, t-shirts, messenger bags, books, jewelry, and game soundtracks, though that's as specific as they chose to be.

PAX takes place September 4th-6th in Seattle, WA. Is anybody in the Mega Man Network community going to be in attendance? If so, you just might run into me. I'll be there all three days.

News Credit: Capcom Unity Blog