OtaRockman 2012 Report

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

As we announced early last week, the last weekend in July was Otakon, and with it, "OtaRockman." Unfortunately, there wasn't nearly as much going on as in past years, with the cosplay gathering on Saturday being pretty much the one and only thing. And even then, the turnout wasn't as great as in past years.

Still, we had fun, and you can check out the costumes and a few other Mega Man-related tidbits seen at the show in our huge picture gallery below.

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

Another angle of the group shot above.

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

A female Proto Man... er, Proto Woman? Proto Girl?

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

Our own Tabby as Proto Man. Were female Proto Men a thing this year?

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

Another Proto Man, this time from The Protomen, with a Mega Man from The Protomen. Proto-tastic!

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

Ryouko as Helios/Aeolus with AzureEmperor as Gregar.

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

Celebrating 25 years! Classic Mega Man and LBD "Nytetrayn" as Bad Box Art Mega Man.

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

Emerald as Sniper Joe from The Protomen.

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

Emerald as Sniper Joe from The Protomen after an encounter with Bad Box Art Mega Man. "Bad Box Art Sniper Joe! It's been years! *click*"

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

The evil Dr. Wily, of course. Actually, he wasn't so bad in person...

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

It was a bad day to be Dr. Wily...

Image courtesy of WolfShadow; click to enlarge.

Another Dr. Wily, one not at the mercy of arm cannons.

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

Wood Man was in attendance, but where was he when Wily needed him most?

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

As was Zero, but he and his actually-glowing Z-Saber were elsewhere.

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.


Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.


Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

...and Poochy as Lan! Battle Network, represent!

Image courtesy of JackScarab; click to enlarge.

And Star Force is also in the hizzle, and ready to sizzle!

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

Terra as Pluto. Strange, isn't it?

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

A group shot. TMMN and company are in the house!

Image courtesy of WolfShadow; click to enlarge.

Tron Bonne, minus the misadventures. But what would Tron be without...

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

...Servbots! Wait, something seems a little off about this one...

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

And finally, Captain N! Because his contributions to the liberation of Megaland shall never be forgotten.

In addition to the cosplaying, there was a decent amount of Mega Man merchandise to be found in the Dealer's Room, provided you knew where to look. For instance...

Image courtesy of WolfShadow; click to enlarge.

...wall scrolls! There were a few different ones, including Classic and X series scrolls. There were some Mega Man t-shirts around, too.

Image courtesy of WolfShadow; click to enlarge.

Bluefin/Tamashii Nations was also there, and had a nice graphic on the side of their booth featuring Mega Man X, among their other offerings.

Image courtesy of LBD "Nytetrayn"; click to enlarge.

On the other side of their booth, they had some neat displays set up with the figures, including this one of D-Arts Zero Type 2 dueling with D-Arts Super Saiyan Trunks. Meanwhile, armored X is off to the side, shooting at visitors.

Image courtesy of WolfShadow; click to enlarge.

And in another case, we have Vile kindly offering a drink to his new friend, Mecha Godzilla, with X about the blast the purple Maverick in the back. What is with that guy today?

Sadly, the prototype Sigma and Ride Armor were not there, but we do have some info coming up on those for you.

And that wraps up another year of OtaRockman at Otakon. Until next year, Baltimore!

Thanks to JackScarab, Ryouko, Rick Cressen, and Wolfshadow for allowing the use of their photos-- be sure to check out their linked galleries for more. We might have taken more of our own, but it turns out that iPhone touch screens don't work well at all with rubber gloves. Go figure.

If you are featured unnamed in one of the pictures above and wish to be credited, just let us know and we'll try to add it as soon as we can!

This Weekend is OtaRockman 2012

This year's Otakon is going to be held from July 27th through July 29th at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. And unfortunately, unlike in previous years, there is going to be no Mega Man panel at the convention. Not for a lack of trying, mind; we applied, they rejected.

And so it goes.

In addition, there won't be much in the way of other activities such as the video game tournament held in years prior, either. But if you would like to take part in the annual cosplay gathering, that will be held as usual at 11am on Saturday morning in the area "behind" the Starbucks (as in, if you face them like standing in line, literally behind. Just keep going past until you see lots of blue). Tabby and I will be there, and it's sure to be lots of goofy fun, so we hope to see you there!

OtaRockman - Mega Man: Made in Japan parts 4 and 5 Now Available

Just a quick note for those interested: parts 4 and 5 of the Mega Man panel from this year's Otakon have now been posted to YouTube by Hardcore Hecxz. You can check them out below (as well as in the link to the full report above, for completion's sake). Thanks, Hecxz!

OtaRockman 2011 Report

Before you head out amongst all the ghosts'n goblins of All Hallows' Eve (or just a really tough video game), we would like to take this opportunity to look back at this year's other big costumed event for Mega Man fans, the annual OtaRockman celebration at Otakon in Baltimore.

Unlike last year, things kicked off on the first day of the convention, Friday, July 29th. Things began with the annual Mega Man panel, this year dubbed "Made in Japan," which presented a look back at the many games of the franchise which never made it to our shores (at least, not in their original forms). The panel was hosted by Ryouko of Rockman.EXE Online and Terra Stardroid of Stardroids.net, while Tabby and myself represented The Mega Man Network.

As ever, the lineup of people waiting to get in was quite impressive. Following the then-recent cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, it was our hope to be able to provide the aforementioned Servbot masks to those who did not bring their own (on a nifty little stick, no less). Unfortunately, due to the short notice and circumstances beyond our control, it was not to be.

Nonetheless, even though they were not masked, you can see in the video at the top of this article that there was still some vocal support from those in attendance.

As for the rest of the panel itself, you can see the first two three parts of the video footage here, courtesy of Hardcore Hecxz:

There was also going to be a special video tribute to Mega Man Legends, as assembled by our very own Mainfinger. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, it was not able to be included in the panel. And so, for the first time ever, here is the debut of the video in full:

The Underbelly Show even managed to attend (well, some of them, anyway), and walked out with a prize!

And as always, we ended the panel with a raffle for some cool Mega Man prizes. A special thanks goes out to Capcom USA and UDON Entertainment for their generous contributions.

The following morning of Saturday, July 30th, the time came for the annual OtaRockman cosplay gathering and meet-up behind the convention center's Starbucks stand. And as you can see, there was quite the turnout of costumed Blue Bomber fans:

Image courtesy of Ryouko; click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Dr. Neko; click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

More fun was to be had when the three doctors-- Wily, Light, and even Cossack-- got together to have a quick hoedown and perform some Ginyu Force-styled poses:

And arguably the best part was when I got to live out a life-long dream...

Images courtesy of Jackscarab and Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

Okay, so it wasn't our Heat Man; it was still pretty cathartic.

Some more fun and poses:

Image courtesy of Jackscarab; click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Rick Cressen; click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Jackscarab; click to enlarge.

After the cosplay high jinks was finished, there was a follow-up to last year's Mega Man 9 Endless Mode tournament. Of course, this time, Mega Man 10 was the subject. Sadly, there were no trophies to be awarded this year, though if memory serves, the winner got to walk away with a brand-new San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive metallic Mega Man X D-Arts figure from Bandai.

Unfortunately, some of us had to leave early for an RPG, and so we don't have the running tally on-hand for who won, and by how much. If we get the info, we will be sure to add it here.

And speaking of which, for those who looked in the right places, there was more Mega Man fun to be had at the various tables in the dealer's room. Tabby even took the following pictures of the D-Arts display which Bandai had set up:

Click to enlarge.

And with that, another year of Mega Man-themed festivities in Baltimore comes to a close. For more pics from the different OtaRockman events, as well as the rest of the convention, you can check out the galleries of Jackscarab and Rick Cressen on Photobucket, and Dr. Neko on Picasaweb.

It's OtaRockman 2011! Learn How You Can Be a Part!

It's that time of year again! Next weekend, from July 29th to 31st, Otakon returns to the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and as always, the Mega Man fan gathering "OtaRockman" will be there as well!

Events kick off with the annual panel, "Mega Man: Made in Japan," a co-production of The Mega Man Network, Rockman.EXE Online, and Stardroids.net. It is currently scheduled to be held from 6:30 to 7:30pm on Friday in Panel 5. Two things about this one: the first is that panels are often subject to change in both time and the room in which they are held, so make sure to keep tabs at the convention in case it is moved or rescheduled.

The second thing is that, despite coming close to filling a room capable of holding 690 people last year, Panel 5 is only capable of holding 375 people. So if you want in, you need to make sure you arrive in time to line up before things get too busy. But then, who knows? Maybe a panel occupying a bigger room will open up and they'll move us? You never know with these things.

In addition, we hope to give Capcom a good showing of solidarity among those attending the panel. To be a part, of this, click on the Servbot mask above to get a full-size version to bring out and use at the panel as we express our desire for Mega Man Legends 3, as well as Mega Man in general. Thanks to Servbot X for the contribution!

Oh, and as ever, there will be our annual raffle for lots of fun prizes!

On Saturday, the OtaRockman cosplay gathering will be held at 11am, behind the Starbucks on the second floor, near the main entrance. Following that, a Mega Man 10 "Endless Run" tournament will be held at noon this year. Sadly, there won't be any trophies this time, but at least the winner will have bragging rights, and be able to gloat until they are pelted with foam Mega Buster bullets and swarmed by Servbot mask-wearing cosplayers (ideally led by a Tron cosplayer).

And the fun need not end there; Panel 5 will later play host to an unrelated Capcom fan panel from 11pm to 12am on Saturday night. While we encourage attending, and even bringing your Mega Man cosplay and Servbot masks, please don't be unruly or disruptive; sure, there are a lot of hard feelings about Capcom right now, but given it says "fan panel," we're assuming that they are not actually affiliated with Capcom, and are not deserving of having their weekend ruined.

Those who enjoy the musical stylings of Brentalfloss will be pleased to know that he will be holding a live FAQ at Panel 6 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on Sunday.

And finally, former Black Ranger and current voice of Zero, Johnny Yong Bosch, will be a guest at the convention with his band, Eyeshine. Plus, UDON's Mega Man Tribute cover artist Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz will be in the Artist's Alley, so stop by if you get a chance!

It's shaping up to be a great weekend, and we hope to see you all there!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Anime & Manga Realm of Mega Man

Back in August, members of The Mega Man Network, Stardroids.net, and Rockman.EXE Online gathered at Otakon to host a panel called "The Anime & Manga Realm of Mega Man," in which we took a look back at the Blue Bomber's history in both comic and animated form, from both sides of the Pacific. There was even video taken of the panel, so it could live on forever! Some of you demanded to see these videos, but we held out until we could provide the full experience at once. As it turns out, that actually wound up taking a while, but now? It is done.

Courtesy of Hardcore Hecxz, here is what went down at the convention:

In addition, for those interested, here is the off-screen video taken of Stardroids.net's Mega Man 9 Endless Mode Battle Tournament:

For the rest of what happened at OtaRockman 2010, you can find our full report here.

Will you be taking part next year?

Introducing The TMMN Megacast!

Here's an interesting treat for you all! Starting this month, TMMN is reigniting a revamped podcast show! Since, you know, podcasts are a sign of how cool you are on the internet, and we're pretty cool let me be the first to tell you. Anyway, there's lots of fun to be had in this first of our (hopefully) monthly run. In this episode Mainfinger, Tabby and myself are joined by Capcom Unity's Joveth "jgonzo" Gonzalez, who drops in to discuss Mega Man Universe, and we even manage to talk a little about Mega Man Legends 3 (don't get your hopes up). We also got to ask Dr. Wily a few questions, and get a little insight about OtaRockman with Tabby.

But there's MORE. Our music break features an exclusive first listen to a track from the long delayed BN Remix (which should be updating later tonight). And, well, I don't want to give EVERYTHING away. I'll just say I've done everything to make sure this first episode is very rewarding.

We don't have any fancy page to organize podcasts just yet, nor even a proper teaser image, but you can grab the first episode below. And be sure to rate us on iTunes! I hear that's important one way or another. And send in your Dr. Wily questions! Truly hope you enjoy our silliness!




Update: Congratulations to Nick Calhoun and AdventAxl for listening all the way through... and winning a Kotobukiya Rockman figure!