UDON Reveals Limited Edition MM25 Hardcover

SDCC2013_UDON_MM25For the collector who must have only the best, UDON has officially announced the special edition hardcover version of MM25 Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works. This version comes with a blue laser foil jacket. It will be available at San Diego Comic Con for $100. It's limited edition, however, so be sure to see UDON in a hurry! They will be at booth 4529.

MM25: Full Cover and Other Information

MM25_cover_SM Here is the full cover to UDON's upcoming Mega Man and Mega Man X artwork extravaganza: MM25 Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works. With the full cover revealed, we can be assured that X is getting the same love and representation as the Blue Bomber himself. The suggested retail price is $59.99 for this 430+ page tome, but you can find it online for discount pre-order right now (see above link)!

Additionally, an update on the alleged hardback edition. The information from Diamond Distributors is apparently incorrect, and book stores will only be receiving a softcover version. That being said, a hardcover edition is in the works. This will only be available at conventions or directly from UDON Entertainment. The price is still undetermined.

Thanks for the intel, Matt!

Concepts Unearthed - The Beginnings of Mega Man 10

rockman10boxart Late last year, we revealed to you the eye opening initial concepts for the Mega Man 9 Robot Masters, and Mega Man 10 was promised in short order. Well... better late than never, right? Right!?

Truth be told, unlike Mega Man 9, which featured wildly different boss concepts to what was finally in the game, Mega Man 10 appears to have been more straightforward from the get go. Not so many drastic changes and gender swaps here, but still some interesting pre-designs nevertheless.

This time I'm going to show you a bit more than I think you deserve *nudge nudge* and translations of commentary by character design Yuto Watanabe. Nevertheless, if and when R20+5 reaches western localization, you should definitely pick it up! Our coverage here just doesn't do the tome justice.

DWN-073 - Blade Man

blade1 blade2

At the immediate start I drew him with a helmet that had a cockscomb-like sword extending up, but since the novelty in that wore off, I settled on a design outside of my expectations from my early stage doodles. Likewise, when thinking of other bosses, which the Mega Man series already has plenty of, I paid attention not to mimic a past boss's design. With Blade man, I decided on making both his hands sabers, instead of just the one, to attempt to differentiate him from the similarly sword themed Sword Man.

DWN-074 - Pump Man

pump1 pump2

With Pump Man, I'd heard from the planner "I want him to have an action where he pumps water by cranking a lever on his own head." After deciding where his water spout would be placed, the final design resulted relatively early in planning. When we looked at the bosses side by side at a certain stage there was no one with a bitter, angry looking face, so Pump Man was bestowed that honor.

DWN-075 - Commando Man

commando1 commando2

The previous game's "power character," Concrete Man, featured a design constructed of rounded parts. Since Napalm Man, another military type boss, also featured a rounded kind of design, it was decided early on that Commando Man would feature a design with sharp edges and corners. After that, it was discussed what number of armaments you'd see on him for the attacks he uses in the game. In the end we made his armaments simple, and transferred the chest cannon attribute to the present Pump Man design.

 DWN-076 - Chill Man

chill1 chill2 chill3

In the initial plans, Chill Man had been the "power type" character, but while changing around the overall positions of the eight bosses, Chill Man became the cool looking humanoid type character. As there were already enough hero-ish humanoid bosses that had some key symbol or fixture on their forehead, I made him a boss that expresses an interesting design among the other cool ones.

DWN-077 - Sheep Man

sheep1 sheep2

In Sheep Man's initial stages, he was thought up as a character with rounded eyes like Heat Man. Being a sheep he had this sleepy eye image, plus I had thought it was necessary that one or two bosses among the eight have rounded eyes.

Sheep Man gave me the roughest time for a number of reasons. In the end I went with a design that I'd got from Inafune, but with this I feel that it continues the line of animal type bosses like Uranus and Hyper Storm H.

DWN-078 - Strike Man

strike1 strike2 strike3

In the beginning, Strike Man's designation as "a boss who's skilled at all sports" was vague, and working out a suitable design was really frustrating. After a while, I got instructions saying "Narrow his theme down to baseball" and "We want his body to be a ball," so his design was decided as an Air Man type, and from there the present design passed with no objections.

DWN-079 - Nitro Man

nitro1 nitro2 nitro3


Both Nitro Man and Strike Man were devised as Air Man type characters, so Nitro Man was switched to a humanoid type during revision. Along the way, I troubled over his transformation mechanism. A person riding a bike type form was the coolest in my mind, so with that he gained a form representing the rider and the bike separated. To clearly differentiate him from a car, handlebars extend from the top of his shoulders.

DWN-080 - Solar Man

solar1 solar2

Originally I'd thought of Solar Man as a boss who emits solar rays, like his name suggests. But I heard the staff wanted him to release fire, not sunlight, so I changed the design to one where an artificial sun is produced. Following suit, his head portion became the sun part, and his stature shrunk down. I was surprised at what an incredibly merry character he'd become with the finished sprites.

Concepts Unearthed - The Beginnings of Mega Man 9

megaandcoWhen Mega Man 9 came out four years ago, it showed that old school can still just as fun in a world of HD cinematics, tutorials and quick time events. What's more, a great deal of effort was made to ensure the game retained that vintage 1980s charm. However, according to Hironobu Takeshita, the game's producer, this proved to be challenging to do and a good deal of had to be started over to better capture the classic feel. Until now, we've never really seen how Mega Man 9 was coming along before this big shift, but the recently released R20+5: Rockman and Rockman X Official Complete Works sheds a lot of light. Just from the image above, you can get a feel for the style the game was originally gunning for. I'm not going to show everything for the sake of not spoiling all the contents, but I'll still show you a lot!

Beyond is an image heavy post, so brace yourself! Some of what you see may make your head go tiun tiun tiun!

 Concrete Man

concrete1concrete2Here's Concrete Man, who began life as Cement Man, and had the weapon Cement Shot. He was devised as a "workman" type character similar to Guts Man, and coloration aside, his design didn't change a whole lot. As you can see, they tried giving him a drill at one point.

Tornado Man

tornado1tornado2Now here's a major change! Tornado Man originally started out as Weather Man, and carried the weapon Hurricane Blow. He originally began looking something like a satellite. A change to a design inspired from a mix of Quick Man and Wind Man, however, cemented his final appearance.

Splash Woman

splash1splash2Splash Woman shocked tons of fans with being the first female Robot Master, but before that, she was a man, baby! Ocean Man, to be exact, although "his" weapon was still Laser Trident. When Keiji Inafune proposed the idea of mermaid-themed Robot Master, Ocean Man got uhh... neutered, you might say.

Plug Man

plug1plug2Plug Man began as Plasma Man, with the weapon Plasma Ball. Fittingly, his original design made him a big plasma globe. But again with Keiji Inafune's intervention, his design was altered into more or less a plug variation of Heat Man.

Jewel Man

jewel1jewel2Here's Jewel Man, originally conceived as Diamond Man with the Diamond Satellite. His concept was conceived as the "dandy one" from the start, and they tried various different color schemes for his body bling.

Hornet Man

hornet1hornet2Splash Woman wasn't the only one to undergo a gender bend. As Mr. Takeshita mentioned before, Hornet Man began as Honey Woman (though she still possessed the Hornet Chaser). But apparently with some "one woman rule," Ocean Man becoming a woman meant Honey Woman had to become a man. The redesign was named Sting Man for a time, before finally settling on Hornet Man.

Magma Man

magma1magma2 Compared to the rest, Magma Man's concept was nailed from the get go. In fact he's the only Robot Master not to undergo a name change, although his weapon was originally Fire Bazooka. As you can see, they did play around with a more humanoid design, but the volcano themed finalized his form pretty quickly it seems.

Galaxy Man

galaxy1galaxy2 Galaxy Man was first conceived as Space Man, and still possessed the Black Hole Bomb. Before he was finalized with his UFO-style design, the designers seemed to try out some fairly more complicated concepts for his form.

Other Enemies

others1others2others3Some other goodies. Fake Man had a number of concepts, since the designers weren't sure which sort of police officer he should be modeled after culturally. One design even gives him a cowboy hat. Hanabilan, the flower miniboss in Hornet Man's stage, originally was a clown robot that resembled the Pierrobots from in Metal Man's stage. Meanwhile, the Spike Pushers were originally designed to look like a pair of oni inspired robots. And then the Twin Devil, well, it was just plain nasty!

Gameside Reveals Cover Design for R20+5

We've already told you about some of the new content the revised "R20" will be getting, but now you can take a look at the cover design. This comes from Action Gameside Vol. A, which is running a special Rockman 25th anniversary spread. It's also revealed that the enhanced art book will be sporting new commemorative artwork from Miho Asada (illustrator for Battle Story Rockman EXE), Shingo Adachi (animator and director for various episodes of Mega Man NT Warrior), Hitoshi Ariga (manga artist for Mega Man Megamix/Gigamix), Shigeto Ikehara (manga artist for Rockman, Irregular Hunter Rockman X), Hideki Ishikawa (Capcom artist for various Mega Man titles), Koji Izuki (manga artist for Rockman 8, Rockman & Forte), Yoshihiro Iwamoto (manga artist for Rockman X), Yoshitaka Enamoto (manga artist, designer of Bright Man), Haruki Suetsugu (Capcom artist for the Mega Man X series, aka SENSEI), Ryo Takamisaki (manga artist for Mega Man NT Warrior), Tohru Yamanaka (illustrator for Mega Man Zero), and Jiyu Maeda (Capcom artist forThe Misadventures of Tron Bonne).

The Gameside feature itself is a pretty standard look back at the past 25 years of Mega Man, including a timeline, small blurbs about each series and particular games, some American and European box art and more. It also reprints features from past issues, including the Mega Man 10 concept artwork and a 2008 interview with Hitoshi Ariga. Finally, some best and worse. Worst three weapons: Top Spin, Hyper Bomb and Charge Kick. Best three weapons: Leaf Shield, Tornado Hold and Hard Knuckle. (Really? No Metal Blade?)

How Much More is R20+ Powered Up?

As we announced previously, the classic art book R20: Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works is getting a 25th anniversary revamp, with even more content. So what can we expect? Well while we don't know all the details, a posting on e-Capcom shows that the book is now packing 432 pages; nearly 100 pages more than the original R20. What's more, it's only a few hundred yen more at ¥3,780 (roughly $46 US).

The contents will definitely include official art and concepts from Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, as well as additional bonus artwork from manga artists Ariga and Iwamoto. But with 96 added pages, it would seem like there's way more than that. It sounds like Ucchy-san and co. listened well when they asked for content suggestions!

R20+ will be coming out in Japan on December 17th, just in time for the 25th anniversary. No word on a western release yet, but personally speaking I have a positive feeling about it!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

"R20+" Art Book Aiming at a December Release

Word is starting to appear from retailers about Capcom's expanded Mega Man and Mega Man X art book. The tentative title is "R20+ Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works: Revised Edition" and it has a planned release of mid-December - just in time for the 25th anniversary, naturally. The book is also listed with the price tag of ¥3,780 (roughly $47.36 US). Whatever the added contents may be are still a mystery, but the book is already up for pre-0rder, including places like AmiAmi. Incidentally, a short while back we gave UDON a holler and asked about the possibility of this revised artwork tome being brought to North America. We got no official word, but we did hear some advice about being patient and not snatching up the Japanese book right away...

Thanks for the tip, Laura!

Mega Man X Official Complete Works Getting Restocked in 2013

Haven't had a chance to pick up UDON's magnificent Mega Man X Official Complete Works yet? Well first off all, what's wrong with you? Second, UDON has noted that their stock is officially sold out for now, and although various comic book stores may still have copies, you'll otherwise face sellers jacking up the price to over $400! As awesome as these Official Complete Works books are, that price is a bit steep... Especially when UDON has you covered anyway! If you don't mind a bit of a wait, UDON plans to print new stock for 2013. I will also note that other Official Complete Works books, like classic Mega Man and Mega Man Zero, are still in stock and at regular price. So if you really haven't picked them up yet, no better time than the present!

Updates on UDON's Mega Man Ventures

Been wondering when that next awesome Mega Man manga is coming out? Or when some new reprints are going to be filled? UDON's Matt Moylan has contacted us with the low down. Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide:

This project has been through a lot! It turned out to be a lot more work than expected, has got through a couple total overhauls, and also had a lengthy approval process. But the book is now completed. We have rescheduled the book for January 2012. It could be ready a bit earlier, but because the book is so late we want to give comic shops the chance to adjust their orders on the book. (As a little background, comic book shops cannot return most unsold books like big chain book stores can, so shop owners appreciate being able to adjust their orders on a late title. “Mom & Pop” comic shops are still a big market for UDON, so we want to take care of those folks when we can.) Thanks all for being patient on this fun little book!

Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 3:

The final book in Hitoshi Ariga’s ultimate Mega-manga series is now at the printer. It’s expected to hit stores early November. A more precise date and previews will be coming closer to the release.

Mega Man: Official Complete Works: Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works:

We are reprinting both of these titles, and they’ll be back in stock before the end of the year. So don’t pay any crazy reseller prices! ;)

Mega Man Tribute:

Just a note, if you haven’t picked up this book and want a copy before X-mas (for yourself or for a gift) I’d suggest  to you order early. Due to some miscommunication, our printed shorted us on this title about 20% less than we wanted for the first printing. We do still have a decent amount in stock, but that could sell out quick closer to the holiday season. Whenever MM Tribute sells out we will do a new printing, but it’s not likely to make it in time for X-mas, so just a heads up!

Finally, Matt notes that: "Also, we have a few new Mega Man projects in the works! Hopefully we can announce some of them soon. Thanks all!"

If you have any additional questions on the matter, comment them in this post and we'll send them Matt's way. He may even drop by to address them personally! Thanks Matt!

Prepare for a Triple Dose of Mega Man Books Next Week

Been waiting for some sweet new Mega Man book releases from UDON? Then you might say Christmas is coming early. Next week on the 10th, UDON Entertainment will be releasing Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 2, Mega Man Star Force Official Complete Works and the standard edition ofMega Man Tribute. They will arrive in comic stores online, with online distributors like Amazon likely getting them the following week.

Friend of the site Matt Moylan has given us some details of these new releases, as well as some preview pages from each book which you can see after the jump. Hope you've been saving up some money!


Hundreds of artists of every imaginable style join forces to show their love for the blue bomber! Featuring over 300 pages of art starring the characters of Mega Man Classic, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and of course, Mega Man Legends!


While Star Force is one of the lesser known Mega Man series, we know it still has plenty of fans, and the artwork behind this series is top notch. Star Force OCW collects the artwork behind all 3 generations of the Star Force games, plus tons of artist notes and creator commentary.


Volume 1 of Hitoshi Ariga’s latest manga was just a warm-up… Gigamix Vol. 2 is where Gigamix really kicks it into high gear! In this first half of the epic Stardroids saga you’ll see:

-          The destructive power of the Stardroids, Mega Man’s most powerful foes yet! -          Doctors Wily & Light… on the same side? -          Rush merges with another robot to form Super_____! (hint, it’s someone besides Mega Man!) -          Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Dozens of Robots Masters from multiple Mega Man games, and more!

It all begins in Mega Man Gigamix Vol.2: “White Nightmare!”

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]

Capcom Store Deal of the Week on Art Books

Over on Capcom Unity, they've announced a new Deal of the Week in their Capcom Store. Applicable to all of their available art books is an offer in which those who spend over $100 on said art books will not only receive a 40 percent discount, but they will also be given free shipping. If you've been twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a deal to come along before springing into action, then now might just be the time!

However, there is an unfortunate twist. We know that a number of you have probably already clicked over and made a beeline for the Mega Man X Official Complete Works art book. Sadly, that one is currently sold out. However, the Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works books are still available for $39.95 and $34.95, respectively. Unless fans simply cleaned out the X books, it would seem this deal was ill-timed, as picking up all three would have made for some excellent one-stop shopping.

Nonetheless, if you are a fan of Capcom's other big hits, there are still some fine offerings to choose from, including The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Okami Official Complete Works, The Art of Resident Evil 5, and multiple offerings each for DarkStalkers, Street Fighter, and UDON's Art of Capcom.

In fact, it becomes even more interesting once you realize that Mega Man X Official Complete Works is the only one (as of this writing) which is sold out. With any luck, maybe some of the higher-ups at Capcom will take notice of this phenomena, and act accordingly (you know what we mean).

UDON Breaks Out BN and SF Official Complete Works Preview

I know you folks have been waiting for these a while, but the wait is almost over! UDON Entertainment has posted some preview pics of both Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force Official Complete works. And the Battle Network edition is confirmed to release next week on the 16th. In the meantime, Star Force is planned to come out sometime in May. Enjoy the pictures! Press release after the break. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]


UDON to release Mega Man Battle Network™ and Mega Man Star Force™ art books

Toronto, ON - March 10, 2011 – UDON’s Mega Man™ art books have been a big hit with blue bomber fans, so far covering the original Mega Man®, Mega Man® X, and Mega Man® Zero iterations of the Capcom® video game franchises. Now, two more Mega Man series get the art book treatment in Mega Man Battle Network™: Official Complete Works, and Mega Man Star Force™: Official Complete Works.

The Mega Man Battle Network® video game series reinvented the classic Capcom franchise as an exciting action-RPG, and reintroduced Mega Man to a whole new generation of gamers. Later, the sequel series Mega Man Star Force® would carry on the action-RPG tradition with all-new adventures set in a distant future.

Mega Man Battle Network: OCW collects the stunning artwork of all 6 Battle Network games, plus several spinoff titles. Similarly Mega Man Star Force: OCW covers all games in the Star Force series. Each book contains 176 pages of character designs, promotional art, sketches, rarely seen pieces, and plenty of creator commentary.

Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works hits stores March 16, 2011, followed up by Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works in May 2011.


-ISBN: 978-1926778129


-ISBN: 978-1-926778-14-3

Link to cover and preview art:


Related books available now:


-ISBN: 978-1897376799


- ISBN: 978-1897376805


-ISBN: 978-1897376010

Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works Scheduled for March Release

There have been some whispers going around that the Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works art book from UDON has been delayed. And for the fans of the Networld who have awaited some sort of confirmation, we finally have news from the source. Our release date in the sidebar currently has a vague "February 2011" release date set for the book, but speaking to UDON about the rumors, Managing Editor Matt Moylan has confirmed that it will be released in March, not February. But don't worry, you won't have long to wait, as it is "scheduled to be in comic stores March 9th right now."

So hang in there, it won't be long before you have more official Battle Network art than you can shake a Battle Chip at!

Announcing TMMN's Mega Man Zero Collection Contest!

Yeah, it was on the site before, but that was the actual contest page. Those aren't supposed to appear in the news, but that's the fun of working with a new site design! But anyway, for those wondering where the post went, here is the official announcement. *deep breath*

Behold, our wonderful, fantastic Mega Man Zero Collection contest! Not only will we be giving away a copy of Mega Man Zero Collection to one lucky winner, but also Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works, UDON's awesome compendium of Mega Man Zero art and info. And all you gotta do is show us that you AREN'T the biggest Zero fan.

We'll be running the contest this week, closing up submissions at midnight PST on June 6th. Get on over to the contest page for all the details, and get your entry in now! Let us buy your love like the sweet, delicious product it is!

Mega Man Zero Collection Contest

We are no longer taking entries for this contest. This June, Zero is coming back in a big way with the Mega Man Zero Collection! Now, if you're a huge Zero fan, that probably doesn't mean much to you - you have all the games and stuff anyway! But what if you're not? Well that's what we're here for. If you can argue your case well, we will hook you up with the supplies to fast track you to being a big time Zero fan: a copy of Mega Man Zero Collection AND Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works, full of fantastic series artwork and developer comments! All you gotta do is tell us why you haven't gotten into the Zero series before, and why you want to start now. Try to win our hearts!

Prize: One grand prize winner will receive a copy of both Mega Man Zero Collection for Nintendo DS, and the book Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works.

Objective: Simply e-mail us with the subject "ZERO COLLECTION CONTEST." Explain in your e-mail why you haven't gotten into the Zero series, and why are you interested now? Once we stop taking submissions, the staff judges will verify the one entry we feel is the most deserving.


  • Only one entry per person.

Disclaimer: By entering this contest you consent that you are 15 years of age or older, or have your parents' consent to enter this contest if younger. If selected as the winner, you will need to provide your mailing information so we may send you the prize. We will not retain your shipping information for any reason whatsoever, or use it for any purpose other than sending the prize.

Status: CLOSED.

UDON: ZX Vol. 1 on the Way, Battle Network OCW Formally Announced

As reported before, some official announcements were going to be coming from UDON shortly, and here's the scoop. First of all, Mega Man ZX Vol. 1 is finally hitting retailers on June 2nd. It had some slight issues with printing, but it's now officially ready to launch by the distributor. Next up is the official announcement of Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works. Following the tradition of the other Official Complete Works books, this one will be chock full of wonderful artwork, sketches and designer notes. It's slated for release in November of this year. Official press release below.


Mega Man Battle Network reinvented the classic Capcom franchise as an exciting action-RPG, and reintroduced Mega Man to a whole new generation of gamers. Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works collects the stunning artwork of all 6 Battle Network games, as well as Network Transmission and Operate Shooting Star. Inside you'll find character designs, promotional art, rarely seen pieces, and plenty of creator commentary. Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works is a must have addition to any Mega Man fan's collection.

Owning the Japanese version myself, I can guarantee you this is an absolute must-have for Battle Network fans! Get stoked!

Some Updates from UDON

Matt Moylan over at UDON Entertainment has some small updates for us to announce about their Mega Man products.

  • Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works is now back in print! If you missed out on it before, you can order it once again from Amazon.com or your local comic book retailer.
  • Stock of Mega Man and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works are nearly sold out at UDON's distributor. If you want to grab these art books, you better get to it soon! They won't be able to restock until the next printing, which may not be until Fall.
  • New info pertaining to Mega Man art books is coming soon! You can probably guess what this pertains to.

Thanks, Matt!

Price Glitch Affects UDON Books, but Should Be Cleared Up Soon

Last weekend, Amazon and other online book retailers began offering books like Mega Man Official Complete Works for the cutthroat price of $14.99. A pretty good deal, but not a deal that was intended to happen. And while Amazon honored the orders at first, it seems that may not be the case anymore. Staffer Maverick-Jin was e-mailed this morning by Amazon to be told his order for Mega Man Megamix Vol. 1 and Mega Man Official Complete Works was canceled, citing lack of stock and offering him a $25 gift card for the trouble. And sure enough, only stock from Amazon's third party sellers is available as of now. We inquired to UDON Entertainment's Matt Moylan as to the situation, and here is what he tells us. First of all, Matt assures that the books are not out of stock, and they still have a few months supply of both MM and MMX Official Complete Works, as well as Megamix Vol. 1. The source of the problem appears to be with the distributor, Diamond Distributors. Once this glitch had been realized, Amazon put a hold on all products managed by Diamond, which besides UDON includes publishers such as Marvel and Dark Horse. While UDON has no control over the matter, Matt suspects the issue will be worked out in the next couple of days, and asks for the patience of us fans.

Additionally, Matt also offered up some good news. Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works will be going back into print, and should arrive starting the first week of May, so those who may have missed the chance to grab it will get a new one. It sounds like there's strong demand for Mega Man artbooks and comics!

As always, much thanks to Matt and UDON for the heads up.

A look into Rockman EXE Official Complete Works

Rockman EXE Official Complete Works, the latest continuation of the uber-big Rockman artwork books, has released in Japan this week. And for those wanting a nice look inside, Nigoli has got you covered. His photographic report of the book contains a lot of nice pages with content not commonly found in what's been released on the Battle Network front in the west. The fantastic book covers 18 games in 176 pages, with reportedly over 5,000 images. A must-have for not just Battle Network fans, but perhaps all Mega Man fans. Imports of the book at Play-Asia seem to be a little delayed right now for unknown reasons. Of course if you can wait it out a little bit, we do have more than enough hints that this will be one of UDON's future projects.

Update: Play-Asia is now shipping copies of EXE Official Complete Works.

News Credit: Sketch Redoku, Nigoli's Rockman Series Blog