Street Fighter X Mega Man is Here - Get Your Controllers Ready!

Happy 25th anniversary, boys and girls! We are all children again as the retro-chic and absolutely free new Mega Man game is here: Street Fighter X Mega Man! You can head right over to Capcom Unity's Mega Man hub and download away! No cost, no DRM, just a sweet game to install and enjoy. Hopefully you picked up some kind of joypad (such as the one I got here), but playing on the PC should be fine too. Brett managed after all!

A humongous shout out to Zong Hui for coming up with this, A_Rival for the delicious chiptune soundtrack, and of course, to the folks at Capcom Unity. They promised us something big for the 25th anniversary, and they delivered. Although I've only played a single stage so far, I can attest with Brelston: this feels like a legit Mega Man game.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Download away and blast some world warriors! Tell your friends, spread the word! Make sure they grab it from Capcom Unity!

New Mega Man Game "Rockman X (Cross) Over" Announced for iOS (Update: Confirmed for Western Release)

Well, to all of you who have been wondering about what's next for Mega Man games, here is perhaps the answer. Capcom has announced "Rockman Xover" (cross over), a social RPG, for iOS 4.0 and above. Few details are available so far, but the game promises to being together the heroes and villains across each Mega Man series. The story goes as follows:

It's a world where all the worlds of Rockman have crossed over. The gulf of space-time has been closed thanks to the efforts of Dr. Wily, Sigma and other villains to Rockman and co.! Dr Light and Dr. Cossack work together in creating a new robot to oppose this crisis. A production model, this robot uses "battle memory" that has been scattered over the world, and possesses infinite potential to transform and increase his power. The player battles evil as this new type robot. Create your own Rockman, and battle with others to protect peace!

To speak on iOS compatibility, it will run on iPhone 3GS/4/4S, and iPod Touch models beyond generation 3. It is playable on iPad, but the game is not designed for the iPad's resolution (probably meaning it will be pixelated on the iPad, like Mega Man X originally was).

The game will release in Japan Autumn of this year. Other details, such as the price and how the game plays, are yet to be heard. We'll keep you posted!


UPDATE: We reached out for word from Capcom, and although a lot of the crew is currently visiting the land of chocolate, Brelston was able to get back to me and confirm that Rockman Xover is indeed planned to release in North America and Europe. The specific date and other details are coming down the road.

While I’m editing, I also want to take a moment to mention that, yeah, I’m sure this isn’t the Mega Man title a lot of you were hoping for, but I think it’s wrong to have such a charged reaction over it while so little is known. I’m not going to offer hope that it will turn out to be some amazing thing – it’s a social app for mobile devices. Its purpose is to be a simply made game, and I think it’s safe to say it’s not meant to satisfy the appetite of hardcore Mega Man fans. Nevertheless, try to reserve your judgment for when we know more, and don’t assume that this is the end all be all of Mega Man now.

News Source: (via hekerottan)

Ippo Yamada Teases a New Game

Good ol' Ippo Yamada. Not only is he the lead sound producer at Inti Creates, and a well-versed musician of Mega Man games, he loves to nonchalantly and vaguely talk about his next projects. Over at the Spiceman Blog, Yamada had this little entry:

Today we launched game development. It's a short development time, but I think it'll turn out to be a pretty enjoyable game.

For now, thanks curry.*

Next one's already reaching a climax, yet...

Of course, per usual it's not mentioned if this game has anything to do with Mega Man. Though I will say, since I've been following Spiceman, all the projects Ippo has vaguely mentioned before have been about Mega Man. I hate to stir the speculation pot, but I can think of at least one thing this game could be!

*The "thanks curry" line is part of a running pun on the site, derived from the word "otsukare" meaning "thanks for your trouble." The Spiceman crew often talk about curry on the blog.

Ippo Yamada Has Been Keeping Busy

The week is still young but already it's brought a bit of a stir with some news. While we don't really know what it's all about so far, we do know one thing: Ippo Yamada has a lot on his table. A little while back at Spiceman @ Blog, Ippo Yamada lamented about his schedule.

For the time being, I must make final adjustments to game data and arrange music by the start of next week.

Soon after that is April 30th, the release day of the Image Soundtrack. This merchandise is arriving next week, so I also have to arrange the delivery. It's an album worth listening to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Also running into the next game, and the next CD for June...

Of course the only thing here that's without a doubt connected to Mega Man is the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. The rest is uncertain, but Ippo has more games and albums on the table it appears.

We May Need to Change the Name of Our Wiki... "Mega Man Universe" Trademarked

Why might we need to change the name of our wiki, The Mega Man Universe? The answer is so simple, and yet it may astound you. Simply put: Capcom might be using it themselves.

According to Siliconera (via Destructoid, Capcom USA has trademarked the name "Mega Man Universe," leading them to believe that perhaps this is what Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian recently hinted at.

Siliconera goes on to validate their report by noting that they had also previously uncovered trademarks for Okamiden, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Capcom USA has "a pretty good track record when it comes to using trademarks," they add.

Reference: TARR Trademark

Capcom's Seth Killian: "Surprises, Exciting Ideas" in Store for Mega Man Fans

Seth Killian, Capcom's Community Manager, fighting game guru and classy teaser of Mega Man fans exhibited one of those abilities in an interview with Destructoid. According to Destructoid, during a recording in an upcoming podcast, Seth had this to say when asked about what's next for Mega Man:

It's good. I don't want to say nobody has seen it coming. Somebody may have seen it coming. But it excited me and when I heard about the project, I was like, 'Holy crap. That's rad.' I actually haven't seen anything that's going on with the project right now but the idea was exciting.

This is still kicking around as a concept. But there are exciting ideas in the Mega Man space.

I'm sure trying to ask Seth about what these surprises could be is about as good as trying to ask him what the Mega Man 9 secret is. But it's always good to know that more Mega Man is in the works.

News Credit: GoNintendo

A Tale of Two MegaMans: Operate Shooting Star in CoroCoro

The first info dump from CoroCoro has finally arrived, and the game is back to looking more like a cross over again, as our heroes in this remake are Lan, MegaMan and... MegaMan. Furthermore, we have some details on the new Navi ClockMan, who may or may not be the final design of the contest winner Clock Genius. But, first, pictures to soak in. www.dotup.org13015www.dotup.org13006www.dotup.org13037

Now, here are the details that we can gather. The game seems to star both BN MegaMan and SF MegaMan in the BN time period, although it's unaware if you can play as both. Right now, it appears as though SF MegaMan is the playable one. Furthmore, Harp Note appears too, making it likely that other SF cast members will show up.

There is a new Navi, ClockMan. He is an advanced Net Navi that was created in the SF time period, but of course has come back too. He may be the final design of the boss contest winning entry Clock Genius, but this apparently hasn't been determined entirely. For now it appears he's probably an enemy. His dialogue in the picture reads "By the way, I expect this plan to be fulfilled in 32 hours, 8 minutes and 12 seconds!!" This is likely the character indicated by the mysterious post on the RnR3 website.

A lot of the game's graphics appear to be taken directly from the original Battle Network. Mayl's room and the internet areas look exactly the same. However, the facial avatars appear to be new. Also, it looks like the game has a map system like BN5DS had.

The game will contain a slick opening movie.

This is what we can gather so far. The game's battle system has craftily not been shown off yet, and these new revelations will likely bring up many new questions. Hopefully updates later this month will make things a little more clear. Stay tuned.

Also, much thanks to Protodude of Protodude's Rockman Corner who helped keep track of this news, since I injured my shoulder earlier this week. This report is essentially from both of us.

News Credit: 2ch, Dark Messiah Blog

Operate Shooting Star looking more like a remake

664080While the big info boom on Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star in CoroCoro is due next month, this month's issue seems to resolve the issue as to whether the game is a remake of the first EXE title, or a reimagining of the EXE series. This teaser for next month's issue, which was posted on 2ch, specifically says that the legendary title "EXE1" will be appearing on the DS this winter as a fusion of cards and action RPG. More details will naturally come out next month. As a remake of the first EXE game, this does make it very curious how Operate Shooting Star will intertwine elements from the Ryuusei series, and the boss contest winner Clock Genius. We will just have to see.

News Credit: COCOROG

Battle Network/Star Force crossover announced

During this weekend at the World Hobby Fair in Japan, Capcom announced the Battle Network/Star Force crossover "Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star" for the Nintendo DS. Scarce details are known at this point, but it's expected to be a data action RPG that will probably be released this year in Japan. Details will be formally announced in the September issue of CoroCoro. It is likely the title that will include this year's boss character contest winner Clock Genius. At the event, series producer Takeshi Horinouchi stated he has a variety of ideas for projects in mind leading up to Rockman's 25th anniversary.

News Credit: Dark Messiah Blog and COCOROG

Mega Man defends the seas in Mega Man Rush Marine

mega_man_rush_marine_In the series' continuing quest to be unpredictable, Mega Man Rush Marine takes Mega Man and his canine companion's submersible form to defend the waters from the evil Dr. Wily. I'd almost not believe it myself except that the retro-styled shooter is slated for release on mobile phones. It seems even Dr. Wily is feeling the pinch of the recession, and has taken to drilling for oil in the sea. But since everything Wily does causes trouble, his drilling activities begin to earthquakes above ground, and now only Mega Man can stop him. Thankfully he has a robot dog who can transform into a submarine. According to the fact sheet released by Capcom, Mega Man Rush Marine carries the following features:

  • Exciting side-scrolling aquatic shooter.
  • Explore three aquatic environments including Shallow Water, Volcanic Reef and Deep Water.
  • Battle through ten levels and defeat as many robot masters, each with a unique weapon that you can capture and use for good.
  • Fight your way through expansive levels teeming with 14 enemies and numerous hazards.

With the ability to gain new weapons, it'd stand to reason you can select stages in any order. Now the major thing to wonder is if there will be any new robot masters, or all returning robot masters that have been modified for aquatic activity.

No word yet on when it'll come out, but with Capcom cooperating on other mobile titles like 1942, Cash Cab and Where's Waldo?, there's a good chance we'll get some more details at E3.


Update: According to Capcom's press site, Mega Man Rush Marine is set to release Q3 of 2009, and the three above screenshots are concept images.

News Credit: Examiner

*UPDATE* Seth Killian on new MM: "You'll be waiting a while"

question1This past weekend held the GameStop Street Fighter IV National Tournament in San Francisco, where Seth Killian, Capcom USA's community manager, was present to give play-by-play commentary on the unfolding matches. MMN viewer Christian was present at the event, and got a chance to chat a little bit with Seth. First of all, Seth is still adamantly quiet towards the fabled "Mega Man 9 secret," as would be expected. Christian then asked what Mega Man games we could be looking forward to besides the summer-bound Mega Man Star Force 3. According to Christian, Seth's response was merely "You'll be waiting a while."

Of course, this isn't hard to believe. We already have been waiting a while. Nevertheless, we will try to make confirmation with Seth and see if we can perhaps get some clarification. And of course we'll be keeping our eyes peeled to CAPTIVATE '09, just in case.

Thanks for the tip, Christian.

UPDATE: We received word from Seth concerning the comment. While he does not recall the specific conversation, he was incredibly busy at the event and it likely could have happened. Regardless, he does condone the idea, so if he didn't say it then he's certainly saying it now. And in his own words, "Of course as to how long 'a while' might be, I have no comment :)".

CoroCoro Update - little else, really

clockgeniusA few days ago we broke the story of Clock Genius announced as the winner of the Rockman boss character contest held in CoroCoro. However, the image that accompanied the news was small and a little hard to make out. However, we've now gotten word from MMN viewer Fireman, who picked up the issue himself! And... there really isn't too much to add. Only the Clock Genius entry was shown, not the completed official artwork by Capcom. Furthermore, Clock was merely relegated to a small part of the page, the rest of the page covered Ryuusei no Rockman 3 news (which may answer the wonderment some had with what looked like Rockman appearing in the BG). According to Fireman, in fact, there's nothing in this issue that would even indicate next month's issue will have any information on a new Rockman game, but of course that doesn't mean it won't. Incidentally, if you were someone who applied to the contest, I may have some bad news for you (unless you're Japanese). Only one USA entrant made it as a runner up, and may be the only foreign entrant to place. The lucky guy is one Lou Smith. Unfortunately they didn't show pictures of any of the runner ups, so I don't know what the entry was. But if you're reading this, Lou, major congrats to you. You may win a minor prize.

X9 announced a day early

x9_02It appears the Mega Man revivals won't end. I just got this hot tip from MMN viewer Heal Berry about Mega Man X9, and after being unable to validate it from any gaming news website, blog or BBS, I have to admit, I'm pretty convinced! I mean, it's not like it's April Fools day or anything. That's tomorrow! According to generous tipster Heal Berry, the full title is Mega Man X9: Reploid Extinction, as Berry says it's "Repliroid no Shimetsu or something" in Japanese. All that's known about the story thus far is that it takes place after X8, and the heroic trio must investigate the source of new copy chips turning up after Lumine's demise.

There will also be an in-game database, which will present information and pictures concerning the game's contents, as well as an online leaderboard. Nothing too outrageous or anything. I mean, if this were a soccer game or maybe Axl Teaches Typing, I might be a little suspicious.

Don't just accept my blind trust though, just check out the images below. The game not only exists, but is returning to its 16-bit roots!




Pretty incredible. The spriter, err, the game developers look like they're doing a fantastic job. No release date has been given yet, but the title is set for the PS3, 360 and Wii, which is curious, since this is apparently from a Japanese source, and Rockman 9 only released on the Wii in Japan.

Let's just ignore logic, though. Mega Man X9 is on its way! Please be sure to give Heal Berry your thanks for this amazing scoop.

MUST-READ UPDATE: Yes, this is a joke. It is not even OUR joke. It was sent in by someone hoping to get us to report fake news. I admired the effort, so I posted it with this tongue in cheek write-up. It was not my intention to fool anyone, but if you anxiously clicked the link and went to the pics without reading, that's your deal. Sorry to disappoint, but there's nothing wrong with having a little humility.

Boss contest reminder

The CoroCoro Rockman boss character contest will be coming to a close on February 13th, the Friday after next. If you've still been meaning to enter, it's crunch time now. You'll definitely want at least a week to for it to send, but you should consult your local post office foremost. Remember though, your odds of winning are very slim unless you happen to live in Japan, so there's not much point in spending a ton of money on top-class expedited postage. If you're still interested in entering, you can check out our original post for the details on entering. And hey, if you want to share, we'd love to see your entries. We may even display them in our gallery if that suits you. For an example, here's our own Tabby's entry of an X series Maverick: Serpentine Nagabra.