New Mega Man and Zero Figures Both Big and Small

Thanks to a tip from Vhyper1985, we've got word that there are two new Mega Man figures coming soon, and they couldn't be more different.

First, via Nintendo Life, there's the Nendoroid version of Classic Mega Man. Revealed at the Summer Wonder Festival 2015, there is no release date or price for this figure yet. Just the same, he'd undoubtedly fit in well alongside the Nendoroid Mario, Luigi, Link, and Solid Snake figures that the Good Smile Company has released already, as well as the Kirby, Marth, and new version of Link unveiled alongside the Blue Bomber.

Next, we go from tiny to titanic as X-Plus toys teased a companion for their giant-size X figure on Twitter:

Also revealed at the Wonder Festival, the Zero figure -- who, as you can see, stands appropriately taller than X -- will be available this November. He includes an interchangeable Buster arm piece and, by the look of it, the saber is removable as well.

Do any of you have the X-Plus X? If so, are you eager to give him company? Or is Zero himself enough for you? And how about those Nendoroids, eh?