Ucchy Asks 11: TOM-PON no Saigo!?

For many months, Capcom's Ucchy-san has been posting video segments of an interview with Naoya Tomita, AKA TOM-PON, a legendary Capcom staffer who was working on Mega Man back at the beginning. However, today things finally wrap up with Capcom Unity's posting of translations of the final segments.

In the new videos (the latest one above), you can learn about things like TOM-PON's stint in voice acting, the origin of enemy names, and developers' love for American action movies. You can also browse down the list on CU to see all the previous videos in the series. Don't forget to click the CC button to see the subtitles!

Many thanks to TOM-PON and Ucchy-san for all the info and laughs!

More Updates from the Legendary TOM-PON

Have you been keeping up with Ucchy-san's ongoing interviews with Capcom's Naoya Tomita? Here's the latest translated batch of the interview series with "TOM-PON," who's been with Mega Man from the beginning. Be sure to enable Closed Captioning on the video to see the subtitles.

You can find more TOM-PON interviews on Capcom Unity!

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Interview with TOM-PON Translation Started

Capcom's TOM-PON, aka Naoya Tomita, is a "living legend" of the company, having started work at the companies in the late 80s. He's been involved with a number of classic Capcom titles, including Mega Man from the start. He was even involved with Legends 3. Needless to say, the guy is quite decorated in the history of Mega Man. A while back, Ucchy of Rockman Unity started posting a video interview of TOM-PON in segments, which has gone on for at least seven installments now. Earlier this month I actually went to Greg and DEMANDED he translate these for all fans to enjoy. But he was already on it, the smart chap!

Today Gregaman has posted the first two parts. When you watch them, his the CC button to see the subtitles. Thanks much, Greg!