A Look at Yujin's SR Rockman DASH 2 & Namco X Capcom Figures

Undamned has passed along a couple of links to us for some of his recent YouTube videos. The first one features a look at the Rockman DASH 2 and Namco X Capcom "SR" (Super Real) figures from Yujin; check it out:

A gallery of the Rockman DASH 2 set can be seen here, with a more dedicated focus on Rock here, while the Namco X Capcom figures of Roll, Tron, and the Servbot can be seen here.

If you're interested in seeing how the pieces of Volnutt come together to create a whole Rockman figure, read on.

You can find the pics of this figure built with the ultra-poseable Revoltech joints here, here, and here.

Thanks, Undamned!