Another Summer Giveaway! Grab a Doujin Music Compilation!

cdsHow's the summer treating you? I don't know about other places, but there've been record highs in Japan this month. I'm seriously ready for things to cool off... and I'm Heat Man! But this giveaway might only heat you up more. We're offering two copies of the 25th anniversary celebratory doujin album Mega Rock Carnival, presented by EtlanZ. I originally talked about this album early last month (where you can hear some samples as well). And as promised, we're going to give away copies to two lucky people!

So what do you need to do? Simply post a comment on this article discussing which Mega Man series has your favorite music. You can go into as much detail as you please, but pick one! After the deadline passes, we will randomly select two comments to be chosen as the winners. Please only leave one comment, and please use a real e-mail address so we can contact you!

The deadline for this giveaway is September 1st, the stroke of midnight PST. Good luck!

Start Your Day with a Mega Man X Rock Medley

It's Saturday. You ready to rock out? Guitarist Satou is here to bring it. After seeing a performance of Video Games Live in Chile, he was inspired to put together this rock medley covering the first five Mega Man X titles. And if you ask me, it's pretty great. Be sure to give Satou some props!

Thanks for the tip, Furan!

Mega Man and X Partake in Capcom 30th Anniversary Album

30thalbumTo celebrate 30 years of games, Capcom of Japan is releasing a special two disc anniversary album. The album covers ten of Capcom's series, including Mega Man and Mega Man X. Over 40 tracks will be present on the two discs. The first disc is the "Original" disc, containing the direct game audio of tracks representing the best of the series (so expect Wily's stage theme from Mega Man 2). The other disc, the "Arrange" disc, will contain tracks arranged by  over 10 game loving artists, including representation from SOUND HOLIC (who released last year's ROCKMAN HOLIC), and Tetsu x Neko of Team Nekocan (Can't Beat Airman). The album will release in Japan on September 25th for ¥3,150 (roughly $32 US). As far as I'm concerned, I can always go for more Mega Man and Mega Man X music.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Capcom Releases Rockman Xover Original Soundtrack... For Free!

disc_xover-00001If you're a fan of the music in Rockman Xover (and that might be the only aspect you're a fan of), then Capcom has done one good on you. They've released a special original soundtrack for Xover that's free to listen to and download. This soundtrack only contains the game's original tunes, and leaves out the various stage themes (which are slight arrangements of classic songs). But it does come with a bonus piano arrangement of the Rockman Xover theme song. You can listen with the provided player, or download tracks individually from the track list below. News Credit: GO!

A Pair of Upcoming Soundtracks to Feature Mega Man

megamanguitarWe've yet to hear of any new Mega Man soundtracks coming down the pipeline for 2013 (though I imagine they're on the way). However, a couple other albums are getting a head start by featuring Mega Man in their track list. The first is the 10th anniversary soundtrack for the Japanese TV show Game Center CX. The album features both tunes from the show as well as a handful of well known video game tunes. So you've probably guessed by now that the Mega Man contribution is the Dr. Wily stage theme from Mega Man 2. As far as I'm aware this is the original NES version, not an arrangement. The album releases in Japan on July 24th for ¥2,940.

The next is an orchestral arrangement soundtrack called Kiku Game, the first game album produced by Universal Music. I've yet to find info on what music in particular, but this two disc album is said to contain music from Mega Man 3. This album, too, releases July 24th for ¥3,150.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Arcademan Appears to Game Over Xover Players

The process of the Rockman Xover boss character contest has come full circle, and with an update tonight winner Arcademan is now available in the game. You can see this Master Boss class baddie in action above, with his retro game sprite themed attack. Unfortunately the rest of Xover's uninspired gameplay seems to be the same as always.

As a nice plus anyway, Arcademan has his own nifty theme song. You can download it here. Many thanks to Django for the assets!

Mega Man 4 Soundtrack Now Available on the Capcom Store

e6b61b23959e643c7816c2d0d4534eae Oh, right then. Literally the day after we told you that the Mega Man 3 soundtrack was available on the Capcom Store, they managed to sneak in and put the Mega Man 4 soundtrack up, too.

Between this, the last entry in "A Critical Look at Mega Man 4 Stages," and the release of the game itself on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, it seems the stars have aligned for a little Mega Man 4 Mania. Are you in?

Mega Man 3 Soundtrack Now Available on Capcom Store

mm3soundtracklisting It seems like just yesterday that the Mega Man 2 soundtrack was released to the Capcom Store... but it was actually ten days ago. How time flies, huh?

Well, now it's Mega Man 3's turn, as it's now available for just $8.95, and contains all the tracks you see above. Admit it, your life won't be complete until you get a bunch of friends together in front of a camera, dance to "Shall we go on a Magnetic Continuous tour?", and post it to YouTube. And now you can!

Get an In-Depth Taste of Mega Music Mix

Last month we informed you of "Mega Music Mix," a new Rockman fan album fronted by doujin circle Colis Records. A bit has changed since then, however. While originally having a scope of 15~20 tracks, it will now be a 27 tracks, two CD album covering all the series, minus DASH (Legends). It will also feature a 12 page full color booklet containing artwork by a variety of artists.

You can also sample every track in the album over on the main site. A number of new cross fade demos have been added, organized by series.

Mega Music Mix will first come out this month, the 29th, at the M3 doujin convention for ¥1,000. An in store price of ¥1,500 is tentatively set.

Thanks for the tip, Oakie620!

Capcom US Releasing "E Can" Sound Set as Separate Downloads

Rockcan-Disc01 Last year in Japan, Capcom released an impressive but pricy 25th anniversary commemorative item, the "Rockcan E Can" containing the music from the ten main Mega Man games in a tin E Tank holder. Now Capcom US is selling the tracks their own way.

Capcom has just announced the soundtrack to go on sale on their Capcom Store as a digital download, separated by game. So far, the original Mega Man is available for $8.95. Presumably other sets will come down the road, meaning the total album could be obtained for roughly $90, which is still a bit cheaper than the E Can ran when it was released.

The soundtrack will contain not just the original NES music, but also arranged tracks used in the PSX re-release (which come from titles like Power Fighters), as well as other bonus tracks.

Have a Listen to an Upcoming Mega Man Fan Album

Here is a cross fade sample of an up and coming Mega Man fan arranged album, MegaMusicMix. The album is being put together by Colis Records, creators of past doujin albums like RockLove and Rockbuster. However, this album is recruiting various fan artists to put together the music. They hope for 15-20 tracks covering all of the series.

The album is still in production but is planned to go on sale at next month's M3 doujin goods convention. 1,000 copies will be printed and sold at ¥1,000 a piece. Doujin music fans, keep an eye out!

100K Strong: MML3 Concept Album Update & LiveStream News

601311_438390766235170_2018168174_nTwo quick updates for you from 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. First, regarding the Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album: As you might have noticed, that hit a bit of a snag, as BandCamp apparently has a "200 free download" limit before they begin charging for it, which was quickly reached. Being a collaborative work of several fans, this just wouldn't do, which is why we're now proud to host the download for free right here on The Mega Man Network.

The second thing is that 100K Strong is going to be doing a series of one-hour live streaming playthroughs of the series, starting with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne tomorrow, March 22nd, and every Friday after starting at 2pm PST/5pm EST, with prizes given away every other week. They'll be going for 100% completion in Ms. Tron's misadventure, then tackling the proper Legends games on Hard Mode, as well as a rare, playable beta of the original Mega Man Legends. "The beta only has around 10 minutes of content," they note, "but it still contains some very interesting aspects, such as a vastly different Apple Market."

Further details of the livestreams can be found here, while the stream itself can be viewed here.

Fan Comic Illustrates Protomen Song

tumblr_mjom0t3KvE1qfptc8o1_500Hope may ride alone, but at least we can all enjoy cool artwork as a collective. An artist named Billosopher recently drew a wicked-looking comic that narrates the events in the song "Hope Rides Alone" by The Protomen. It’s certainly a slick-looking number. Note: Billosopher’s choice of comic reader starts the action on the last page, so you need to scroll over to the first page if you want to read it from the beginning. Unfortunately, the current layout kind of spoils the outcome of the story—but you probably already knew things weren’t going to work out well for Protoman, anyway. You can also indulge via a more simplified archive.

Billosopher plans to continue the comic, so maybe we’ll get our happy ending after all! (Audience laughs, applauds)

Thanks for the tip, Diego!

Sample the Music and Gameplay of "Rockman Ciel"

rcllogoRockman Ciel is a fan project I've kept my eye on off and on, but I don't think there's been any reporting of it on TMMN thus far. To the best of my knowledge, it serves as a continuation of sorts of the Zero series, now with Ciel picking up the saber and fighting evil. The game has existed as concepts and character art for a while among fans (it even got an art book release a ways back). In more recent times, however, the drive to put together a game has gotten more serious. The other day, the Project RCL team posted a number of music tracks for interested viewers to sample. It's pretty snazzy stuff, and you might also recognize a couple of tunes. Additionally, a gameplay engine demo was also released last month. The demo lets you move around, jump, dash, wall climb and attack (only while standing).

While there's still a long way to go, Rockman Ciel looks like it could be easily comparable to a real Zero game. Let's hope we get to see more updates soon! You can keep track of the project on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for sending news our way, Alpha!