Exclusive Twitter Interview with Makoto Tomozawa

Exclusive Twitter Interview with Makoto Tomozawa

One of our readers, OKeijiDragon, conducted an interview with composer Makoto Tomozawa via Twitter last year.  The interview was posted on Dash Republic (now defunct), and later his Tumblr account. The interview wasn't getting much attention, so he was kind enough to send it to us. You can check out some highlights from the now re-edited and expanded interview after the cut.


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100K Strong: MML3 Concept Album Update & LiveStream News

601311_438390766235170_2018168174_nTwo quick updates for you from 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. First, regarding the Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album: As you might have noticed, that hit a bit of a snag, as BandCamp apparently has a "200 free download" limit before they begin charging for it, which was quickly reached. Being a collaborative work of several fans, this just wouldn't do, which is why we're now proud to host the download for free right here on The Mega Man Network.

The second thing is that 100K Strong is going to be doing a series of one-hour live streaming playthroughs of the series, starting with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne tomorrow, March 22nd, and every Friday after starting at 2pm PST/5pm EST, with prizes given away every other week. They'll be going for 100% completion in Ms. Tron's misadventure, then tackling the proper Legends games on Hard Mode, as well as a rare, playable beta of the original Mega Man Legends. "The beta only has around 10 minutes of content," they note, "but it still contains some very interesting aspects, such as a vastly different Apple Market."

Further details of the livestreams can be found here, while the stream itself can be viewed here.

Mega Man Fan Games Come Out to Play

When Capcom doesn't deliver, it appears that Mega Man's fans are more than willing to pick up the slack. That seems to be the message being delivered loud and clear today as we've received tips for not one, not three, but two new fan games currently in development. The first one comes to us via a tip from Ferin, and is the revival of a project known as Mega Man Revolution:

As far as we can tell (what we've seen does not definitively say one way or the other), this is not a ROM hack, but an original game made from the ground up for the PC. It is designed to emulate the style of the NES games, and even includes the option to turn on sprite flicker and slow down, much like Mega Man 9 did. To learn more about this game, visit Fifth Independent.

The other game we've been told of comes to us via a tip from Dashe of Mega Man Legends Station. Rather than create a new adventure for the Blue Bomber of the world covered in endless water, Station member fAB and Blyka of Blyka's Door have taken a different approach by crafting a tale featuring a character you might have forgotten about-- that is, if you knew him at all. Check out the following progress video:

On the website for "Tuttle's Legendary Travels," they note that the project is in its early developmental stages, and state "[t]he finished game aims to be a full 3D platformer on par with the official games of the series in terms of quality and scale. This ambitious project will take time to unfold and we want all you Mega Man Legends fans out there to follow its progress as it happens and join in the development process in various ways."

Dashe adds that there will also be community contributions in the style of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project's Devroom, and that "[t]hese guys are incredibly reliable when it comes to designing Legends fangames and already have a bunch of quirky minigames at the Sky Pirate Arcade, located at arcade.legends-station.com (along with Legends fangames created by external contributors, too--submissions are open on a continual basis)."

For more information on the project, be sure to visit the "Tuttle's Legendary Travels" website.

As Mega Man's 25th anniversary draws ever closer, we don't know what plans-- if any-- Capcom will reveal to mark the day. But, so long as fans such as these are willing to take matters into their own hands, it appears there will always be a place for the Blue Bomber in the arena of interactive entertainment.

Ask Capcom Mega Man Round-Up: Reika Morishita's Numbers, Tron's PSone Classic, & More

Many questions are asked in Capcom Unity's "Ask Capcom" forum, but not all of them get answered. On occasion, some do-- by actual Capcom staff, at that-- and some of those are even Mega Man questions. Here are a couple of the latest. Following a tip from Sketchman3, we found one post from Jake Hans, one of the people responsible for the 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 movement. He also had a hand in the recent controversial report that Rockman DASH theme singer Morishita Reika believes that selling 20,000 copies of her upcoming album featuring those themes could see the Prototype Version released.

There, he states the following:

This is Jake Hans, the person that published the figure of 20,000 sales for the Prototype.

There appears to have been a translation error. Reika has talked to Capcom Japan about this project (I'm sure Sven can back me up on that), but there was no negotiation of 20,000 sales for the Prototype.

This was fan speculation amongst myself, some guys in Japan, and a translator. Reika did not say 20,000 sales of an album would result in a Prototype. Please forgive me, Reika should not be judged for my mistake. I don't speak Japanese, and I was not at the meeting.

I've also PM this to Sven.

So, there you have it; you can put down your pitchforks and effigies of Reika now.

Meanwhile, as chatter about Mega Man in all of its iterations commences, one person asked about the Legends spin-off, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. In particular, they note that it would be nice if the game were to see a release on the PlayStation Network, likely as a PSone Classic.

Capcom Unity's Gregaman added his two Zenny, noting that "Unfortunately, my understanding is that MoTB had some copyrighted music in it preventing a rerelease =\ A bummer, to be sure!" And while the Japanese version does feature a theme song which is undoubtedly licensed, one must wonder about the U.S. version, though word has been that voices and other things we may not even notice could contribute to other licensed issues.

Capcom Unity moderator Deva Ashera adds the following:

For how Capcom would, most likely, release Mega Man Legends 1, 2, and Misadventures of Tron Bonne, they couldn't simply swap out or change anything, since they would release them as PSone Classics.

The reason why they simply can't swap or change anything is due to how Sony does the PSone Classics, stating that each PSone Classic has to be kept exactly as it was originally, meaning all the same music, voice acting, types, errors, etc. (For example, in Final Fantasy VII, Aerith was kept as 'Aeris' and they kept in the translation errors and typos).

In order to fix that, Capcom would have to actually port the title, including giving it trophies and an extra budget rather then using Sony's PSone Emulatation as they would do for a PSone Classic.

The easier way is to likely try and find a way to get the rights to the music, voice acting, etc.

Incidentally, if we ever did get Legends 3, they'd likely have to start from scratch on the voice acting anyway, so casting anew in a port would make sense, to say nothing of keeping things consistent.

In any case, that seems to be the state of things for now. Hopefully Capcom figures something out, and negotiates better contracts in the future so we don't wind up in messes like this again.

Finally, not much to extract in the way of quotes from this one-- mainly as Capcom has yet to respond to it-- but one thread which continues on is "Does Capcom understand why GetMeOffTheMoon reached 100,000 people? We love Mega Man Legends!" Now at 10 pages, it has largely become about people explaining what Mega Man Legends, and sometimes just Mega Man in general, mean to them.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tron/Gustaff & Servbot Cosplay on eBay

Want to go to your favorite anime, video game, or comic convention this Summer as two of the most memorable characters from the MegaMan Legends series, but don't have the skill/are too lazy to bring them to life? Never fear, because eBay is here, and they've brought Tron in her Gustaff mech and a giant Servbot, just as they appear in Capcom's fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. Personally, I don't think much of the Servbot; it looks about like any other Servbot costume I've ever seen, and only seems to go down to around the waist. The Tron-in-Gustaff combo, on the other hand, looks really good to me-- especially the Gustaff parts, which carry a nice metallic sheen to them. Plus, it has smoke, lights, and even a rotating gattling-gun arm!

However, this combo doesn't come cheap-- bidding currently stands at $850 USD.

You can check out more pics full of details, and even some videos depicting some of the Gustaff's special effects at the item's page on eBay.

Source: GoNintendo

Toron ni Kobun Promo - Inafune Hugs Servbot

How can there be any doubt that this man loves Mega Man Legends? Just watch this video promotion for Toron ni Kobun, better known here as The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and watch how he holds that Servbot doll. See how protective he is over it? He wants no one near it, and understandably so. You can almost visualize him forming threats against his interviewer before she pulls away. You just know he wants more for his armycollection, and the only way that will happen is if he makes more of the games! Also, get a load of how he looks, minus about ten years.

On a more serious note, it seems that there are a number of small changes between what is seen in this video, and what made the final cut. Find out which ones Protodude found here (with images!), and add any more you find in the comments below.

As an aside, I just want to say I'd love another game like this. "Grand Theft Auto?" What's that?

What? More Beta Video?

Seems like every other day, more and more early footage or screens are being turned up for our favorite games. This time, the honor goes to none other than Rockman DASH 2, or MegaMan Legends 2 if you so prefer. Check out the following video excerpt from this 1999 promotional VHS tape from V Jump magazine:

The most noteworthy aspect of this video is at 1:09 where you can see a town that remains completely absent from the final build. The rest of the video is comprised of footage from Episode 1, a "demo" of DASH 2 bundled with Tron Ni Kobun. -- Protodude's Rockman Corner

Of course, the live-action Data is pretty freakin' cool, too.

If you have or know where more such footage exists, be it on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet, then drop us a line! We'll be glad to share it with everyone in the community!

Legendary Rockman (and Mega Man) Commercials

Since Heat Man decided to take us on a trip back in time with the commercials for the original Rockman games in Japan, I did want to say (as I often do whenever the opportunity affords itself) that there is a single Mega Man advertisement which I think did a very good, if not excellent job. Behold:

If only Mega Man Legends 2 had received the same treatment-- maybe more people would have checked it out. I think it definitely shows off the game itself well and in an exciting way, with a nice bit of hyperbole to get viewers excited.

And, even as a huge Mario fan, I still love "don't call a plumber!" to this day.

Of course, Japan has its fair share of commercials for their version, ranging from the bizarre...

...to the cute/funny...

...to... hmm, now that's strange. I was sure that there was a commercial for Rockman DASH 2, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where it might lurk, or am I just imagining it?