The TMMN Minicast #005 - Captivate!

The coolest bunch of guys you ever saw. You wish you were this cool.

It's time for another Minicast, and this one is a bit different. Today's show was actually recorded live from Captivate 2011! But of course, it's not so live today. Still, you can just imagine you were there! Joining me on the show is the biggest ensemble yet, with my fellow Captivate invites Zonic, Shockwave, FH and The Switcher, as well as a major league Capcom Unity crew with jgonzo, Snow and Sven.

Since there was really nothing for Mega Man at the event, I expected this to be a pretty quick show, something just for fun. But it ballooned into quite a big discussion of Captivate's offerings! We do talk a bit about the future of Mega Man, since I knew a lot of fans were concerned following the cancellation of Universe. But the Capcom guys assure us Legends 3 is still going strong and Mega Man is not a brand to just throw away. Afterwards, Snow takes over a bit so we can all discuss the titles that were shown. If you're curious about a lot of the new things revealed, who better to hear it from than the fans!

I'll also just mention that the audio quality is going to be a bit difference since it was not the usual Skype call, but rather all of us sitting around Shockwave's fancy pants Snowball mic. So there's more of a disparity among voice levels and more background noise in general. Still, with a ton of talk about cool games, you can handle it! Enjoy!




TMMN Minicast #004 - MVC Blues

(No, not that Blues.) How does this image make you feel? Just awful? What is it like knowing Mega Man isn't in the running lineup of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? That's what we're here to talk about this week. In this Minicast I'm joined by Jesse, Andy and returning special guest Ash to discuss the whole situation. Though to be honest, Ash is really the only one with a major bee in his bonnet over it, which is why we had him on at all. And like any good podcast, we also lose track of the topic and chatter about silly stuff too.

Feel free to weigh in with your opinions, we know you've got them. Just keep them civil.




The TMMN Megacast #4: The Galaxy Man Science Show!

Actually today we have not one but TWO podcasts for you! The first is a much belated Minicast, where I am briefly joined by Sven "Splashman" Süss and Richard "Toshihisa" VanDeventer, a podcast that spanned around the globe! The discussion is largely music themed, including the legality of music downloads (gulp) and the effects of music in Mega Man games.

And if that's not enough for you, we also have a brand new Megacast! In this episode the podcast crew forgoes all the deliberate love-squelching efforts of having things like prizes and special guests, and just gets to the straight TALK, cuz that's what you love. Actually, this episode also becomes pretty musically themed when we discuss Mega Man 5 in the new Mega Man Game Club, and then review the arranged soundtracks for Mega Man 9 and 10. We also talk a bit about Rockman Online.

Oh, and of course! We have the results for the favorite Mega Man game poll taken by YOU, the viewer! If you wanna know which games made the top ten, you'll have to listen to the show! Or, just follow the break. It's not as entertaining though.

Finally, I got around to making a podcast page! Now you can find all of our podcasts in one spot! The complexity and detail of this page definitely required the three months since I promised I'd make it.

Download (Minicast), Download (Megacast)



Top 10

Mega Man X - 61 (17%)

Mega Man X4 - 43 (12%)

Mega Man 3 - 29 (8%)

Mega Man Legends - 21 (6%)

Mega Man 2 - 20 (5%)

Mega Man Legends 2 - 19 (5%)

Mega Man X2 - 14 (4%)

Mega Man Zero 3 - 13 (4%)

Mega Man Battle Network 3 - 12 (3%)

Mega Man X3 - 10 (3%)

The rest (losers - just kidding!)

Mega Man Zero - 9 Mega Man X6 - 9 Mega Man X5 - 9 Mega Man 4 - 9

Mega Man Battle Network 6 - 7 Mega Man 8 - 7

Mega Man 10 - 6 Mega Man Battle Network 2 - 6 Mega Man & Bass - 6

Mega Man Powered Up - 5 Mega Man Zero 2 - 5 Mega Man V - 5 Mega Man 9 - 5

Mega Man - 4 Mega Man Battle Network 5 - 4

Mega Man 6 - 3 Mega Man 7 - 3 Mega Man Star Force 3 - 3 Mega Man ZX - 3 Mega Man Battle Network - 3 Mega Man X Command Mission - 3

Mega Man 5 - 2 Mega Man Star Force - 2 Mega Man X8 - 2

Mega Man ZX Advent - 1 Mega Man: The Power Battle - 1 Mega Man Xtreme 2 - 1 Mega Man Battle Network 4 - 1 Mega Man Zero 4 - 1 Mega Man III - 1

The TMMN Minicast #002

In a very sleepy episode of the Minicast, I am joined by Main and Tabby as we discuss... well, what do you think? What sort of event as of late could we possibly talk about? Hmn... We also have a special, quick guest interview with former site staffer Jaxel, who came by to drop his two cents on the happenings. Truthfully the whole thing got a bit awkward at points, but hopefully my skillful editing took care of that! We're still running a little delayed in the rough posting schedule, but we're closing the gap, and I expect this month's Megacast to come on time. So far as I know, though, you all are enjoying the show so far! Thank you! We'll keep striving to find that balance of giving the least effort and having you still enjoy it! Haha.




Introducing The TMMN... Minicast?

A couple weeks back we unveiled our new podcast program on TMMN, the Megacast. However, though the show was only intended to run once a month, and for good cause, I felt that might still be too sparse to keep the show relevant to listeners. And thus was born the Minicast. This no frills, just talk program doesn't feature the fancy guests, musical breaks and prizes the progenitor does, but it does still feature the thing hopefully you guys enjoy the most: talk. For this first Minicast I'm joined by Jesse "Mainfinger" Gregory and Andrew "AWD!" Dickman as we discuss Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Legends 3, and... a whole bunch of other stuff. In fact, the show was intended to run 30-45 minutes, but we got so sidetracked that it's pretty much as long as September's Megacast. So, it doesn't live up to its name yet, but we're still honing our stuff. Enjoy!