Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Nintendo has just concluded their Super Smash Bros. Direct video, and as you can probably guess from our posting about it here, there was indeed new information about Mega Man's part in the game to behold!

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The Much Await Results of the Next D-Arts Character Survey are Here...

winners Do you think your favorite character made it? Can you stand the anticipation? What? You say the top image sorta gives away the results already? Oh, well, moving right along...

First off, the response to the second survey was huge. The planned reveal was actually last week, but thanks to a hefty participation - nearly three times that of the first survey - the tabulating took a while! A total of 17,603 entries were received. Needless to say, Ucchy-san and co. were floored. As for the results...

In first place is Zero from the Mega Man Zero series with a whopping 4,985 votes. I find this a touch surprising, since MMZ seemed to spell the end for the Kotobukiya line of a few years ago. But people do like that Zero guy.

In second place is Legends' MegaMan Volnutt with 3,083 votes. I know how desired he is so let's hope this result sticks!

And in third place is Roll (MM8 version) with 2,997 votes.

Additionally, beloved underdog Iris managed to snag a close 4th place with 2,907 votes, and Ciel made it in 5th with 2,659 votes. Seems the females are starting to get their showing. Things were fairly close though, as everyone in the top ten got over 2,000 votes. We'll continue on with the top 24 after the break, but Rockman Unity has the entirety of the results spelled out (albeit in Japanese). Even Heat Man got a respectable seven votes! But at any rate, we'll have to see how these statistics figure into Bandai's future products!

Thanks for the tip, Fanciful Dancing Star!

06th - X Second Armor (2,471 votes) 07th - MegaMan.EXE (2,431 votes) 08th - Copy X - (2,353 votes) 09th - Axl (2,129 votes) 10th - Black Zero (2,128 votes) 11th - Mega Man (Ariga ver.) (1,994 votes) 12th - Proto Man (1,777 votes) 13th - Servbot (1,519 votes) 14th - Vile's Ride Armor (1,499 votes) 15th - Model X (1,292 votes) 16th - Metal Man (1,255 votes) 17th - Shooting Star MegaMan (1,016 votes) 18th - ProtoMan.EXE (892 votes) 19th - OVER-1 (760 votes) 20th - Mayl Sakurai (740 votes) 21st - Lan Hikari (604 votes) 22nd - Rush Jet (307 votes) 23rd - Eddie (300 votes) 24th - Beat (248 votes)

Last Call for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Have you gotten your hands on 2010's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars for the Wii? If not, you might want to go ahead and do so-- the clock is now officially ticking down.

Siliconera reports that a recent post by Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson states that "Our rights with Tatsunoko have lapsed fairly recently (so we're no longer allowed to sell the title physically or digitally)." So what you see out there now is pretty much it; if you want a copy, then be sure to grab it.

And why wouldn't you? In addition to the Capcom fighting game quality we've come to expect (barring the whole downloadable content aspect of late), it features a nice variety of Mega Man characters as well: Roll from the Classic series with a new move set, Zero from Mega Man X, and the one-and-only fighting game appearance of MegaMan Volnutt from Mega Man Legends, complete with a Gesellschaft stage occupied by Servbots. Plus, Frank West dons his X-flavored duds for the occasion as well.

Matthew Green on Press The Buttons also adds this insight:

Capcom's discontinued fighting games hold their value long past their expected expiration date. Prior to Marvel vs Capcom 2 returning for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 a few years ago, used copies of the game for older consoles still commanded absurdly high prices, for instance.

Svensson added that he didn't foresee anything new to come from their involvement unless Japan forges a new deal, and who knows when that could happen? So if you want to enjoy the game, now is the time to buy... even if you just want to hold on to it until you get a Wii U, or just a good deal on a Wii. After all, it took a decade before Marvel vs. Capcom 2 became easily-affordable and accessible again.

Custom Teisel Bonne Figure in the Works

The leader of the Bonne siblings three wasn't going to let Blue Boy have ALL the fun. Last year you might recall the custom MegaMan Volnutt figure created by Ryan Showers which was sold in limited numbers. Well as you can see above, Teisel is next on the docket, and so far he's looking real good!

Ryan has just recently published his first couple pictures of the sculpt, and other details are sparse at the moment. We'll be sure to keep you updated though, since I imagine once this figure is ready to go, it's gonna go fast!

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

Keep Warm with this Legends Musical Bit

Here's another delightful song piece from Dashe, which ought to please all Legends fans alike; especially you Volnutt and Tron shippers (which is vocabulary I never thought I'd use). Will Volnutt stay or will he leave? What do I even mean? Watch to the end to see...

If you like you can grab the song here. Thanks for the holiday and New Year wishes, Dashe!

A Closer Look at Score6's Custom MegaMan Volnutt Figure

About a month ago, we brought you word of a neat custom figure of Mega Man Legends hero/star MegaMan Volnutt, as produced by Score6. Thanks to MMN reader Zak, we now have an in-depth video update on the figure. Check it out:

As an aside, leaving news tips in the comments is not the best way to reach us; for the best results, drop us a line at at or use our submission form instead. We don't always get to everything, but we do try to post what we can, and are working to get even more things posted. And we definitely appreciate the help!

Vote for Mega Man Bobble Budds

It was the Servbot that originally introduced us Mega Man fans to the Bobble Budd. Now the manufacturer is giving us the opportunity for more. Among concepts for new Bobble Budds are classic Mega Man and MegaMan Volnutt. All you have to do to show your support is find them and give them a Facebook like or a Google +1.Top voted characters will be considered for turning into real products.

Right now, MegaMan Volnutt seems to be a pretty popular choice. Just make sure you buy one if he wins! This would actually be a fantastic way to show some Legends 3 support. Use the Bobble Budd in all your promotions!

Thanks for the tip, stealthwoman and Dashe!

Behold! Your final MegaMan design!

D wins! Today's newest Devroom update has revealed the second round's results. Design D came in first with an overwhelming amount of support in both Japan and worldwide, with 66% and 57% respectively.  With that out of the way, the dev team can finally complete MegaMan's in-game design!

You might notice a few slight, additional changes to the final design. These were made to make his color and physical attributes fit with his previous appearances. If all goes well, we should be seeing a lot more of this design in the near future.

Source: Japan Devroom

Pick the Design for MegaMan Volnutt

Of all the Devroom activities to come along, this one is pretty interesting despite its simplicity. The dev team is considering changing up MegaMan's appearance in Mega Man Legends 3, and letting the fans vote on which they like best. You can go with the original MML2 design, a second design that features a little more detail, and a third design that gives Mega Man more of human-wearing-armor appearance. I'm sure some of you might think that changing MegaMan's design would be blasphemous, but do recall that it did change ever so slightly between Legends and Legends 2 (namely with the addition of an orange backpack). And to be honest, the detailed Design B really stands out to me! Still, I'll have to consider this carefully. You should too; get voting! You have until April 25th to make your voice heard.

Get Ready for UDON's Art of Capcom 2

If you're a fan of Mega Man and the artistic stylings of UDON Entertainment, then you're in luck. Debuting at this month's San Diego Comic Con will be the 280-page follow-up to the company's Art of Capcom book, appropriately titled UDON's Art of Capcom 2. Within its pages, you'll find the past three years' worth of the studio's Capcom-based works of art.

Series covered include Street Fighter, Final Fight, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and according to Managing Editor Matt Moylan, you can expect to see some Mega Man in there, too. Also included are the illustrated endings from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which featured Roll, Zero, and MegaMan Volnutt as playable fighters. There's even some promo art from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in there.

In addition to all of that, UDON also promises "a special tribute gallery created just for this volume, featuring the UDON crew’s unique takes on some classic Capcom franchises."

The version found at the Comic Con will be hardcover, while a softcover print will be made available to everyone else in August. For those who can't wait, is even taking pre-orders.

For a look at one piece featuring some Mega Man characters, just click the image to your right, and for the cover and many more samples from the book, check out UDON's blog entry here.