Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Nintendo has just concluded their Super Smash Bros. Direct video, and as you can probably guess from our posting about it here, there was indeed new information about Mega Man's part in the game to behold!

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Let Legends "Shimeji" Invade Your Desktop

Here's an adorable way to customize your Windows PC, and show some Legends support. "Shimeji" is a freeware program that makes little characters run around your desktop. Furthermore, you can make your own image sets for new Shimeji characters. The characters will just crawl around, goof off, and may even mess with your browser window. You can also grab them and toss them around, which makes the Servbot ideal. You can find a Shimeji FAQ here and download the program here (both a calm and mischievous version exist). So to go along with this, DA user DeadEndKing is in the midst of making Mega Man Legends themed image packs for you to load with Shimeji. So far the characters include MegaMan, Roll, Tron, Teisel, Servbot and Yuna. Glyde is presently in the works. Of course you can even make your own characters, if you feel so inclined.

Okay, there's a lot more of these guys now and I'm pretty sure they're plotting something. Where's the off switch...

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Behold! Your final MegaMan design!

D wins! Today's newest Devroom update has revealed the second round's results. Design D came in first with an overwhelming amount of support in both Japan and worldwide, with 66% and 57% respectively.  With that out of the way, the dev team can finally complete MegaMan's in-game design!

You might notice a few slight, additional changes to the final design. These were made to make his color and physical attributes fit with his previous appearances. If all goes well, we should be seeing a lot more of this design in the near future.

Source: Japan Devroom

MML3 Devroom: MegaMan Design Round 2 - FIGHT!

Or, VOTE! rather. MegaMan's fashion crisis continues on and it's up to us to resolve things. However, given the results of the last poll, backers of designs B and C were pretty close. So those designs have been redefined in the new D and E designs, which have taken into account user feedback as well as analysis over MegaMan's appearance in the game. What's interesting to note is that the new designs have been made with the idea that the game will appeal to an older audience. I wonder if that mindset is going into other aspects as well, like the story? Also, some particular advice to keep in mind before you vote:

As a bit of advice, or perhaps a request, I hope that you’ll see these designs for what they are, and not get hung up on how the designs have changed since the previous poll. Try to forget about the previous round and just focus on what’s before your eyes now when you make your judgment. What impressions do they leave on you? What do you like or dislike?

So this will be the deciding factor. D or E, the result of this is what we play! Decide what you like and make your voice heard! You have until next Thursday, the 26th, 6PM PST. Aside from that, you can also check out the article for some insight into Roll's new design.