Capcom Knows What Happened Between Classic and X, but Ain't Telling (Or Did They Already?)

noanswers What happened in the time between Mega Man and Mega Man X, and how they connect, has long been a source of mystery, speculation, and fan fiction about Zero murdering everyone. Is it possible any answer exists at all? According to Capcom, it does indeed, but they're playing their cards close to their vest.

Coming from The Reploid Research Lavatory, which has been translating answers to fan questions from the recently released R20+5: Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works:

Q03: Has what happened in the interim between the Rockman series and the Rockman X series been decided? Or is there no canon version of what happened?

CAPCOM: Of course there is such an outline, but don’t expect an official announcement of it. Players have always enjoyed using their imaginations to come up with their own conclusions, and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them…

However, has Capcom really been so quiet on the matter?

While of course nothing has been explained in detail, dots have been connected here and there. In fact, nearly three years ago when Rockman Zero Collection was coming out, Capcom of Japan posted a timeline that seemed to indicate the X series had its origins from the events of Mega Man 10:

At least 200 years ago The birth of X

When an incident occurred where an unknown computer virus came from space and causes robots to become violent and riotous, Dr. Light completed the battle robot “X” worrying about the future of Earth. Hypothesizing X could battle robots infected by viruses, he gave X the perfect virus counter-measure. Meanwhile Dr. Light developed a great number of armors, but this presented the possibility of X becoming a threat to mankind. To confirm the safety of X’s cognition program, Dr. Light sealed away X in an analysis capsule.

1XX years ago The birth of Zero

Zero was produced by Dr. Wily, who schemed at taking over the world. But he contained a flaw in his cognitive program that made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions, so Dr. Wily himself sealed Zero in a capsule.

Curiously, though, this timeline has completely disappeared from the Rockman Zero Collection homepage, so far as I can tell. Perhaps a recent retcon? But to what end? Mega Man 10 and the Zero Collection are basically the last new Mega Man games to be released (not counting Xover).

Anyway, though, you should definitely check out all of Kobun #20's great translations!

News Credit: GoNintendo

Rockman Online Update Yields "Patriot of the Desert" and SD Layer

A new Rockman Online update has gone live on the game's official blog, and appears to be a message coming to us from the navigator Layer, who is now sporting the same style previously seen on Alia. As for the actual text, it's in Korean. And unfortunately, there is no one currently around to work their translation magic, so I'm resorting to Google Translate for the time being, with the hopes that maybe Heat Man can clarify things later.

The message, given the title "[Gaia] patriot of the desert - yiregyulreo information," opens with the acquisition of aerial imagery of a desert base (from the previously-reported Deserts of Gaia), where the situation is most dire. There seems to be concern surrounding some characters' deaths, and the rapidly-increasing temperature of the area's artificial suns.

Some condescending remarks are made about the URA (Ultimate Reploid Association), including "ignorant" and "stupid," and it sounds as though the increasing heat of the artificial suns may have dried out an area of the sea, turning it into the desert shown in the image below:

In addition, it seems there are some captured enemy Mechaniroids, which have some details given about them:

"Lloyd Camera" (really?) has a camera housed within which is built to withstand extreme heat, and has long legs which are "resilient" and "flexible," which allow it to operate in the desert sands. They wander the deserts and spout flames from their mouths.

Or at least, that's what the Google translation looks like. The enemy actually very closely resembles the Cameloid robots from the desert stage of Mega Man Zero, and the flame-spewing seems to only solidify that. In fact, there's a good chance this thing doesn't have a camera at all, and "Lloyd Camera" is just a really bad (and backwards) translation for "Cameloid."

The next enemy is labeled as "Sasorinu," which appears to be a modified version of the Sasoreenu robots which occupied Pharaoh Man's stage in Mega Man 4. Which stands to reason, as we've already had a glimpse of the regal Robot Master's return.

Next, we have this mysterious image:

The text seems to indicate that this foe is able to maneuver easily beneath the waves of sand. No name is given, but it seems to closely resemble the Mecha Scorpia from the opening stage of Mega Man Zero 2.

And finally, we have a full picture of Layer herself:

More as it becomes available, and be sure to check back later; with any luck, we might have a little more information from the post.

Australians! Get Your Weapons Ready for a Mega Man Zero Collection Sale

There is some good news for fans of the Blue Bomber who live down under, according to a tip we received from Tranceblade. He tells us that the only store to stock the localized EU version of Mega Man Zero Collection in Australia, JB Hi-FI, currently has the game on sale for $29.99 AUD. I realize that may sound like no big deal to those of you in the United States reading this, but foreign currency, inflation, etc.

The information comes from the PAL Gaming Network's Australian gaming bargains for the week of August 12th, which also contains a wealth of other offers and deals for those interested. So if you've been waiting for the right time to take the plunge into Mega Man Zero Collection, then now appears to be the time. Don't let it get away.

OtaRockman 2010 Report

Image courtesy of Ryouko.

Here it is, at long last: The Mega Man Network's OtaRockman report.

While Otakon officially kicked off on Friday, July 30th, OtaRockman-- the Otakon gathering of Mega Man fans (and called such as "OtaMegaMan" doesn't quite have the same ring)-- events did not begin until Saturday morning. As you can see above, there were a number of cosplayers on hand for photo opportunities at 11am, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a wider spread:

Image courtesy of Ryouko.

As you can see, there is a pretty good representation of characters: a Mettaur/Metool, Giro, Harpuia, two Lan Hikaris, Alia, Laika (concealed by Alia), FyreFox (with Laika), Phantom, Ms. Yuri (concealed by Phantom), Sniper Joe, Model ZX, Mega Man, Snake Man, "Casual Blues" (as portrayed by our own Oekaki Mom, Tabby), Pickelman, Magnet Man, Bright Man, Geo Stelar (with Omega-Xis), and Mega Man X. one other I regrettably can not make out. If it's you, or you know who they are, feel free to post it in the comments below.

And I believe there were a few others running around as well; you can catch many more images of the lot in Ryouko's gallery.

Following the cosplay gathering, it was time for Terra's Mega Man 9 Endless Mode tournament! And the prizes for the top-ranking super fighting robots?

Image courtesy of Terra.

Tournaments held in previous years consisted of Mega Man Battle Network NetBattles, but this year, competitors fought their way through as many screens of the downloadable Endless Mode of Mega Man 9 as they could within five minutes, or before they died. Thinking back, I'm not sure anyone met the five minute mark.

Image courtesy of Ryouko.

Many gave it their all, but in the end, there could only be three winners. And those who excelled were as follows:

1st Place: WolfShadow, with 35 screens.

2nd Place: MetroidMaster, with 33 screens.

3rd Place: Jeffery, with 22 screens.

After the tournament, we dispersed until the nighttime, when we would reconvene at 8pm in the Hilton Key Ballroom "Panel 6" room for "The Anime & Manga Realm of Mega Man."

Image courtesy of Scarab.

It should be noted that in past years, there had been far more people who tried to attend the panel than could be allowed in. This year, we received a much larger room, but at a small cost: we were set immediately following the OC Remix panel in another room, and at the same time as the cosplay masquerade. But even so, we still had the room nearly filled (with some people staying in after the Gaia Online panel).

For one hour (and a little bit more), Tabby, Terra Stardroid, Robo Nanya, and Ryouko of Rockman.EXE Online, and myself went over the history of Mega Man/Rockman in comic and animated forms, including the Megamix manga series by Hitoshi Ariga, the Rockman.EXE anime, and other noteworthy adventures...

Image courtesy of Scarab.

Following that main portion of the panel, we did a little question-and-answer period before moving on to the raffle, which featured generous contributions from Tabby, UDON Entertainment, and Capcom Unity. Not only did the latter offer up three Mega Man Zero Collection games and t-shirts, but there were also other fun items, including some Mega Man Kubrick sets given out.

Plus, each panelist got their own Mega Man Zero Collection t-shirt, making us a stylish, uniform bunch. So a special thanks to JGonzo and the Capcom Unity!

And with that, the Mega Man-centered festivities came to a close. Good times were had, prizes were given, and with any luck, we'll be back next year.

Get Two Great Games for only 75% of the Price!

If you've been toying around with the idea of getting Mega Man Zero Collection, but haven't taken the plunge, then there is good news for you... particularly if you live near a Kmart and were planning to buy Square Enix's Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. According to the Atlanta Video Game Examiner, the purchase of Dragon Quest IX between now and the 17th of July will allow you to get Mega Man Zero Collection for half-price. MMZ Collection isn't the only option, however; check their listing for other available titles.

In addition to the half-off, you'll also receive a $10 gaming coupon. Not bad.

Best Buy also has a similar deal, except there you can buy any DS game, and get another for half price. They don't seem to specify, so hopefully the same arrangement as above will work. However, there would be no $10 coupon.

Of course, it's possible that these deals may be local to the Atlanta locations, so you may want to check your local sales flier or call your nearest Kmart or Best Buy locations before making any trips.

Source: The Atlanta Video Game Examiner (via GoNintendo, via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

Zero Collection Japanese Superplay Gameplay Medley

This one sort of passed us by, we admit it. Leading up to the release of Mega Man/Rockman Zero Collection, Capcom of Japan released a series of videos which depicted a skilled player (or players) performing some cool moves and achieving some impressive victories in the collection's different games. Some of them may even be easy enough for lesser players to pull off (check out the battle with Harpuia in Zero 1, for example).

We passed on posting initially, as we had hoped there would be an English version we could post (not that these are language intensive, but...). Then we decided to wait until they were all available and post them here in one go. Then we sort of got distracted, and forgot to post the videos...

...that is, until now. Thankfully and fortunately for us, GameTrailers has combined the whole lot of them into a single, easily-digestible video that can be watched in one fell swoop:

And that, as they say, is that.

Get Your T-Shirts Here! Your Winning MMZ Contest T-Shirts, While They're Hot!

Capcom has announced that the winning Mega Man Zero t-shirt from their recent design contest is now available for pre-order from their online store. Make sure you don't delay, as these have been made in extremely limited quantities. On second thought, perhaps you should delay for just a moment, because some of you may not need to place a pre-order. Everyone who attended Capcom's Mega Man Community Event last month will be getting one of these shirts, as will everyone who participated in the Mega Man Zero Collection art contests of the past few months (you lucky ducks, you).

So, if you have a claim to stake on one of these shirts, then send JGonzo a private message with MMZC SHIRT in the subject line, and include your name, size preference, mailing address, and the week you participated in. And if you don't have such a claim, then you'd better move on over to the Capcom Store and order now!

Note: Staff member Maverick-jin8 tried to put in his order earlier, but found difficulty getting Firefox to accept it. Internet Explorer, however, did the trick.

Changes to Mega Man Zero Collection: How Many Have You Spotted?

At long last, people have finally gotten their hands on Mega Man Zero Collection, the perfect compilation of all four installments of the Mega Man Zero Game Boy Advance series, exactly as we remember them. Right? Well... maybe not so much.

Some intrepid fans on the GameFAQs forums have noticed that there have actually been a number of tweaks made to the game in creating Collection. Some are good, others not so much, and there may even be a few that leave some people scratching their heads and saying "so what?"

Here is what has been found so far:

  • Ciel has apparently received a leg upgrade that gives her an extra frame of running animation across all four titles.
  • The theme which plays during the credits for Mega Man Zero 4 has been replaced with the lyrical version which was in Rockman Zero 4.
  • No one dies any more! At least, not in such specific terms:
    • Harpuia fondly recalls the days of Mortal Kombat as he tells Zero to "finish" him, rather than "just kill me."
    • Elpizo lends a dramatic flair to his speech to Zero as he tells him it is "time to meet your end," rather than simply "time to die."
    • Also in Zero 2, Harpuia dramatically ponders "to live or perish?" instead of "to live or die?" So not only is Zero passed out, but he's being treated like old produce.
  • A little less "2" is present in Zero 2, as the multiplayer mode has been removed.
  • Reportedly, the background music and sound effects have been bolstered by the superior hardware of the Nintendo DS. Some sound effects are even said to be replaced by newer, better versions, such as in the case of the warning klaxons heard as a boss approaches.
  • In Easy mode, Alouette gets equipped with a new script. In particular, Zero 4 sees her reference how one's rank won't be affected by Cyber-Elf use.
  • A typo in Zero 2 has been corrected; now "DEFEMD" has become "DEFEND."
  • Sprites now appear a bit smoother in the opening cut scene of Zero 3, as the layering effects have been cleaned up a bit.
  • The "Z-Buster" in Zero 1 has been changed to its more accurate name, "Buster Shot."
  • Our own Maverick-jin has noted that where Omega's entire body used to flash when struck in Zero 3, but this only happens to his head and torso now.

In addition, one user has noted that the soft reset is now performed by pressing Start, Select, A, and B together to Start, Select, L, and R together.

On the other hand, one member reports that not everything has been polished up; Omega's secret disk in Zero 3 reportedly still reads "This Reploid has a the signature of Dark Elf".

Regarding the changes in "death" dialogue, GameFAQs member IcyWind14 supposes the following: "This is just a guess on my part, but it's possible the changes in dialogue were made to maintain the E rating. Since all of the games (except Zero 4, I believe) predate the E10 rating, they were able to get away with more stuff and still get an E, but now it might have landed an E10 instead."

Have any of you noticed any other changes not documented above? Tell us (and everyone else) what you've found in the comments!

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Monday Night Crew Ponders the Challenges of Zero

Many a gamer and Mega Man fan have fallen prey to the challenge presented in the Mega Man Zero titles. Fortunately, Mega Man Zero Collection presents a viable alternative to playing the games in their original format, but... Monday Night Crew shows (warning: foul [albeit accurate] language), some people may prefer not to take the easy way out.

You can find more of the Monday Night Crew's thoughts on steep challenge in games here.

Snow & The Flow Sho Cover MMZero, Yo

Capcom Unity recently held a very special Mega Man Zero event, wherein X, Ciel, the Four Guardians, and the Resistance confronted Zero over his Cyber-Elf collecting problem. The end brought about a tearful resolution, and a lesson was learned by all. Actually, it wasn't anything like that at all (at least, so far as they're willing to divulge). But over on the Unity blog, Snow has posted a video from Unity member Quinn/DrunkenIronRabbit's The Flow Sho, wherein they attended Capcom's community event for the launch of Mega Man Zero Collection.

They chat with fans and scope out the plethora of prizes, and even spend some time chatting with Capcom's own Mikeeb13 and JGonzo. But rather than read about it, check it out for yourself:

Are Chances of Finding Newest Mega Man Collection in Australia Zero? (Update)

That seems to be the case down under, according to tipster Xtreme Hedgehog. He recounts his tale of placing a pre-order with his local EBGames for the crimson Reploid's collected conflicts, only to be met with a phone call filled with disappointment yesterday. "They called me up and told me they had canceled releasing the game here," he says. "I was shattered."

Following the EB disappointment, he called GAME to see if they had released it, but alas, it was not to be. The reasons given related to Australia's relatively small size, plus the growing expense of importing video games, for Nintendo platforms and others, into the country. Another eagerly-anticipated game, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, has reportedly hit the region's chopping block as well.

"It's just too bad I won't be able to play Megaman Zero Collection now," he said regretfully, as he asked us to help spread the word. "I really wanted to play the series because I never have but now I never will."

To any other Australian Mega Man fans reading this: have you found yourself faced with the same obstacle, or might there be some sort of conflicting information amidst the video game retailers in the country?

Update: It appears that things are not as dire for Australian fans as they had first appeared. In the comments below, Xtreme notes that another chain, GameTraders, is not only carrying the game, but carrying an actual Australian version, rating and all.

So Mega Man fans down under, now you know your destination for Zero.

Z-Day: Mega Man Zero Collection Reviews

Z-Day has finally arrived, which means that those who managed to get their hands on Mega Man Zero Collection early and spend some time with it have come forth to enlighten us with their opinion of the title's quality. And interestingly enough, scores seem to be all over the place.

So far, the highest score comes from Nintendo Power magazine, who gave it a 9.0 out of 10 in their July 2010 issue, which can be found on newsstands this week. Following that, Game Informer's review scores it with an 8.00 out of 10, stating "Mega Man fans that missed out on the Zero series should pick up the Mega Man Zero collection, as it makes the drought of new Mega Man titles a bit more bearable."

1UP rates the game with a "B," noting that "Game compilations run the gamut from lavish affairs crammed with bonus content and a suite of options to cheap, barely-functional shovelware. Capcom's Mega Man Zero Collection holds the middle ground between those extremes."

Meanwhile, GamePro gives the game a moderate ranking of three out of five stars. Within, it states that "While its forced adventure elements can occasionally overshadow the core Mega Man gameplay, the Mega Man Zero Collection is packed with enough content and classic platforming and shooting action to justify a look from franchise fans."

...and for now, that seems to be about it. More reviews are sure to come, however, and we will keep an eye out for anything noteworthy.

Z-Day: Capcom A's Your Q's on Mega Man Zero Collection

It's Z-Day here at The Mega Man Network, and as promised, we've brought your burning questions to Capcom so that you can have all the dirt on whether or not Mega Man Zero Collection is worth your hard-earned Zenny before heading out to your nearest retailer and indulging in crimson-colored bliss. At this point, I would like to turn things over to Mr. Joveth "JGonzo" Gonzalez, the Community Manager for Capcom Entertainment, who will be providing the answers to your many questions about the compilation:

Hi folks!

Thanks very much for your questions. I got to say, you folks are definitely some of the biggest Mega Man fans I’ve come across! Some of your questions even stumped me and required talking to Inti Creates directly!

I tried to keep my answers short and to the point. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me a private message over at Capcom Unity!



Odd-observation: Can you ask him if the battle with Omega was changed cuz in Zero 3, he wasnt able to use the huge red blade due to the Game Boy Advance limited capabilities.

We’re presenting the games in their original formats, as this is a collection of the way these games were presented originally. It’s important to remember that these are not remakes of the Zero games.

Daniel-lind: While ModCards functionality was added in, were effects from connecting with Battle Network 4 also added?

Yes! This will function the same way as mod cards!

Trei: Are there any sort of changes to the game as in storyline, boss fights, gameplay, etc?

TJ: Are any of the sprites improved?

No, please see my above comment to Odd-observation.

AJ: I’m wondering, for those of us who already have some or all Zero games for Advance, will there be any extra benefit to using the Advance slot on the DS along with the original releases?

No, unfortunately there is no cross compatibility there.

Dean Beever: Would there be any kind of parental controls that would enable the blood or disable it, giving us the yellow slashing residue we ended up getting in the original American release?

No, our goal was to maintain that original E rating so that more people would be able to enjoy the games. The blood would definitely change that.

Mega Man Access: Ask since they’re bringing the mod cards to Z3, then will we get something similar for Z1, 2, and 4?

In Mega Man Zero Collection, mod cards will only be used to modify Z3.

Advent Axl: What exactly is a “sprite swap”? Is it character costumes or color changes?

The way the original e-reader modification cards worked is that they changed costumes on different characters, placed new characters in different places, and a ton of other things. See the full list here.

That’s what was meant by sprite swapping.

Regulus: I’d like to know just how the control configuration works. I’ve heard that we can only make X and Y mimic A and B… which is fine, because I prefer to use the shoulder buttons for dashing and secondary anyway. What I would like to know, though, is if it’s at all possible to use Y for the primary weapon and B for jump.

Yes you can! Here’s proof:

Note that A=Y and B=X, so yes, you can jump with B and use your primary weapon with Y.

Shake: Simple but to the point; Will the game bring any promotional material? Like a poster or some sort of CD in the box? Metal Slug 7 did, hell, it even came in a special case!

If you pre-ordered via the Capcom Store, you got Mega Man Zero Collection buttons! Additionally, I’ve set aside a limited number of shirts from the Mega Man Zero HERE) so stay tuned to Capcom Unity to find out how to get one!

Thanks once again to Joveth and Capcom for taking the time to answer our questions!

Capcom Unity Presents: Mega Man Zero 4 Recollections

Mega Man Zero Collection is finally upon us, but before you begin racing to your nearest video game store to see if they have it (well, you should really call ahead first to be safe), we are ready to help build anticipation to a fever pitch by offering the latest and the last of the "Recollection" series of articles from the Capcom Unity. This week's topic? None other than the final chapter, Mega Man Zero 4, of course. For the sake of those who have yet to play and remain relatively unspoiled, I'll simply say that you can find Protodude's thoughts here (mind, just because I'm not spoiling anything doesn't mean these articles aren't), those of 1UP's Jeremy Parish here, Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid here, and our very own Heat Man wraps things up-- with a bit of humor, no less-- for The Mega Man Network here.

For past installments in this series, you can click the following links to find recollections on the previous Mega Man Zero games: 3, 2, 1...

...and we all know what comes after 1, so go grab yourselves a copy, if you can find one today.

TMMN's Mega Man Zero Collection Contest Results!

This is a big week for Zero, with the Mega Man Zero Collection coming out. As you can see we've decorated the site a little to celebrate the release. But enough idle banter.

For one of our smaller scale contests, we still got over 60 entries. And the judging was no cakewalk. Even after reviewing all the entries, it still took about a couple hours of deliberation to settle on a single choice. A lot of you expressed trouble affording the games, or being able to find them in your area, or not having the system to play them on, and it's certainly tough. Some of your stories definitely resonated with our own personal experiences. To all of those who entered, we hope you'll be able to experience Zero if it's in your interests, and while you may not consider yourselves great Zero fans, you are still great fans nonetheless. But one entrant will becoming a Zero fan very soon, and that entrant is Roy Lagendijk!

Congratulations Roy! Once Mega Man Zero Collection is released, we will be sending that and the Official Complete Works over to you! And again, to everyone else, thank you for entering! We always appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and rest assured we will hold more contests, so don't give up hope!

Additionally, some of you wrote in stories and comments that we found pretty amusing as we were judging. We'll be sharing those entry snippets after the break.

Now I'm interested to get the collection because my name is Seven, so I like when the main character's name is a number, and I like this kind of game where there's a guy with a cool sword.

-Seven Omega

I didn't played Mega Man X & Zero yet, but it sounds like a funny game. I've heard the story is about "Omega Zero", a giant android created by a mad scientist called Weil (Wily's grandson) using a mutated alien virus and he is immortal, dying and reviving several times to fight against his rival Mega Man X (another android) to prove he is the strongest robot in the world. A woman called Ciel makes good copies of them with an humanoid appearance, Copy X and Zero, to help stop the fight between the golden giant and the blue seraph, Zero being the main character. With the Zero Collection and the OCW, I'll finally be able to discover how the story really is.


I have never been much of a fan of the non-classic Mega Man series. In reality, I desire this game so I can either change my views on the Mega Man subseries, or so I can take a long stringy dump on the game in the form of a GameFAQs review.

So please, support my cause. Send me this game.


My Dad had picked me up after school that one fateful Saturday evening.  I had just beat little Jimmy in a race after school so I felt pretty confident.  Jimmy caught up to me, managing to spurt out, “Man, *huff* *huff* it’s like you dashed to the finish line!”  Little did I know that an entire world of “dashing” was waiting for me with open arms.


I love Zero.  I think its the same reason I love cats: if Zero were real, he'd beat me.  Because I am annoying.  If my cats were big enough, they'd eat me, because I am fat.  I can forgive Capcom killing and bringing him back from the dead so many times because... its Zero.  Like Optimus Prime's many deaths, it's still lame, but the alternative is integrity drowning in an ocean of sorrow.


I have never been able to complete the first Megaman Zero game or any other Megaman game since then. Since not been able to finish the first Megaman Zero, I have so called frequent “nightmares”. These nightmare starts out at bedtimes where zero is sitting in my chair saying “what are you fighting for?” and I reply: “ Get the hell outta my room!” unfortunately, that didn’t work. It only made him stay there longer.


Thanks again to everyone!