"Mega May" and a Vote To Decide the Next eShop Release

"Mega May" and a Vote To Decide the Next eShop Release

Over two and a half years ago, Capcom re-released Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, the first Mega Man game for the original Game Boy, on Nintendo's 3DS eShop Virtual Console. For North American gamers, the wait for the rest of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color installments is near its end.

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Taking It to the Xtremes: Capcom Bringing Remaining Mega Man Game Boy Games to Virtual Console

ec30aee21e161e3a6405b4c3878cf662 When it comes to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, Capcom's approached the platform in a rather peculiar manner. After releasing Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge there some time ago, the company instead opted to begin releasing the Blue Bomber's NES library to the service as a way of celebrating his 25th anniversary. Which would be all well and good, save for the fact that we've had approximately six (give or take) other chances to get those same games already-- most of those within the past ten years. But what about the rest of the often overlooked, underplayed, but still beloved Game Boy entries?

At last, we have our answer. On Capcom Unity today, Brett Elston revealed that they are now moving forward with bringing the rest of the Blue Bomber's black-and-white battles to the service in both North America (he said "U.S.", but we're assuming he meant Canada, too) and Europe.

This is a great piece of news, as Mega Man V remains one of the coolest oddball (used in the most affectionate way possible) games in the series. Instead of Robot Masters, Mega Man fights Stardroids, and instead of a typical Mega Buster charged shot, he has a Mega Arm projectile attack (similar to the MM6/7 Rush upgrade). It's a very clever entry that's been hard to legitimately play for years, so pick it up!

Mega Man IV is equally impressive, combining aspects of the NES Mega Man 4/5 to create one new experience. I daresay it's the best of the NES mimics (I, II and III also mix enemies and bosses from the NES) and well worth a look.

For some, that might be enough, but as it turns out, there's more still as both of the gawdawfully-named Mega Man Xtreme titles are also coming to ensure that ridiculous pun never, ever dies. Of the duo, Brelston notes "Xtreme 2 is particularly interesting, with its playable Zero and DNA souls / parts system." Name aside, the latter game is definitely worth checking out for those who could use a Mega Man X fix, as it shakes things up considerably when compared to its predecessor.

The only downside to this news is that there are no release dates set yet, but those should be along in the coming weeks.