Showing Ninetails Who's Boss

Gonna be honest - I never got into Mega Man X Command Mission, or many RPGs in general. So, when Sigma Zero X wrote in, saying this was a sleek way of defeating the game's special boss Ninetails, I kind of had to take his word for it. And hey, we don't often get a chance to feature Command Mission content.

From what I can fathom, by smartly using sub items, Sigma Zero X is able to beat Ninetails strategically - not with spamming hyper modes and attacking with brute force. Perhaps to those of you who have played more Command Mission, it'll come off as pretty impressive. Sigma Zero X has more videos against the other iterations of Ninetails you can see on his channel.

Rockman Online Update Discusses Force Metal

It's been quite a while since we've seen any activity from pmang's Rockman Online blog. Considering other unfortunate occurrences this year, I'm sure some have wondered if Capcom would go for the hat trick and pull Rockman Online too. However, it's still alive for now! Anywho, this time the new article focuses on Force Metal, the MacGuffin of Mega Man X Command Mission. The explanation follows that a large asteroid crashes to Earth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, releasing a vast amount of energy. The asteroid is so big it essentially forms an island, which would later be the foundation for Giga City. Scientists exploring the new "island" discover curious ore not found anywhere on Earth, which has the property to absorb energy from any kind of shock or blow and become stronger. This ore would be dubbed Force Metal, and scientists began to experiment with what kinds of energy it could absorb and what its limitations were.

Ultimately they would be converted into equipment used for making Reploids stronger. However, Reploids with an especially high concentration of Force Metal energy would go mad, and their body would twist into a monstrous form. Though the world governments and hunter agencies themselves utilized highly purified Force Metals and monitored their circulation, they could were helpless to defend against the Mavericks that abused Force Metals. It would eventually fall to X and his companions to stop this "Rebellion" group and their plot to use a Force Metal bomb.

Presently, due to the war between the UCA and URA, the need for powerful Reploids and Mechaniloids has pushed both sides into gaining more and more Force Metals. The UCA's Dr. Gaudile continues research in his Force Metal Engine for creating highly purified Force Metals with no side effects. Meanwhile, the URA's Dr. Psyche is working to utilize the Force Metal's mutative qualities and making the most powerful and warped Reploids possible. While both sides approach Force Metals from different angles, as time goes on the results are becoming more analogous. The UCA regulates Force Metal use based on a hunter's strength in body and will to withstand the metal's side effects. Meanwhile, the Force Metal remaining in the Earth is absorbing its natural properties, and taking on elements such as earth and fire.