TMMN Giveaway - Nab a Mega Man USB Buster!

MMUSBBuster_largescreenshot3 Hey there, it's been a little while, so how about a chance to win something cool? We've got three of Capcom's 25th anniversary Mega Buster styled USB thumb drives to give away! Each has a capacity of 8GB, and comes equipped the latest version of Street Fighter X Mega Man, the game's soundtrack and promotional wallpaper, and digital copies of UDON's Mega Man Tribute, Mega Man X Official Complete Works, and Archie's Mega Man comic issues #1-4. Woah!

Now I'm guessing you probably want to know how to win. It's simple! Just reply to this post with the following: what Mega Man game would you want to see remade, and how would you want to see it remade? Let us know in as much detail as you can muster! Three winners will be chosen randomly after the deadline from these comments. Please be sure to comment with your legitimate e-mail so we can reach you!

The deadline to enter this giveaway is Sunday, May 26th, at midnight PST. Please only one entry/comment per person! Thank you, and good luck!

Get Equipped with Mega Man USB Drive!

Mega Man USB Need some mass storage to go with your soon to be released Mega Man Ultrabook? Well, Capcom has you covered with the new Mega Man USB drive. For $19.95 you'll get all of the following:

  • 8GB Mega Buster USB stick
  • Mega Man #1~4 (Digital Comic Book)
  • Mega Man Tribute Art Book (Digital)
  • Mega Man X Complete Works (Digital)
  • Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack (via A_Rival)
  • SFxMM Wallpapers (Originally posted on Unity)
  • Quick link to SFxMM game (in case you somehow don't have it)

Head on over to Capcom Unity for ordering information!

TMMN's September Giveaway Winner is...

We got nearly one hundred people submitting their ideas for how they'd pay tribute to the Blue Bomber this 25th anniversary. There were definitely some pretty amusing ideas! But in the end, only one could be chosen. And that chosen one is... Anthony Martinez! Here is his tribute:

My tribute to Mega Man would be to dress up in the Mega Man costume that I made for a marching band video game show and walk around town, shouting to the world the many wondrous things about Mega Man. In doing so, I would recommend people to play my favorite Mega Man games (which would be all of them). And to top it all off, I would offer people to play some of the Mega Man games and read some of the comics and mangas.

Very neat, Anthony. I'd really like to see this Mega Man costume of yours! We've emailed you via the address you commented with, so please respond soon! And to everyone else, thank you for your comments! Sorry we didn't have much to offer this month, but there are already more prizes headed down the pipeline. Your chance to win could be coming as soon as October! Keep your eyes peeled, and keep loving Mega Man!

TMMN September Giveaway! What's Your Mega Man Tribute?

I'll bet you thought we forgot! It's September, and it's time for another TMMN giveaway! This time we're offering a copy of UDON's amazing fan artwork collective: "Mega Man Tribute." It's 300 pages of incredibly cool artwork covering a myriad of series and characters. Honestly, all of you ought to have this book, but just in case we got one for you! So how can you win it? That's simple. All you need to do is comment in this post and describe how you would pay tribute to Mega Man. What does the Blue Bomber mean to you, and what lengths would you go to show your respect? Just write up your comment and submit. We will pick one commenter randomly as the winner!

You have until the 23rd, Sunday night at midnight, PST to write in your comment. We look forward to seeing your posts! One lucky winner will snag "Mega Man Tribute." Will it be you?

Hardcover Mega Man Tribute Half-Off this Weekend

Appears the Black Friday bug has even bit UDON! This weekend you can get the incredibly amazing hardcover edition of Mega Man Tribute, with original cover by Hitoshi Ariga, for just $39.99 from UDON's online store. That's half off the regular price! As an owner of the hardback book myself, I can attest that it's a pretty awesome piece of work. Hundreds of pages of artwork and huge format, by a variety of artists (including some friends of the site); if you've been wanting this book still, then now is definitely a great time to pick it up!

Would also make a great holiday gift for the Mega Man fan or game art lover in your life. Just saying!

Mega Man Designer Gives Thumbs Up to Tribute Artists

As some of you may already know, though Keiji Inafune is often referred to as the "Father of Mega Man," he was actually not even there when work began on the original game. One member of the staff who preceded him was the game designer who simply prefers to go by "AK." AK played a vital role in the development of the game, as he was responsible for creating the game's world and systems. More recently, he was given a copy of the Mega Man Tribute art book from UDON Entertainment. And with that, though he is known to rarely speak to the press (or publicly at all), he gave UDON permission to pass the following comments along to those who contributed to the book.

From UDON's deviantART journal:

So this is the book you were telling me about. I didn't expect it to have so much volume.

I flipped through a few pages just now, but... I don't really know what to say. Back in the day, I never would have dreamed that a book like this would ever be released. It seems to me that the overseas fans have a different kind of passion for Mega Man. The pieces included in this book are quite mesmerizing... I can't help but be drawn in, and I find myself spending more time than you might think on each page.

Talk about variety. This book has left me speechless. I'm truly in awe. I feel like I am getting a look at the Mega Man that lives inside each and every one of these people.

It's almost hard to believe that a game started by a few unknown, almost amateur team members has managed to influence so many people in such a powerful way.

I am so delighted by this book!! Thank you for giving it to me. I'll be going through it very slowly!


Thanks to UDON Managing Editor Matt Moylan for passing this along to us!

Updates on UDON's Mega Man Ventures

Been wondering when that next awesome Mega Man manga is coming out? Or when some new reprints are going to be filled? UDON's Matt Moylan has contacted us with the low down. Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide:

This project has been through a lot! It turned out to be a lot more work than expected, has got through a couple total overhauls, and also had a lengthy approval process. But the book is now completed. We have rescheduled the book for January 2012. It could be ready a bit earlier, but because the book is so late we want to give comic shops the chance to adjust their orders on the book. (As a little background, comic book shops cannot return most unsold books like big chain book stores can, so shop owners appreciate being able to adjust their orders on a late title. “Mom & Pop” comic shops are still a big market for UDON, so we want to take care of those folks when we can.) Thanks all for being patient on this fun little book!

Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 3:

The final book in Hitoshi Ariga’s ultimate Mega-manga series is now at the printer. It’s expected to hit stores early November. A more precise date and previews will be coming closer to the release.

Mega Man: Official Complete Works: Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works:

We are reprinting both of these titles, and they’ll be back in stock before the end of the year. So don’t pay any crazy reseller prices! ;)

Mega Man Tribute:

Just a note, if you haven’t picked up this book and want a copy before X-mas (for yourself or for a gift) I’d suggest  to you order early. Due to some miscommunication, our printed shorted us on this title about 20% less than we wanted for the first printing. We do still have a decent amount in stock, but that could sell out quick closer to the holiday season. Whenever MM Tribute sells out we will do a new printing, but it’s not likely to make it in time for X-mas, so just a heads up!

Finally, Matt notes that: "Also, we have a few new Mega Man projects in the works! Hopefully we can announce some of them soon. Thanks all!"

If you have any additional questions on the matter, comment them in this post and we'll send them Matt's way. He may even drop by to address them personally! Thanks Matt!

Art Up with Art Buster

A ways back, fan Soul-Rokkuman began a project of collecting pieces of Mega Man fan art that were unfortunately not accepted in UDON's Mega Man Tribute. The finalized collection, the Art Buster Fanbook, is now out and available for download. This single PDF file contains over 200 pieces enthusiasm loaded Mega Man art from the fans, and the best part is it's entirely free! It's a fantastic collection of art on its own, and also makes a fine companion piece to Mega Man Tribute, which released just last week. You can download the digital book from MediaFire, and we've also mirrored it here. The whole thing is 187.2 MB. We must course give thanks to Soul-Rokkuman's efforts, as well as everyone who made the effort to create a piece.

News via GoNintendo

Prepare for a Triple Dose of Mega Man Books Next Week

Been waiting for some sweet new Mega Man book releases from UDON? Then you might say Christmas is coming early. Next week on the 10th, UDON Entertainment will be releasing Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 2, Mega Man Star Force Official Complete Works and the standard edition ofMega Man Tribute. They will arrive in comic stores online, with online distributors like Amazon likely getting them the following week.

Friend of the site Matt Moylan has given us some details of these new releases, as well as some preview pages from each book which you can see after the jump. Hope you've been saving up some money!


Hundreds of artists of every imaginable style join forces to show their love for the blue bomber! Featuring over 300 pages of art starring the characters of Mega Man Classic, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and of course, Mega Man Legends!


While Star Force is one of the lesser known Mega Man series, we know it still has plenty of fans, and the artwork behind this series is top notch. Star Force OCW collects the artwork behind all 3 generations of the Star Force games, plus tons of artist notes and creator commentary.


Volume 1 of Hitoshi Ariga’s latest manga was just a warm-up… Gigamix Vol. 2 is where Gigamix really kicks it into high gear! In this first half of the epic Stardroids saga you’ll see:

-          The destructive power of the Stardroids, Mega Man’s most powerful foes yet! -          Doctors Wily & Light… on the same side? -          Rush merges with another robot to form Super_____! (hint, it’s someone besides Mega Man!) -          Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Dozens of Robots Masters from multiple Mega Man games, and more!

It all begins in Mega Man Gigamix Vol.2: “White Nightmare!”

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]

"Their Defenses are Broken! Let the Tribute Begin!"

At long last, the shackles which have prevented many a Mega Man fan artist from displaying their work for all to see have been broken! Word from Protodude's Rockman Corner is that UDON has notified those who had their works chosen for publication in the upcoming Mega Man Tribute art book that they are now free to show off their works for the world at large. "TIME TO POST YOUR ARTWORK!" the message reportedly read. "With Mega Man Tribute premiering next week at the San Diego Comic-Con, it’s time for everyone to post up your artwork on your personal blogs, websites and deviantart galleries."

There are about 26 selected entries which have been added to UDON's own deviantART gallery; there are undoubtedly more, but where they are and whether they have or will elect to post their work before the release of the book depends on the individual artist, of course.

And if yours made it, feel free to share a link to your entry in the comments below! Do note that comments with links require approval first, so they may not show up immediately.

Mega Man Tribute and UDON's SDCC Guest Update (Updated)

A couple of days ago, we posted a reminder about UDON's presence at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, including their special edition of the Mega Man Tribute book and their special guest. Thanks to a quick chat with Managing Editor Matt Moylan, we have a small update for you. First, while the "very special guest" was not revealed to us, we can tell you who it is not, and that would be Hitoshi Ariga. At least, "as far as I know," Moylan told us.

So who is it? Stay tuned; we may not know until it happens, but we will deliver word either way.

(Update: Or perhaps we won't; Moylan just informed us "it is not someone Mega Man related in any way." Sorry, folks!)

However, that doesn't mean that Ariga's presence won't be felt at the convention in some fashion. As you have no doubt seen, the SDCC-exclusive hardcover edition of Mega Man Tribute will feature a special dust jacket cover by the fan-favorite manga artist, beneath which lies Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz's art from the softcover version, as seen on Amazon and this very site, but minus the logo.

And for those who love his work, but can't get the SDCC-exclusive version, there will be a second piece by Ariga, available in both versions of the book. Said to feature several of his favorite characters, we have an exclusive preview of the as-yet unrevealed piece above, which you can see features Punk.

On a personal note, Ariga and I share a favorite in Turbo Man, who he said he "put his heart into drawing" in the first volume of Mega Man Gigamix. So hopefully, the King of the Road makes the cut for this piece.

Check out UDON at SDCC for a Slathering of Guests

Plan on going to San Diego Comic Con later this month? Be sure to check out UDON at booth #5037. Of course I'm sure you probably will, because that'll be your first opportunity to grab UDON's art-packed Mega Man Tribute. Not only that, but a number of artists who contributed to Tribute will be on hand for signings. This includes UDON's managing editor Matt Moylan, as well as friend of the site Andrew Dickman, who contributes to our podcast among other things. Be sure to say hello and tell them how much you love the book! Additionally, one more "very special guest" is planned to be on hand. They will announce who closer to SDCC, but if I had to make a guess I'd imagine his name rhymes with "itoshi Ariga." We'll have to wait and see!

News via Comic Book Resources

Mega Man Tribute Winners Now Being Notified; Full List to be Released Tomorrow

It has been nearly a month since we last heard anything from UDON Entertainment about the status of the upcoming Mega Man Tribute book of fan art, which was that they were awaiting the necessary approvals from Capcom. And now, it would seem that they have finally received those approvals. Chosen participants who submitted their best Blue Bomber work for the collection have begun receiving their e-mail notifications from UDON today. In addition, they have reported via their deviantART blog that they will post the full list, in its entirety, at some point tomorrow.

Furthermore, they will also be unveiling the exclusive artwork which will grace the cover of the limited hardback edition of the book. This version will be on sale at the San Diego Comic-Con, and will also be available for pre-order to those who will be unable to make it to the convention. The pic at your right was included in the blog post; might it be a clue as to the contents of the cover?

"Thank again all for your hard work and patience!" adds Managing Editor Matt Moylan.

Update: UDON has revealed the entire list of contributors on their blog. Additionally, you can view a handful of the included work on the book's order page.

The Latest on Mega Man Tribute, Plus Another Peek

A little over two weeks ago, we brought you an update regarding the status of the winners in UDON's Mega Man Tribute art book contest. The winners were to be notified by the end of February, but the changing of the calendar to March came and went with no word, leading many to believe that their work was simply not chosen. UDON would later reveal that while they had chosen the winners, Capcom's approval was still needed and pending. Late last night, an art update was posted to UDON's DeviantArt account, featuring a bonus last-minute addition to the book from Lastscionz, as well as the following words:

Note to all those waiting for the announcement on whether or not their piece has made it into the book yet.

Soon, you shall all find out soon.

A touch on the cryptic side, but at least it sounds like things are moving along.

That said, the art submission bearing the message is pretty neat in its own right, too. Check out the piece below.

More Mega Man Tribute Entries for Your Viewing Pleasure

While the jury is still out on which entries will make it into the final, published version of UDON Entertainment's upcoming fan-based homage to the Blue Bomber, Mega Man Tribute, it appears that you can now get a look at some of the submissions made by non-UDON employees. Capcom Europe's blog made note of this earlier today by posting their favorite, an interesting pic of a cheerful Mega Man hopping over an interesting-looking Met, as rendered by Eduardo Dominguez.

That's not the only image available, however. They link to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality blog, where a handy "UDON" tag helpfully gathers a number of other contest entries which really help to show off the variety of styles and ideas which will likely be making their way into the final product (pending Capcom's eagerly-awaited approval, of course).

So have a look, and discuss which ones are your favorites in the comments below.

UDON's Mega Man Tribute: A Winner is Who?

From all around the world to the far reaches of space, the millions (and millions!) of the Rock(man)'s fans eagerly put their nose to the grindstone and worked with all the fire and passion one would expect from those who call themselves fans of the Blue Bomber, eager to share their work and show their love of Mega Man to the world in an epic tome which UDON Entertainment has chosen to humbly and simply call "Mega Man Tribute." But now, the time has come and gone-- twice-- and as per the Tribute's official page, the winners were to have been chosen and announced by the end of February.

February's end came, and with it... silence. And the people have been heard asking, "what now?" and "who won?"

Here, today, we bring you some good news... and some not-as good news.

On UDON's DeviantArt blog, a post was made by Managing Editor Matt Moylan, revealing the following:

All the entries have been judged and the UDON crew's top picks chosen. We are now awaiting artwork approval of the winners from Capcom before we announce the final line-up.

So, at this point in time, it is in Capcom's hands.

In the meantime, however, four pieces crafted by the artisans at UDON Entertainment itself have been revealed, giving us a taste of things to come. From Long Vo:

From Matt Moylan:

From Gary Yeung:

From Joe Ng:

We will keep you informed of when UDON receives the final approval of the selected works from Capcom and announces the winners.

The TMMN Megacast #006 - I Lost a Bet

It's been six months of the Megacast, can you believe it? Half a year! They said it wouldn't last. I said it wouldn't last! But here we are. In this very serendipitous episode, the Megacast crew (sans Andy) welcome special guest, UDON Entertainment's managing editor, Matt Moylan. Matt gives us the lowdown about various upcoming Mega Man publications, especially concerning details surrounding the fan-powered Mega Man Tribute due out this summer. Then in the Mega Man Game Club, we cover Mega Man V (Game Boy) and discover it's harder to carry on a good conversation about a game we generally like (except Jesse, he totally hates this game).

Additional discussion covers looking back at Kotobukiya's foray into Mega Man model kits, and speculation about what new places the Mega Man franchise might take us, which goes utterly nowhere. But just when you think it's all over, a surprise interloper jumps into the podcast!

This episode features a Mercury Stage remix by Saitone from Chiptuned Rockman, and there might also be a little prize giveaway in order if you listen carefully! Hope you enjoy the show!




Image via

Mega Man Tribute Deadline Extended

Here's some good news for you lollygaggers. UDON has extended the deadline of Mega Man Tribute submissions to this Friday, February 4th at 1:00PM EST. That gives you a few more days to polish things up. Or, get started, if you can work that quickly. If you've already submitted a piece, you can still submit another or send in a revision of your current work. Use this time well!

Just for reference, the full gamut of instructions and requirements can be found here.

Mega Man Tribute Reminder and Tease

Just a reminder, the deadline for submitting artwork to be evaluated for inclusion in UDON's Mega Man Tribute is January 31st at 1:00PM EST. That's just another week. If you haven't started yet, then you're looking at quite a bit of crunch time this week! Be diligent, because there are a number of requirements and conditions for your piece to be eligible. All of the details are at UDON's Mega Man Tribute website. And as a fun treat, the image here is a teaser from UDON's own Jeffrey "CHAMBA" Cruise for his piece in the Tribute book. Mega Man sure is looking pretty tense there! Makes me wonder what the completed piece will be like.

Anyway, hurry and finish up your pieces! Let's make this UDON's best Tribute book yet!

Some Clarification on Mega Man Tribute's Rules

Following yesterday's announcement of UDON's upcoming Mega Man Tribute compilation art book, we noticed there were some concerns among those of you interested in contributing or simply purchasing the book. As such, we brought these before them to find out some answers, hopefully putting some issues to rest once and for all (and hopefully avoiding any wasted efforts on the part of the contributors). Naturally, the foremost concern for many of you is the inclusion of work and characters based on the Battle Network and Star Force series; or rather, the lack thereof. Some people had it right in the comments of our last story, but to set the record straight, we are putting it out here for all to see.

From Matt Moylan, Managing Editor for UDON:


We would have loved to include these Mega Man series in the book, but unfortunately it wasn’t logistically possible. Battle Network & Star Force are not fully controlled by Capcom - they have manga/anime partners who also have a say in how the characters are used and portrayed. We pushed to allow them to be included, but Capcom said it was a no go.

Some of the aspiring Ace Attorneys among our visitors have brought up a seeming contradiction in this, however, asking "if UDON can publish Complete Works art books for Battle Network and Star Force, then why are the characters off-limits here?"

From Moylan:

We were able to secure the rights to the Battle Network and Star Force Official Complete Works art books because they contain no new art. They’re simply translations of existing art books, compiling official artwork that was approved by all parties years ago. Si, there is a big difference between all-new projects, and localized projects.

A second concern involves content, as per this rule: "All content must be kid-friendly. No nudity and no extreme violence. Also no smoking, drugs, or alcohol use. If it is too adult for the Mega Man games, it is too adult for this book."

Die-hard fans of the series know that the Zero series has shown its fair share of bloodshed and cleaved robotic beings, while Sera and Roll have had their "free" moments in Legends. Dr. Light smokes a pipe, and for some, Dr. Cain getting flat-out plastered is a favorite moment of Iwamoto's Rockman X manga.

So what is "too adult" here? Well, things may not match up as much as fans of more "mature" content may wish:

Follow your common sense for this. Don’t try to find any loopholes of “but so & so smokes in this game,” etc. Just follow the above rules.

Another question surrounding one of the rules found on the official website for the Tribute states that "Characters or designs unique to Mega Man-related comics, manga, or animated series may not be included. Submissions must be of game characters only. For example, the green Mega Man from the Captain N animated series is not allowed."

To elaborate, Moylan says:


Artists need to stick to the video games for reference. You’re welcome to draw in any style, and alter designs in your own cool way, but characters and designs from other media are off limits. Off limits examples would be the Captain N green Mega Man, the Ruby Spears animation Mega Man design, or the original character iX from the Bandai card game. Again, it’s because Capcom does not own these interpretations of the characters.

Rule of thumb – you can draw whatever style you like, but when you’re looking for reference just look at official game art or screen shots.

We opted to pry a little further on this one. After all, supposing one wants to draw in the style of Hitoshi Ariga's Mega Man Megamix manga, that brings with it certain designs as well. To that, Moylan noted:

In this specific case, Ariga is a good friend of UDON. If people want to draw Ariga’s version of characters, I’m sure he would be thrilled. Though really, Ariga’s characters are the classic versions just drawn in his own style.

Of course, by that same token, one could also posit that many of the Ruby Spears characters are simply the Classic versions drawn in their own style. So, then, what do they mean by "drawing in the style of your favorite manga or cartoon artist?"

Finally, if one is to stick to the game designs, where does that leave things such as the designs seen on various package art, such as those for Mega Man, Mega Man 2, the European equivalents, or most recently, Mega Man 9 and 10?

Official game box art depictions should be fine source material, too. Capcom seems to have embraced that stuff lately.

Thanks once again to Matt Moylan and UDON for helping to clear some of these issues up!