Rockman Online Preparing Closed Beta

We haven't heard very much about Rockman Online, the Korean-developed Mega Man MMO, for a little while, but our Korean reader, RockMaster, says that Neowiz is preparing for a closed beta service, with recruitment advertisements being passed out. RockMaster speculates that the game could be out this year, with the beta service coming soon. I'd also imagine that actual footage is likely to come out once beta testing gets going. For now we just have the above new promo poster, to remind us this game exists at all.

Many thanks, RockMaster!

RUMOR: Is this Rockman Online?

Following up on our initial report of Rockman Online (referred to as "Mega Man Online" in the English translation of Capcom's Investor Relations report), this image was submitted by TMMN user RockMaster, and apparently it's been making the rounds at various Korean news sites. Unfortunately I picked up my degree in Japanese, not Korean, and while I hear the two have a lot of similarities, it's a major barrier in doing my own research. Some things seem to check out, with what little I can investigate. NeoWiz and Capcom are listed, and are obviously the creators of the game. "Pmang" is NeoWiz's online casual game portal. However, some things still bug me. The image has no logo or other write-up, the Capcom copyright date is in 2007, and no sites outside of Korea have reported on this picture (until this one I suppose).

There is also some commentary with the picture from NeoWiz, which I've translated as best I can with machine translated. It appears to read: "NeoWiz is scheduled to develop the game using their experience and know-how from popular games like FIFA Online and Battlefield Online and optimize those qualities to best develop a Rockman Online for online platforms. 'We will do our best to release a game that has value not just in this country, but on an international level, thanks to the cooperation of two companies.' a spokesman for NeoWiz says." It also seems Rockman Online is a tentative name for now.

This is appearing to look legit, though, and is mostly marked as a rumor for my own lack of Korean understanding. We will continue to look for more sources and info here at TMMN. RockMaster provided a number of sources himself, which we will list below. Thank you, RockMaster.

ZDNet Korea Naver Edaily News Game Chosun GameMeca Betanews (Google translated)

Mega Man's going Online... again?

Capcom of Japan has revealed their 2010-2011 plan and make mention of a new Rockman game in the works... in Asia. Dubbed "Rockman Online" ("Mega Man Online" in the English version of their Investor Relations report) and to be developed with Neowiz Games Corporation of Korea, could this be the true nature of the recently discovered Mega Man Universe trademark? NeoWiz Games is known for its work on other online titles such as A.V.A., Duel Gate, Battlefield Online, Crossfire, Warlord, and the like. The game is expected to be out by March of 2011, following with Capcom's business strategy for the upcoming fiscal year.

Little other information exists, but speculation abounds of a Mega Man PC massively multiplayer online title, considering the popularity of the genre in Asian regions. Currently, Capcom's only foray into online gaming has been Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

Source: Capcom of Japan Investor Relations, Inside Games