Machinima Release Teaser for "Mega Man Dies at the End" Finale

Warning: One NSFW word spoken in the above video.

Last we heard, things weren't looking good for Machinima's sprite-based cartoon series "Mega Man Dies at the End." The plug appeared to have been pulled before the series could reach its proper closure, but that particular problem appears to have been resolved as there will be two new episodes leading up to an eight-minute "Mega Finale."

So while the show may not have been as popular as stablemate "Sonic for Hire," at least those who did enjoy it will get to see it through to a proper end. And let's face it: After all the games which have ended on cliffhangers, it's nice to have someone see a story through to the end, even if it's a fan video.

Plus, there's no way we're turning down a chance to see Mega Man and Guts Man singing the Ghostbusters theme song while driving in the Ecto-1.

Mega Man Dies At The End Season 2 Premieres with 'Lights Out'

Wow, it feels like only two months ago when Machinma series "Mega Man Dies at the End" wrapped up its first season...

...wait, it was only two months ago! Nearly to the day, at that!

Anyway, the last season ended (spoilers) with Mega Man apparently dying before being found by rats and eventually having his bloody (oily, take your pick) corpse found by rats and eventually dragged away. Now you can find out what really happened, and see how this new arc gets rolling. Just be aware that, as usual, the video contains Not Safe For Work language.

Finally, not that I didn't like Dr. Wily anyway, but having Ecto Coolers as part of his plan raises his stock several points in my book.