The TMMN Megacast #14 – To Be a Mega Master

Dashe TroxonDon't look now, but it's totally still October, guys. No, really! I mean, why else would there be an October edition of the MegaCast today? Certainly not because we're late. I would never let that happen! This month (by which I mean October), we have special guest Dashe Troxon from Legends Station joining us to talk about the recent efforts of the 100,000 Strong for Legends 3 movement. She also teases some of what's to come from the group and shares some of her experience on the fan dub of Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on the 5 Islands.

Brian (Protodude) and Ash Paulsen (from Udon) also join me (aka Main Finger or "the guy who always forgets to introduce himself on the show") as we give the rundown on the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet (currently in progress), have a heated debate on whether the We are ROCK-MEN! album is awesome or so awesome, and bask in our memories of the arcade scene with a discussion of Mega Man: The Power Battle.

All this and more (read: not more) on the latest Megatacular Powertastic Battlecast! MegaCast!




ScrewAttack Adds Mega Man: The Power Battle to Their Video Game Vault

The folks over at ScrewAttack have honored the Blue Bomber (while simultaneously taking a jab or two at Capcom in the process) by adding Mega Man: The Power Battle to their Video Game Vault...

...or is it an honor? It seems that Stuttering Craig isn't a huge fan of the game for more than ten seconds at a time, as he finds the game too easy for a quarter-munching arcade game.

Is the game too easy? Personally, we've lost a few lives here and there while playing... but then, that's mostly been on stuff like the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, where you have unlimited credits and no one is counting, anyway.

Ah, well... we prefer the sequel, anyway.

Thanks to RyanThunder for the tip!