Tune in to Capcom Unity's Mega Man 3 Livestream Today for Kubrick Mega Man Prizes

At 3pm PT today, Capcom Unity is holding their monthly livestream with Mega Man 3, the common counterargument to Mega Man 2 for which NES Blue Bomber title is the best. And this month's contest is a unique one: as you watch the stream, you must make a note of each time they die and how. Do this, and you can win a set of Mega Man and Proto Man Kubrick/Bearbrick toy figures, as seen above (Magnet Man not included)!

For further details (such as the proper way to keep track), check out Brelston's post over on Capcom Unity.

Capcom Store Special on Mega Man Kubrick/1UP Be@rbricks

Just a friendly notice for those of you who would like to own your very own LEGO-ish version of Mega Man and his bro-bot Proto Man: The Capcom Store is hosting a Deal of the Week on the English-packaged versions of Kubrick Mega Man and Proto Man, as well as their 1UP-emblazoned Be@rbrick counterparts.

Currently, the Capcom Store is the only place you'll find them, and response has been so good that they are running the deal past its original due date until this Thursday night.

So, what's the deal? Order one set, and you'll save four dollars off the regular $39.95 price tag, and get one of their Mega Man Zero buttons with it for free. Order both, and you'll save ten dollars (an extra dollar each), and also get the button.

Source: Capcom Unity

The Mega Man Network's Mega Man Mega Toy Mega Post

There has been a lot of toy news on the Mega Man front recently, and we're just going to lump everything into one big mega post here to help catch things up, okay? First, we remember that Capcom put out a call to we the fandom about the Mega Man Kubrick figures, and it looks as though fruit is borne of our desire:

Click to enlarge.

These were spotted by Protodude in an eBay auction which currently has a Buy It Now price of $52.20, with five available. As you can see from the packaging, it is in English, thus hopefully confirming a North American release.

As an aside, note the side of the box and the pixel-version of the Bearbrick Mega Man figure. Nift.

In other domestic news, Tomopop (via Protodude) caught up with Scott Levine of Jazwares to discuss their line of Sonic the Hedgehog toys, as well as other lines, including Mega Man:

Among the issues discussed therein are figures in a 3" and 3.75" scale, as well as the possibility of more Retro Roto figures, specifically the unproduced Wave 2, which included such faces as Heat Man and Wood Man.

And speaking of the Retro Rotos, it appears that Jazwares was showing off re-releases of the first line at Toy Fair in New York City, which had been hinted at previously. However, unlike the original releases, it appears that the Build-a-Bot pieces used to create the "Fully-Charged" Mega Man figure will no longer be included, thus making the figure (and for those who keep such things, the complete packages they came in) a rarer item for collectors.

Finally, on the unofficial front, it appears that Rockman924 (via Protodude again) is at work on new sculpts to be released at the next garage kit convention, Spring's Wonder Festival. And the identities of these sculpts?

Click to enlarge.

That's right! It's none other than Harpuia Tornado Man and Sniper Joe! Joe is 12cm tall, and will be decorated as per his Mega Man 7 appearance when completed. He'll come not only with his trademark shield, but also an interchangeable eye, allowing you to decorate him with a red or green optic.

Sadly, Tornado Man has no such accessories, but looks cool anyway.

We do apologize for the lag in news here; it's been a rather rough month, but hopefully we can get things rolling again in March.

Capcom's Call for Kubrick Customers, Plus Zero Collection Tease

Remember these guys?

We brought you word of the Kubrick and BearBrick figures of Mega Man and robo-bro Proto Man back in October, but there was one small catch to getting these figures. Like so many other pieces of Blue Bomber merchandise, it was only available in Japan-- and not cheap, either, at around $30.90 per set.

Fortunately, it seems that Capcom USA has heard the pleas of the masses, and put out a call to action: "If you'd like to see these figures come stateside, hit the comments!" said JGonzo on Capcom Unity. "Let your voice be heard on the matter!" Following that, he dropped the following tidbit:

"We've already seen that you folks really want that Mega Man Zero collection and believe me, we're listening."

Rockman Kubrick Now Available for Pre-Order at NCSX

A MMN reader (not sure if he wants us using his real name or not, so redacted for now) passed a tip along to us from Kotaku that lets us know that the Rockman and 1-Up Bearbrick Kubrick figures we reported previously are now available for preorder at National Console Support, Inc. Unfortunately, there is currently no sign of the Blues and Blues 1-Up Bearbrick set yet, but if the Blue Bomber will suffice, then theirs will ship in mid-January. However, the price seems to be a point of contention; as of this writing, the Price field says $30.90, but the description says "JPY2800 or US$40.90." I would think the listed price is what it would ring up as, plus the earlier report which listed the price as being closer to the lower point. However, buyers may want to play this one with caution.

Edit: Corrected the price of $30.90.

Rockman and Blues to grace Kubrick toy set

mmkubrickNo, I don't mean the director. Kubrick is a Japanese figurine, somewhat similar to a Lego figure. However, a large variety of Kubrick figures are modeled after characters from movies and so forth, including a number of limited edition figures, making them a popular collector's item. In February of next year, Rockman and Blues will be among the collectibles. Both the Rockman and Blues figures will stand at 7cm tall. Rockman has a additional parts so that you can make him helmetless and comes with two facial mmkubrick2expressions and a removable buster. Meanwhile, Blues has his optional Breakman face and removable shield and buster. Both figures also come with translucent Be@rbrick figures which have sprites of the respective 1-Up of each on the front. Each figure will run ¥2,940, or roughly $31.94 US by today's conversion.

I imagine these will be fairly sought after by Rockman toy collectors!

News Credit: CAP Kobun