Rockman Xover Comes to Korea

YcCCOdB After enjoying eight months of service exclusively in Japan, social app Rockman Xover has made its way to Korea on both iOS and Android.

Allegedly, the version released is quite a bit behind the updates that the Japanese version currently has. Furthermore, the game requires an account registration to play, whereas in Japan Xover can use services like Facebook and Twitter to log in. It is also region locked, and you cannot add Japanese players to your friends list.

Originally, Capcom of America intended to release Xover in the west as well, but those plans were indefinitely put on hold; probably due to the poor reaction the game received. Nevertheless, there are those who want to play it, and the Korean release could be a sign that it's on its way.

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Rockman Online Still Alive and Kicking

For those wondering, despite recent news, the developers behind Rockman Online still appear to be hard at work on the game.

The above image comes from a fairly subtle update to the developers' blog. Unfortunately, even with a Google translation, we have no idea what they are trying to say. If we had to guess, though, it sounds like more information may soon be forthcoming-- a lucky thing, given the drought on their front.

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Mega Man's going Online... again?

Capcom of Japan has revealed their 2010-2011 plan and make mention of a new Rockman game in the works... in Asia. Dubbed "Rockman Online" ("Mega Man Online" in the English version of their Investor Relations report) and to be developed with Neowiz Games Corporation of Korea, could this be the true nature of the recently discovered Mega Man Universe trademark? NeoWiz Games is known for its work on other online titles such as A.V.A., Duel Gate, Battlefield Online, Crossfire, Warlord, and the like. The game is expected to be out by March of 2011, following with Capcom's business strategy for the upcoming fiscal year.

Little other information exists, but speculation abounds of a Mega Man PC massively multiplayer online title, considering the popularity of the genre in Asian regions. Currently, Capcom's only foray into online gaming has been Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

Source: Capcom of Japan Investor Relations, Inside Games