Ciel and the Birdbot: Newlyweds

This is pretty offbeat for Mega Man news, but then what isn't these days? Over the weekend, voice actor Koichi Yamadera announced on the internet that he became wed to Rie Tanaka. Ms. Tanaka (or, perhaps Mrs. Yamadera now) of course is well known to us for providing the voice of Ciel in the Mega Man Zero games and the numerous drama tracks in the Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero albums.

Yamadera isn't quite so prominent in the world of Mega Man voices - he served the role as a Birdbot in Tron ni Kobun, and even more obscurely, at least according to Wikipedia, the narrator for the Rockman 5 commercial.

Of course, I doubt their involvement in Rockman is a big discussion point between them. But hey, might as well toss some congrats to the happy couple!

Fan artists and shippers, please pretend that the top image doesn't exist.

News Credit: CAP Kobun