Proto Man & Knuckles Rock the "Worlds Collide" Rival Variant Cover for Sonic Universe

SonicUniv51var-noscaleThis bit of news is admittedly not very Mega Meaty, but it's something we thought some of you might nonetheless appreciate. Over at Destructoid, they have the latest preview from Archie Comics-- not for Mega Man, but rather, for the latest issue of Sonic the Hedgehog. #244, to be precise, which is part two of the "Endangered Species" storyline, and finds Knuckles the Echidna arriving in the echidna homeland of Albion after following a distress signal, only there's no one there.

But enough about that; the reason we're mentioning this here is that along with the preview (for whatever reason), Archie also sent along the cover for Sonic Universe #51, which is the second part of the upcoming "Worlds Collide" storyline. And as it just so happens, this cover also features Knuckles, who is paired with our favorite Red Rocker, Proto Man. And while you've seen the character art before, you can now see how it will feature with a background on the comic's cover.

You can find the entire preview here, or if you're only interested in the "Worlds Collide" cover, then just keep on reading.