Jin Saotome's "Marvelous" Mega Man Figure

What would Mega Man be like if he were a part of the Marvel Universe? That is the question toy customizer Jin Saotome set out to answer with one of his latest creations, a custom Mega Man action figure made in the scale of the six-inch "Marvel Legends" line. Jin also makes sure to point out that this is based on the original Blue Bomber, as X will come later. And as he is known to do, Jin has also crafted a little bit of back story to address this Rock's role in the modern-day Marvel Universe:

Dark are the foretold days of Future Past, where giant robots roam desolate city ruins once home to a sprawling populace. But this future is not yet set and a hero arrives in a beam of light to make sure it never comes to pass! Megaman is here to save the day as an alternate-reality character set in the Marvel Comics universe.

Parts used to create this piece include bits of Iron Man, DC's Cyborg, the face of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, a custom helmet (rather nice, as Mega Man helmets go), and accessories from other figures as well. You can get further details and more pictures at Jin's webpage here.

Thanks to Nick Jenkins for the tip!

Mega Man in Nintendo Power: Archie Interview, Poll Results, and More

Volume 266 of Nintendo Power magazine, the April 2011 issue, is now reaching newsstands and subscribers alike, and it features a nice selection of goodness for Blue Bomber fans. The first item of note is the results from the online poll for which Mega Man X boss has the worst name. Optic Sunflower would be the one to take the dubious honor, though he was closely followed by Wire Sponge. The remaining votes went to Duff McWhalen, Tornado Tonion, and Squid Adler.

The "Community" section features the custom action figure works of Jin Saotome, which we've looked at previously on this very site.

But the big ticket item of note, so to speak, is the three-page interview conducted with Ian Flynn and Patrick Spaziante, the respective writer and artist for the upcoming Mega Man comic from Archie Comics. In addition to the first full-color look at interior art of scenes we've previously viewed as line art and all-new pages, there is, of course, plenty of talk about the book.

Among the questions asked is "How true do you plan to stay to the video games?" Ian responds:

I want to stay fairly true to the games. By that I mean the 10 main games of the classic series, the Game Boy games, and some of the lesser-known games on other consoles. There will be spikes, there will be platforming, and plenty of nods to the games that made this comic possible. That said, "Mega Man runs to the right and shoots a robot" doesn't make for an engaging story, so we'll be spending a fair amount of time looking at the characters and seeing what drives them to enter these dangerous circumstances.

The article touches on plenty of other details, including that the first four-issue arc will be "heavily based" on the first game, and "After that, we'll follow the chronology of the game stories, occasionally pausing to tell a story of our own."

And of course, there is information on what to expect from the art as well. Asked if there might be any potential Easter Eggs included to appeal to the hardcore fans, Spaz said:

Oh, definitely, I encourage fans to comb the pages of the premier issue of Mega Man to find hidden nods to not only Mega Man, but also Capcom-related imagery.

For more from Ian and Spaz, be sure to grab the newest issue of Nintendo Power, where you'll also find more of the interior images like the one seen at the top of this article. And of course, don't forget that you can also give us your questions for the comic's creatives for our upcoming interview, which will probably see some overlap with the content from this article.

Dr. Wily's New Clothes

We've seen some pretty cool action figures and models over time here at The Mega Man Network, and today adds three more to the mix.

While they look like they would fit in right at home with Jin Saotome's repurposed G.I. Joe customs, today's batch instead come from custom toy artist Donald "KodyKoala" Kennedy (who also created a "working" Air Man), who has not only fashioned a pair of rather industrial looking Robot Masters in Metal Man and Guts Man. But not only that, but he's given Dr. Wily a snazzy new robot suit with which he can battle the Blue Bomber personally.

Of this, he says:

"Dr. Wily always built all these awesome (most of them) robot masters, but he never built a robot suit for himself. I think if he had, he would have had a better chance against the Blue Bomber. Here is what I think his mech suit would look like.

I know traditionally, Dr. Wily loved things with Skulls on the front, so I tried to stay true to form. I used some new paints and new techniques to do this one, and I think it came out awesome."

Indeed, though it wouldn't be the first time Wily has donned a robotic suit, one might wager that he would do more than simply kick around a soccer ball with this one.

You can find more images of the trio on KodyKoala's Flickr page.

News Credit: GameSetWatch, via GoNintendo

3 More Custom Mega Man Action Figures

Custom Snake Man Figure by Jin SaotomeLooks like Jin Saotome is at it again! Previously, we posted about custom-made Mega Man and Proto Man figures that were sold on eBay. Now three more have been added to the set! You can find Snake Man (pictured on the right), Heat Man, and Zero up for auction on Jin's eBay store. As with the first two figures, each character has their own G.I. Joe crossover story:

"A new wave of Repliod warriors attacked the P.I.T. recently. At first we thought this fellow was one of Cobra's members the way he was dressed, snake themes stick out like a sore thumb. But his incredible striking speed and strength made it clear he was one of Wily's creations. Fortunately we had Rock and his new friend Zero to combat this scaly fellow and send him slithering away. A piece of his tail was left behind in the battle and is being studied by Hi-Tech. Perhaps it will shed some light on the Repliod's construction."

Visit Jin's eBay store to read the rest of them.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Yo, Proto (Man)!

Remember the G.I. Joe/Mega Man crossover figure we reported on last week? Well, it appears that Jin Saotome is back at it again, and this time, he's bringing in the Blue Bomber's older bro to join the struggle. But will he side with a real American hero, or assist the evil terrorist organization determined to rule the world? Well, what do you think?

"With the experimental temporal aperture a stable gateway between realities, more beings began coming through. This fellow was designated as a prototype of Rock and was dubbed 'Protoman' by the team. He exhibits the same bizarre ability to create functional weapons and even an impenetrable shield from his limbs. Quiet but cocky in battle, Protoman is a valuable ally when paired with Rock. Something worries the Joes however. If these are the warriors of good in their world...what were they fighting against? "

As for the figure itself, it is described thusly:

"This auction is for a custom made 3 ¾” Protoman with removable helmet, shield, and arm cannon. He has all the regular articulation of a 25th Anniversary GI Joe figure and will fit right in with your current collection. "

You can find the auction here; it, like Mega Man, began at a penny with five dollars for shipping, but has shot up to $20.50. And last time, the Blue Bro shot up to $133.50 before bidding ended.

Or, if you want to make your own, I think he might be made from the current M.A.S.K. Matt Trakker figure from the G.I. Joe 25th anniversary line. But that's only a guess, and only accounts for the base, and maybe the helmet. I have no idea where the rest might have come from.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Mega Man: A Real American Hero

I've never made any secret of the fact that I'm a big fan of TransFormers, but the thought of crossing Mega Man with them has never really crossed my mind (even with Keiji Inafune and the TransFormers essentially sharing the same birthday. However, one fan has apparently gone so far as to combine the Blue Bomber with the Robots in Disguise' sister franchise, G.I. Joe. And I'm not talking some crazy fanfiction here. Well, not just so fanfiction, as available on eBay is a custom Mega Man figure made from a G.I. Joe.

"This auction is for a custom made 3 ¾” Rock (Megaman for all intents and purposes) with removable helmet, armor, arm cannon, and blast beam," the seller says. "He has all the regular articulation of a 25th Anniversary GI Joe figure and will fit right in with your current collection."

Personally speaking, and going by the picture... it's actually not half bad. I've seen portrayals of Mega Man that have been far worse.

What's more, the seller includes a story explaining just why Mega Man has enlisted with America's elite:

"With all the crazy things happening recently such as time-traveling engineers and undead Nazi scientists, we were prepared when this unknown individual came tumbling through the experimental temporal aperture that Warzone created in an attempt to contact his own timeline. Good spirited and calling himself 'Rock' this new recruit appeared to be a normal human...that is until his first mission where he warped in on a beam of light and his arm turned into a cannon capable of blowing a hole through a Cobra Rattler. Whatever he is, Rock just made it from soldier to human tank, that's quite a promotion!"

Bidding stands at a mere penny, and shipping is $5. The auction page has more images of the figure in various states, i.e. minus armor, helmet, etc. I think I'll keep an eye on this one, and hope no one else bids...

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner