Mega Man Retro Roto 4-Figure Set on Sale at Hobo Ninja

Hey, everyone! Remember Jazwares' Mega Man "Retro Roto" line? Six-inch figures of limited articulation based on Capcom's original design sketches?

Well, if you're in the market for these, then you're in luck. Hobo Ninja is having a sale where you can get Mega Man, Proto Man, Shadow Man, and Elec Man as a set for $32.99, rather than the regular retail price of $59.99. That's basically $8.25 per figure, plus shipping, but compared to what many others are charging, it's not too bad a deal.

Do note, however, that these appear to be from the later run which omitted the "Fully Charged" Mega Man build-a-figure.

VGMM Takes a Look at Jazwares' X-Buster

Our friend Nightram56 of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum has uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel. And naturally (as per the theme of this site), the subject of this outing is Mega Man; specifically, the X-Buster role-playing toy from Jazwares:

Nightram56 notes in the description that this is "a rare piece to see. It was poorly distributed toward the end of the first grouping of merch when Jazwares had the Mega Man license the first time. Due to poor sales of their previous low-quality collection, many pieces of the new set were pulled." As for the Classic version he speaks of, you can see the unreleased version with an X helmet here.

And while we don't recall having much trouble finding it after its release, we don't recall it flying off the shelves, either. What's funny is that the size of the toy seems to take the term "X-Buster on his hand" from the ending of Mega Man X almost too literally.

Meanwhile, Mattel released a similar item around the same time for the NT Warrior line, only it was made of a hard plastic and could cover most of an adult's forearm. And in addition to firing darts (with a cool lock-and-load cocking action), it also came with a detachable sword blade! If you had to choose between the two, we'd say that's the better choice (and if you really want it to be X's, it wouldn't take much to say it's from Mega Man X8).

Jazwares Super Mega Figure Media Pack Lands on eBay

We don't cover eBay auctions very often in this space, but here's something you don't see every day.

Some of you might remember a few years ago, when Jazwares' Mega Man action figure line seemed to be in full swing, it came to a sudden and unexpected stop following their showing of several new products at a toy show. One such product was the "Super Mega Figure Media Pack," which included three figures, their accessories, the first issue of Dreamwave's comic book (heck, there were only four... might as well have just packed the entire story in), and a DVD.

As it so happens, Heat Man came across this auction for one of the packs, which was thought to have been unreleased. The description notes it is "extremely rare," and was canceled at the last minute. But apparently some were made, and now it can be yours for... "approximately US $390.65," or the best offer.

So... yeah, this is for the hardcore collectors only. Incidentally, one might notice that the contents of the package for auction are slightly different from those illustrated when the package was initially revealed, with a different color of Mega Man included alongside Bass and Quick Man.

The box appears to be a little banged-up, but for a never-released product, beggars can't be choosers. With that said, would any of you go for this?

Jazwares Is At It Again

Toy manufacturer Jazwares has had an on and off relationship with Mega Man over the years. As far back as 2003 or 2004, they've ambitiously promoted various lines of Mega Man figures, including traditional figures, the much loved Retro Roto series, and most recently the JUVI series, only to quietly end production while leaving additional series of announced figures unreleased. In the case of the JUVI series, we were supposed to get Cut Man and Elec Man earlier this year, but nothing came of it. Whatever problems Jazwares has faced, however, they aren't letting it keep them down. In a press release this weekend, Jazwares announced they received license from Capcom to produce Mega Man and Street Fighter themed figures to release in 2011. The license grants them the "master toy licensee for Mega Man." There is no information yet concerning if this will be the continuation of a previous figure line, or perhaps something all new, though Street Fighter will be receiving a new line of 3.75" figures releasing in the Spring.

Hard to say where this will go, considering Jazwares' track record with Mega Man. But if they're good figures, then let's hope for the best. Check the break for the full press release.

Thank you, James and Alexx!

Jazwares, Inc., a leader in the consumer products marketplace, has been awarded the toy licenses for Capcom’s Street Fighter® and Mega Man® video game franchises. Under the terms of the agreement, Jazwares will be the master toy licensee for Mega Man. The Street Fighter license is a category-specific agreement that covers only the categories of Boys BS/PVC/Vinyl figures and accessories, 4-inch and under playsets and vehicles.
The Jazwares’ team of design experts have built a reputation for producing true-to-life toys that bring action-figure play to kids and collectors alike. In 2011 they will translate two of the most popular iconic video games into new collections for the fall.“We are extremely excited to put a new punch in the popular Street Fighter and Mega Man brands with all new action figure collections for the next generation of fans,” said Laura Zebersky, executive vice president sales, Jazwares. “We’re thrilled to be on board with one of the premiere action figure design teams to help take our iconic characters from the arcade screens right into kids’ and collectors’ homes,” said Joshua Izzo, Director of Licensing of Capcom.

Capcom pioneered the fighting games genre with Street Fighter, one of the most successful fighting franchises in the world, selling over 25 million copies to date. Throughout its twenty-five year history, Street Fighter has continued to develop and successfully reinvent itself in the gaming industry.

The spring Street Fighter™ 2011 toy line by Jazwares will include all new 3.75” action figures. Available in single packs, double packs and comic book battle packs, the toys will portray the characters of Street Fighter like no kids or collectors have ever seen before.

Created by Capcom in 1987, Mega Man is one of the most iconic video game characters in the world and starred in more than 140 different games. Mega Man collectively sold over 29 million copies worldwide. Mega Man® 9 and Mega Man® 10 brought the reputation of the franchise back by recreating the classic game and graphics of the original Nintendo release.

Capcom and Jazwares team up in spring 2011 to combine classic entertainment with an all new line of kid and collector action figures, allowing kids and parents to continue the adventures of Mega Man at home.

Via Action Figure Insider.

More Mega Man to Come from Jazwares?

Can fans of the Blue Bomber expect more Mega Man merchandise to come from toy licensee Jazwares? That may be the case, according to a recent issue of ToyFare magazine. In a blurb which highlights the company and its recent success producing toys for Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Mega Man is listed among them as one of the company's "key video game lines."

Furthermore, and more convincingly, it says "plans are also afoot for a continuation of the Mega Man line, and they're looking into the upcoming Sonic 4.

Of course, what sort of continuation they speak of remains a mystery; it could refer to the re-release of the "Retro Roto" line of figures based on older turnaround production art from Capcom, or the "JUVI" line of urban vinyl figures. But then, maybe something new could be in the works, too.

We'll keep our audio receptors to the ground for more info; in the meantime, you can see the magazine blurb for yourself after the cut.

Retronauts Looks at Eastern Rockman Models vs. Western Mega Man Figures

Over on 1UP's Retronauts blog, Jeremy Parish has taken a look at the most recent efforts from both the East and the West in their attempts to recreate the Blue Bomber in a tangible plastic form.

On the Eastern side, we have Kotobukiya's upcoming Rockman model kit, which we've covered at length here on The Network. And why wouldn't we? The detail, articulation, accessories, and interchangeable parts all come together to create what appears to be the most definitive Rockman figure to date.

On the Western side of the coin, we have Jazwares' Mega Man figure from their Mega Man Retro Roto line from 2005 (technically, their newest take would be the JUVI versions). The line, which includes Mega Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, the hard-to-find Shadow Man, and a shield-less Proto Man, were based on Capcom of Japan's own character model turnarounds from earlier games, and sacrificed articulation in order to more accurately represent the characters' pen-and-ink forms (as seen on page 158 of UDON's Mega Man Official Complete Works art book).

The Retro Rotos are slated to be re-released soon, though it seems some websites are erroneously reporting them as "new" figures. Perhaps this is a testament to the impact they had the first time around.

The Retronauts post, which can be seen here, goes on to liken the differences between the two releases to the way Capcom USA would often alter the look of the Blue Bomber for his Western appearances, often resulting in a less-aesthetically pleasing rendition of our hero.

One thought mentioned is that if Jazwares were mimicking the East-West transition on purpose, "they'd go all the way and create a deformed midget style Mega Man based on the first game's U.S. box art: A squatty old man incapable of standing with anything but a pigeon-toed hunch. Which, truth be told, I'd actually buy."

And that leaves me curious: would you purchase such a figure? Personally, I might consider such a thing, particularly if they managed to fit the backdrop in somehow as a sort of diorama.

The Mega Man Network's Mega Man Mega Toy Mega Post

There has been a lot of toy news on the Mega Man front recently, and we're just going to lump everything into one big mega post here to help catch things up, okay? First, we remember that Capcom put out a call to we the fandom about the Mega Man Kubrick figures, and it looks as though fruit is borne of our desire:

Click to enlarge.

These were spotted by Protodude in an eBay auction which currently has a Buy It Now price of $52.20, with five available. As you can see from the packaging, it is in English, thus hopefully confirming a North American release.

As an aside, note the side of the box and the pixel-version of the Bearbrick Mega Man figure. Nift.

In other domestic news, Tomopop (via Protodude) caught up with Scott Levine of Jazwares to discuss their line of Sonic the Hedgehog toys, as well as other lines, including Mega Man:

Among the issues discussed therein are figures in a 3" and 3.75" scale, as well as the possibility of more Retro Roto figures, specifically the unproduced Wave 2, which included such faces as Heat Man and Wood Man.

And speaking of the Retro Rotos, it appears that Jazwares was showing off re-releases of the first line at Toy Fair in New York City, which had been hinted at previously. However, unlike the original releases, it appears that the Build-a-Bot pieces used to create the "Fully-Charged" Mega Man figure will no longer be included, thus making the figure (and for those who keep such things, the complete packages they came in) a rarer item for collectors.

Finally, on the unofficial front, it appears that Rockman924 (via Protodude again) is at work on new sculpts to be released at the next garage kit convention, Spring's Wonder Festival. And the identities of these sculpts?

Click to enlarge.

That's right! It's none other than Harpuia Tornado Man and Sniper Joe! Joe is 12cm tall, and will be decorated as per his Mega Man 7 appearance when completed. He'll come not only with his trademark shield, but also an interchangeable eye, allowing you to decorate him with a red or green optic.

Sadly, Tornado Man has no such accessories, but looks cool anyway.

We do apologize for the lag in news here; it's been a rather rough month, but hopefully we can get things rolling again in March.

Axed Jazwares Mega Man Figures, MiniMates on Display at Video Game Memorabilia Museum

Have you heard of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum? If not, then know this: it is like the ultimate embodiment of video game merchandise, a nirvana of geekish delights for fans of numerous video game franchises. Don't believe me? Don't think such a place exists? Check out their front page, then answer those questions again.

Of course, if Mega Man weren't among the contents, we probably would not be writing this here (he's on the second shelf from the left, at the top). And tucked away amongst enough video games and toy merchandise to make even Geoffrey the Giraffe cry are some very rare treasures indeed.

Turning back the clock, further than our current news archive will go, unfortunately, some of you may remember that American toy developer Jazwares, who then and now holds the Mega Man action figure license, had a lineup of new characters to be released: MegaMan Volnutt of Mega Man Legends, Knight Man of Mega Man 6, and the troop-builder Pantheon Hunters from Mega Man Zero, who would have come with an interchangeable head to provide an easy Copy X fix as well.

Somehow, VGMM curator Nightram managed to get his hands on these prototypes, and decided to show them off on video in his blog back in September:

It is a shame the line didn't catch on more; while the earlier sculpts weren't very good at all (yet some people loved them, proving there's no accounting for taste), they did get progressively better, and these prototypes look as though they could have been some of the best yet. Ah, what might have been.

What strikes me as strange is the Pantheon Hunter with the Zero head. Thinking back, I'm not sure we ever saw the Copy X head, so this may have simply been a placeholder, as I believe all three characters shared the same body mold.

You can also see a pouting Servbot sitting in there, behind the MiniMates that I never even knew existed (I brought up the prospect a few times, but word from Jazwares was that Capcom was hellbent against anything MiniMate or LEGO-ish at all). And amazingly, there are even female characters are included in the mix, and Dynamo (misidentified as Gate), too!

As you can see, this is part of a series, so if you're into video game collectibles on the whole, you may want to check out the full series. Then, you can head on over to the website linked above and gaze to your heart's content at all sorts of merchandise from around the world. To give you a head start, here's the link to the Mega Man section.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Wanted: Two JUVInile Delinquents

The other day, we reported that Jazwares Urban Vinyl (JUVI) figures were showing up at Toys R Us and on their website. In addition, the product description mentioned that Cut Man and Elec Man were incoming. And then, at some point today, the following appeared on the Capcom*Unity whiteboard cam:

Well, now we know how they'll do Cut Man's Rolling Cutter.

Source: GoNintendo

Jazwares' Urban Vinyl Mega Man Figures Now Available

For those who have been eagerly awaiting the Blue Bomber in a plastic form of any sort, you will be pleased to know that at long last, the Jazwares Urban Vinyl (aka "JUVI") figures of Mega Man and Proto Man are now available at Toys R Us. They cost $9.99 a pop, and you can find the Blue Bomber here, while you'll want to click this way in order to lay your hands on the Red Rocker.

In addition, two more are said to be on the way, based on Cut Man and Elec Man (what? You want a colorful nickname for every character? Knock yourself out). They aren't in stock yet, so we honestly have no idea how Cut Man is going to work with the format of the figures, given the considerable protrusion he has coming from the top of his head.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Retro Rotos Return

Remember Jazwares' line of Mega Man "Retro Roto" toys, the six-inch action figures from the Classic series based on actual production art from Capcom? We received only one wave, with subsequent waves lingering in limbo until all hope had been given up that we'd ever see them.

But now, it looks like the first wave-- or four of them, at least-- are seeing a re-release exclusively through online retailers such as BigBadToyStore. Instead of individually-carded figures, however, the figures of Mega Man, Shadow Man, Elec Man, and Proto Man will be sold together in a four-pack for $43.99 (though BBTS is offering them for $39.99), and are expected to arrive in December.

In addition, Protodude has learned from a Jazwares representative that a "follow-up" box consisting of "four Wave 2 figures" should arrive in the Spring of 2010. Unfortunately, specifics were not divulged as to the identity of the Wave 2 figures, but we may be able to determine the remainder by looking at the back of the original Retro Rotos' box.

On the back, it featured the five figures which made up Wave 1: Mega Man, Proto Man, Elec Man, Shadow Man, and Guts Man. Since Guts Man isn't included in the first box, he seems to be a likely candidate for the second. In addition, the Wave 1 figures all contained "Build-a-Bot" parts to create a "Fully Charged" Mega Man, representative of when he charges energy into his Buster. That seems like a likely inclusion, since having a Mega Man would theoretically help the set sell better (or at least, it would at regular retail, where these figures won't be available).

The remaining two on the back of the box were two "Coming Soon" figures in Ice Man and Wood Man, who were never originally released, and were scheduled alongside he likes of Heat Man for a later release which never came.

Of course, that's all only a guess; we'll have to wait until Spring to find out for sure.

New Line of Mega Man Figures Coming Soon?

The above image is what greets visitors to the Jazwares website and click on the part of the left sidebar which reads "New Line of Figures" under the Mega Man brand tag. Sadly, further details are few and far between, with only the following statement accompanying the entry:

New Line of FIgures After FIFTEEN YEARS, Mega Man has remained one of the MOST celebrated cartoon characters to originate from a video game. These action figures bring back those classic moments.

Recommended: Ages 4+

Of course, this may and very well could only refer to the upcoming JUVIs line of figures, which I'm not exactly sure I would describe as "bringing back classic moments" as well as their other Retro Roto line, which the page also lists with the same description, even though the line was seemingly discontinued years ago.

In addition, Jazwares also has the license for the upcoming computer-rendered Astro Boy movie, perhaps letting some avid fans finally have a to-scale crossover.

Jazwares Speaks on Future of Mega Man Figure Line

Since the last wave of Jazwares' Mega Man action figure line, which featured characters such as Cut Man, Proto Man, Command Mission Mega Man X, and Rush, as well as their "Retro Roto" figures modeled after the oldschool art style, the company had seemingly gone silent until the 2009 U.S. Toy Fair a few months ago, where they revealed they would be bringing Mega Man back to the masses through their new line of urban vinyl-styled toys they call "JUVIs." Due to this silence, one concerned fan, Chris Zanni of Wall, NJ, wrote in to ToyFare Magazine in order to learn the fate of the Blue Bomber's plastic incarnation:

If Jazwares isn't producing the figures anymore, will somebody else pick up the license? Mega Man is a great franchise and deserves some good toys. I loved the Bandai figures from the '90s cartoon show, but that went under when the show was cancelled. Jazwares seemed to have something great going, but all of a sudden they stopped releasing anything new. What gives?

ToyFare got ahold of Jazwares' Joe Amaro for the answer, who reported that the Mega Man license is "fine," but "won't continue in quite the way you'd expect."

"The plan is to have Mega Man continue in our new JUVIs line," he says. "These are stylized versions of our favorite characters. The blank body we designed is very heroic. Not your standard short chubby body."

According to ToyFare, who received an image of the prototype (the same figure as seen above, only from a different angle), "ol' Mega has a pretty blank stare going. A few rocks short of a quarry, if you get my meaning. A couple of fries short of a Happy Meal, if you will." And they sort of continue on along that line of thought.

So, unfortunately, it sounds like it's JUVI or bust for toys of the Titanium Titan, at least on this side of the saltwater. It's really too bad, too, as there were some really neat designs they had shown off, but never released, including more Retro Rotos, a super-articulated Mega Man Zero figure, and some characters who have never really gotten the fair, equitable plastic treatment before, such as Sigma. Ah, what might have been.

Come to think of it, it's really too bad on the Retro Rotos; they could have really done something with tie-in marketing for the release of Mega Man 9 last year, with the right approach. Oh well. It's probably best to simply not think about it.

Custom Mega Man from Megaland

Sometimes, when you're a fan of something long enough, you learn to take some of the older, less-favorable stuff in stride. Such is the case with this custom figure by one Kyle Robinson, whose work I found when doing research for a separate article. Kyle took one of Jazwares' Retro Roto Mega Man figures, and turned it into the Mega Man from the late 80s DiC cartoon, Captain N: The Game Master. And honestly? He's done a bang-up job, given what he had to work with.

It's almost too bad there's not accompanying figures of the other characters from the series. Sure, it was perplexing then (to put it nicely), but is one chapter of Mega Man's history that he has in common with other franchises, such as Adam West's Batman or the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I don't think anyone would want a new cartoon with this Mega Man, but it's all in the past now as a curious footnote in the Blue Bomber's history.

It's also an interesting visual, with more regular Mega Man proportions being used, plus a Mega Buster.

Source: Kyle Robinson Customs