Jasco Games Previews Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter

Jasco Games Previews Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter

Beginning at noon Central Time on Thursday, December 12th, Jasco Games is kicking off their Kickstarter campaign in their attempt to raise the funds necessary not to create the Mega Man Board Game they've been working on, but rather, to make it the very best that it can be. Curious? Then read on!

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Take a Look at the Proto Man Set UFS Cards

ufscardsIf you've been curious to see what the Mega Man Universal Fighting System cards are all about, you can take a look. Syclic, an attendee at Gen Con this past weekend, made these scans of the cards from the Proto Man tin he received. Furthermore, it's been confirmed this tin includes boosters for an upcoming Mega Man set. Thanks for sending word, Duckaiser!

Snatch Up a Special Edition Mega Man UFS Card

spritecardThis limited edition Mega Man card for Jasco's Universal Fighting System was meant to be made available at Gen Con, but was dropped due to printing restrictions. As a result, Jasco has made the card purchasable for this week only via DriveThru RPG. You can pick it up for just a dollar! The card is the same as the one that will come included with the first Mega Man UFS set, but features a sprite design instead of the usual Complete Works artwork. Thanks for the tip, Boco!

Mega Man the Board Game Facebook Page Opens

944268_662764880419080_954815023_nWhile we still don't have details on just what Jasco's "Mega Man The Board Game" will be about, they have just recently opened a Facebook site for the game, which promises updates and information in the near future. And as you can see, they're also sporting some artwork from the Archie comics (can you tell which issue?). Anyway, it's a good place to keep an eye out for updates. Of course we will keep you informed on details as well!