A Look at Dimension Diver's New Rockman Kit Completed

Some time ago we clued you in on a new Rockman garage kit by makers Dimension Diver. It was set to go on sale in August, and that it did this past weekend at the CharaHobby 2011 event. Although Dimension Diver did do a Rockman kit before, this one features improved joints, hair parts for a helmetless Rockman, and a Beat figure. You probably won't ever own this, but you can still check out all the fancy pics on their site. Hmm, now that I live in Japan I ought to start attending these events! Then again I just got lost today trying to come home from the JR station. Maybe a bit down the road when I get my bearings (and a phone with GPS).

Thanks to Auto for the tip!

Dimension Diver Preps New Rockman Garage Kit

I'll be honest that I don't know of many garage kit makers, but that won't stop me from saying Dimension Diver is one of the best. And their latest project in the works is Rockman. Rockman was one of the first kits they tackled in the past, and you can see it here. The new model will feature improvements to the joints and balance of the feet. It will also have plenty of new options and features, like an extra part for Rockman to appear helmetless, an additional hand for his right arm you can put in place of his buster, and a cute figure of Beat. Right now production is still in the works, but the kit is planned to go on sale in Japan in August, albeit probably solely at hobby events like so many garage kits are. Should you manage to grab one anyway, do keep in mind garage kits require a bit more care; often glue and drilling are required, and painting may be necessary as well for complete effect. This particular kit will come with pieces molded in blue, light blue, flesh and red. It will also come with decals for additional details. Good luck, hobby hunters! This is a rare one!

Thanks to Auto for the tip!

Mega Man and X Tennis Battle is Totally Canon

Here's a curious treat. So far as I'm aware, this is the first video footage to be taken of Rockman Tennis, one of many cell phone Rockman games released exclusively in Japan. The game lets you play as Rockman, Roll, Blues, Cut Man, Wood Man and Shadow Man, plus Rockman X is a downloadable character. According to COCOROG, where the video originates, the game features follow:

-No story at all. -Each character had their own theme song. (Roll's is "Kaze yo Tsutaete.") -Each character has different stats. -You can equip characters with items to improve their abilities. -You can direct lobs and return hits. -Hitting left or right will change the ball's angle. -A gauge fills up allowing you to do a super shot.

If only the Maverick Wars had been handled this way instead of all the bloodshed... Wait, X loses? What the heck!?