Project X Zone Now Available in NA; New Demos Coming to Europe; Art Winners Announced

projectxzonecontestJust a quick note we missed yesterday is that Project X Zone was released for the Nintendo 3DS in North America yesterday. Meanwhile, Europe is on track to receive it on July 5th. In the meantime, the European Nintendo 3DS eShop will play host to a second demo, “Dark Hours,” which is scheduled for June 27. According to a tip from Magnet_Man, this one features X and Zero in action. Word is that North America will also get the demo, but we've been unable to locate any information as to when, though it could also come tomorrow, June 27th.

Finally, if you remember the art contest for the game that Capcom Unity was holding, the winners have been selected! You can find those here, while honorable mentions-- such as the excellent Heihachi x Wily pic by Dwayne G. seen at right-- can be found here.

A Chance for Female Mega Man Characters from D-Arts?

pxz_irisDon't go getting your hopes up, but Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA recently posted the following on their Facebook: "The reception for Sailor Moon gives us great confidence for females from other series. More girls? MOAR GIRLS! Power up for tomorrow night and the Nex (sic) 3 weeks!"

Do note the part about females "from other series." Whether this means they might be more receptive to females in current series, such as Mega Man/Rockman and Power Rangers/Super Sentai, or just mean bringing on new series with a female focus, we can't be entirely sure. Nonetheless, action figures of female characters have a reputation for being a difficult sell in the west, so hopefully this bodes well for future prospects such as the recently-teased Iris.

Perhaps D-Arts Iris Still Has a Chance?

sadiris While plenty were excited about the news of Ultimate Armor X becoming the next D-Arts figure, and Sigma being confirmed as a Figurarts ZERO statue, the whole April Fools joke setup still rubbed some people the wrong way. After all, there were backers to the figures that turned out to be fake. Even Capcom's own Ryuji Higurashi was disappointed, and drew this crestfallen Iris in response.

After a profuse apology, Ucchy-san blogs that, for everyone's sake (even Iris's), things aren't over yet. He is now preparing to reignite "that plan," with everyone's support. While leaving his meaning a little enigmatic for now, I assume he means "that plan" is another character survey for Bandai so that fans can vote on which products they want to see next. The one from 2011 brought about figures like Full Armor X ,Vile and Bass.

Project X Zone Finally Gets North American Release Date

1364861590-pxzheroim-large At long last, the wait is over: Project X Zone has a North American release date. Now a new wait begins!

The last we heard about it, the game was slated for a release sometime in the summer of 2013. But now, Namco Bandai Games has posted a page for the title which gives us an exact release date: June 25th, 2013.

Of curious note is the tab marked "retailers" on the page, as it only lists and GameStop as carrying the game. Given that other titles show a wider range of stores, we are left to wonder whether this will only be a limited release (and if it will even make it to Canada). More info on that as we get it.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet Man and WetCircle!

Which of These Upcoming D-Arts Figures Isn't a Joke?

dartsjokeOver on Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san is brimming with excitement to announce FOUR new upcoming characters for Bandai's D-Arts figure line! There's classic series Roll, Ultimate Armor X, Iris, and Zero from the MMZ series. Talk about a deluge of new products! Ahh, but wait. It's April Fools ain't it. In Japan, anyway. Ya fooled poor Ucchy. But here's the thing. One of these four actually isn't a joke. And the truth behind the ruse is planned to be announced within a few days. Until then, which do you think is the most likely figure? Personally, hmm... I think I've got my money on Ultimate Armor X.

Project X Zone is Westward Bound

project_x_zone1-620x397 By way of Operation Rainfall, we've just received word from a Crunchyroll report that Project X Zone is indeed making its way to Nintendo 3DS owners in the West during the Summer of 2013. The announcement came during a Namco Bandai press event, where they also announced the PlayStation Network-exclusive One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and Tekken Card Tournament, plus a "big announcement" to come on February 4th.

No other details are available at this time, but who plans to pick this one up when it hits our shores?

Rumor: Project X Zone is Westward Bound

TSSZ News is reporting that Nintendo has confirmed at a recent press event in Spain that the game no one (relatively speaking) thought had any chance of leaving Japan is doing just that. As seen in the picture at right (click to enlarge), Project X Zone-- the crossover title featuring characters from SEGA, Namco Bandai, and Capcom, including X, Zero, Iris, Vile, and Tron Bonne-- is slated for a European release in 2013. While no other details were given, this seems to make it that much more likely a North American release is also in the cards. And if it isn't, at least it will have some form of localization for those bold enough to purchase a European Nintendo 3DS to play the game as an import.

Edit: After WilyNumber13's comment, marking this as a rumor might be the safer bet. However, it's one we're inclined to believe at the moment.

Source: Vicio Juegos, TSSZ News

Iris Making PXZ a Bit More Tragic

Just a small info update on Bandai Namco's Project X Zone. A recent update details some of the support characters, and we get a little more idea what Iris is up to. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear the afterlife has changed her mind much. Her description says of her, "A Reploid woman who once served as an operator for the Maverick Hunters HQ. She was thought to have met a tragic end during a battle, however..." Furthermore, the key quote given to her is, naturally, "I want to be in a world of only Reploids... with you." This may tie into the conversation we see Iris and Zero are having, where Zero says "Iris. That is my answer. My hope, again is..."

Despite knowing that the whole idea of a Reploid-only world was a fantasy, will Iris be hurting Zero the same manner in X4? Of course the real question is, is this even Iris? Considering X and Zero's mission seems to take place in a Cyberspace area, it's certainly possible Vile or someone conjured a digital memory just to make Zero suffer. Just my fanboy-ish guess, anyhow. Whatever the case may be, we'll know more next week when the game comes out.

Incidentally, the afterlife has certainly been generous to... certain aspect of Iris' design. Or maybe it's just character designers. Check out the PXZ page for a couple screens and voice samples.

Iris Joining the Hunters in Project X Zone

Bandai Namco's Project X Zone will be getting another familiar face to fans of Mega Man X4. The latest Famitsu reveals that Iris also shows up in the storyline as an event character. X appears to recognize her as "the girl from that Repliforce incident," indicating that the events of X4 are a past part of their history from this game's viewpoint. It will be interesting to see how Zero reacts to all this...

Iris will be voiced by Yuko Mizutani in the game, just like she was in Rockman X4.

News Credit: Re:戯言

Rockman Perfect Memories Manga Translated

Does anyone remember Rockman Perfect Memories? No, we don't mean the website, but rather, the book of the same name which saw a Japan-only release in December of 2002 to celebrate 15 years of Rockman with looks at the five series of the day: "The Origin Rockman," "Free Running RPG Rockman D.A.S.H.," "Dual Heroes Battle Rockman X," "battle network Rockman EXE," and "Zero Is Coming Back Rockman Zero."

Yes, those are how each series was acknowledged, in English, on the book's cover.

In any case, there are those among you (including this very writer) who no doubt sought out and obtained a copy of the book, despite a complete lack of ability to understand anything written in Japanese. And those of you who did may recall that each series was concluded with a short, one-page manga strip drawn by female yonkoma manga artist Yuutarou Kawamoto, whose more famous works include franchises such as Dragon Quest and Ragnarok Online.

This week, #20 of The Reploid Research Lavatory has taken a look back at these manga. And better still, he has translated each one for maximum enjoyment! Now, you can learn such secrets as the reason why Dr. Wily's vehicles contain multiple forms, or who would win in a battle between X and Zero (as brought on by... Iris?!).

You can find the manga for the original series here, X here, D.A.S.H. here, plus those three heroes reflecting during some downtime here, and both Dr. Wily confronting the trio and Tron trying to keep track of how many Servbots she has here.

...of course, all of these are meant to be taken in jest, but they are still a fun treat, nonetheless.

Reminder: The “What am I Fighting For?!” Contest Nears Its Close, With Slight Extension

Okay, folks, we're down to our final week of The Mega Man Network's “What am I Fighting For?!” Contest. We last extended the contest deadline to January 15th, so that people would have the Christmas/New Year holidays to work on their entry, plus a little more time. In doing so, I freely admit I really should have looked at a calendar. Having done so, I'm extending the contest by two more days-- you have until the clock strikes Midnight PST on the night of Sunday, January 17th to submit your entry to mmncontest(at)gmail(dot)com, thus giving you the weekend to finish things up.

And honestly? I don't want to divulge numbers yet, but there have not been a lot of entries thus far. Ergo, if you enter, your chances may still be pretty good. Click here for the rules and a reminder of what you are fighting for.

Fanmade Mega Man X4 Redub Hack

Good news, if you happen to own a copy of the PC version of Mega Man X4. Knight of the Sky informs us that Community member Hypershell was so inspired by the remake of Iris's death scene from the title that he has created a hack which you can download for the title, thus enabling you to play the game with the scene in question, plus sound bytes of Lucas Gilbertson and Mark Gatha as Zero and X, respectively.

You can see the hack in action for Zero at the spaceport here:

Hopefully, Hypershell will make another video featuring Mark Gatha's X soon. And hopefully, tell us himself (come on, man, where's the love?).

Sadly, it seems unlikely that we'll ever get a true, authentic version of this. As Mr. Gilbertson reveals to Soulrokkuman in his ever-growing thread on YouTube, it seems that our dear Mark is no longer the Mr. Gatha we once knew-- he's now Dr. Gatha, working in Nova Scotia. So a reunion seems unlikely.

(Then again, if my family doctor is any indication, he could probably take the time off if he really wanted to.)

Zero & Iris: Special Edition

Remember when George Lucas decided to gussy up all those old Star Wars movies with modern day polish, special effects, and new footage, effectively ruining them in the eyes of many fans? Well, this isn't quite as bad as all that, namely because the anime cutscenes in Mega Man X4 have nowhere to go but up.

But if you'll recall, during his interview with a Protodude, Zero's recent voice actor Lucas Gilbertson expressed his desire to redub the death scene of Iris from the early PlayStation title, much like what had been rumored to be included in the Mega Man X Collection. But he left us with the question: To do it seriously, or to do it humorously?

So what did he pick? Watch and find out.

So, did he go for serious, or humorous?

Seriously, please tell me. Thanks to the internet, I can't tell the difference anymore.

Anyway, great job, Lucas! May we be so lucky as to get this-- along with the rest of the speaking parts of the Mega Man X titles-- in such a fashion in the future. And don't let us stop you from doing more-- or that other version you spoke of. It would be quite awesome.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner