Harpuia and Phantom Figures Incoming

Hey you figure freaks. Still keeping a smiling face with all these Kotobukiya and Bandai toys? Well try these on for size. Tatsu Hobby, who originally imported SAGE's fantastic Mega Man Zero styled X and Zero garage kits, are now planning on bringing out two more Zero series figures exclusive to their shop: Harpuia and Phantom. Roughly 5.5" tall when complete, these figures come in fully color cast pieces and assemble easily, requiring no joint parts. Both figures also come with their signature weapons.

They're not on the budget side, however. Each figure will run you $51.85 US. What's more, the figures also need to reach a minimum sales allotment to even go into production. As of this posting, Harpuia still needs 5 more preorders while Phantom is in need of 7. So if you're really wanting these figures, rally some figure fans to order some too!