New Mega Man Bobble Budds Now On Sale

They've made one or two scarce special appearances at conventions and such, but now Multiverse Studio announces that their first line of new Mega Man Bobble Budd figures is hitting select online stores:

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Oct 9, 2012) – Leading toy manufacturer Multiverse Studio Inc. today announced the latest wave of Bobble Budds® figures featuring the classic videogame franchise Mega Man® is now available. The Blue Bomber hits select online retailers with a crew of super deformed Robot Masters foes.

Fans of the beloved franchise can now collect their favorite characters from the original Mega Man universe and display their affection with these super deformed figures. Bobble Budds unique shape and design perfectly incorporates the classic retro style of the Mega Man series. Each Bobble Budd figure measures 3.5-inches tall and features exclusive bobble head locking mechanism for optimal functionality and display.

Wave 1 features 4 characters to collect, including Mega Man, Proto Man, Guts Man, and Elec Man with subsequent characters rolling out in 2013. Mega Man Bobble Budds are available now at select online retail outlets for $10.99.

Mega Man Bobble Budds are available at select online retail outlets, including:

Big Bad Toy Store Entertainment Earth Amazon

Just giving a quick look, it seems availability isn't entirely consistent among the listed stores yet, so you may need to check around. Some stores also offer a pack of all four characters. At any rate, which characters would you like to see for a wave two?

Paging Dr. Light to the OR - Emergency Operation on Guts Man

Do you recall that old game Operation? There was no way I could play that as a kid that wouldn't have resulted in a major lawsuit in real life. So this Guts Man version of Operation, created by Kodykoala, might do the trick. Robots can't take you to court you, right? They're just tin cans.

This custom Operation: Guts Man Edition is a revamped model of the game originally intended for Iron Man, of all characters, but replaces him with a Jazwares vinyl Guts Man figure, which has been painted up all nice and metallic. You can find more shots of the finished game at Kodykoala's Flickr page.

If I could make one suggestion, it would be altering the game so that it makes this noise when you mess up.

Via Destructoid (thanks Tony!)

GutsMan Gets Gutted

Its been awhile but dose anyone remember that cutaway Mega Man figure? Yeah me either. Well KodyKoala has done it again, this time with one of the most brute members of the Mega Man family: Guts Man.

This figure has been repainted in a metallic paint giving it much more shine and a more robotic feel. You can also take closer looks at the custom skeleton structural and notice the high detail that has been put in it. This is truly an amazing work of art.

As for writing this, the figure has three days left and is at a whopping price of $76! Not nearly as much as his Mega Man went for, but we still have three days so who knows how high it will go!