Chill Penguin Makes GameTrailers' Top 5 Winter Wonderlands

Chill Penguin Makes GameTrailers' Top 5 Winter Wonderlands

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas everywhere you go, then you don't have to look much further than some of your favorite video games to find the ground covered in frost, ice, and snow. GameTrailers has rounded up their top five such instances of winter wonderlands across gaming's very best, and of course, for Mega Man, this theme goes all the way back to the original title on the NES.

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Mega Man Legends 2 Makes GameTrailers' Top 10 Unresolved Cliffhangers

Mega Man Legends 2 Makes GameTrailers' Top 10 Unresolved Cliffhangers

Mega Man fans are no strangers to cliffhangers; they've existed in the franchise for nearly as long as it's been around, dating all the way back to Mega Man 3... or even Mega Man 2, if you really couldn't get past what Rock's image flickering in transition to an empty helmet was supposed to mean.

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GT Countdown: Top 10 Metroidvania Games

GameTrailers recently ranked their Top 10 "Metroidvania" games which are neither Metroid nor Castlevania. With those out of the way-- hey, Mega Man has some games which fit that mold! Maybe one of them made the list! Let's watch and find out.

Aside: By "maybe," we mean "it wouldn't be here if it didn't," and by "let's find out," we mean "or you can just look at the post's tags if you want to spoil yourself. Cheater."

GameTrailers' Memo to Capcom

Recently, GameTrailers has been issuing video "memos" to numerous top video game companies, including the likes of EA, Square Enix, and Disney. Their latest, seen above, goes out to the Capcom crew and, since one part of the video specifically mentions our favorite Blue Bomber and what's been going on with him on the video game side of things lately, we thought we'd share this piece with you.

Have a look, and feel free to discuss their thoughts on Mega Man (or heck, anything else presented here, or even something they might have missed) in the comments below.

GameTrailers' Level Explores Mega Man X's Central Highway Stage

It has come to our attention that GameTrailers' new series, "Level, has just released a new episode relevant to our interests. In this installment, they explore the Central Highway stage from the original Mega Man X and how it not only helps weave the tale of the game's world, but also how the game has evolved from its NES predecessors.

Thanks to RyanThunder and Axlthehunter II for the tips!

GameTrailers Revisits the Mystery of Mega Man 9

You might remember a few months ago when GameTrailers took on the mystery of Mega Man 9, only to find the results were inconclusive. Having received some help since originally releasing that edition of "Pop Fiction," they've taken another stab at it, this time even getting a rather... odd message from one of the game's producers, Hironobu Takeshita. You can view the updated info around the eight-minute mark.

All said, this isn't necessarily a bad thing; one could even consider it a good one. Video games have long had various myths and legends associated with them, from "Shen Long" in Street Fighter II to Luigi being in Super Mario 64-- heck, that's what the entire "Pop Fiction" series is about. And with Mega Man 9, the Mega Man series now apparently has its own legend worthy of hanging with such longstanding curiosities, one which may persist in the minds of gamers for years-- or even decades-- to come.

GameTrailers Takes on the Mystery of Mega Man 9

For nearly four years now, a single mystery has eluded Mega Man fans the world over in the ninth mainline adventure. But this week on GameTrailers' "Pop Fiction" series, they've gone after the White Whale of Blue Bomber fans.

Do they succeed? Well, to just state it here outright would make the whole thing just a little bit anticlimactic, so check out the episode and discuss their findings below.