The Deal with the Mega Man Dual Pack in Canada, and Why You Should Grab One if You Want It

We previously delivered word to you that, at the last moment, it was decided that the PlayStation Portable Mega Man Dual Pack, featuring both Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X in a single $14.99 package, saw its Canadian release canceled a month after it hit the U.S. After doing a bit of digging around, Capcom Community Liason GregaMan got back to us with a little bit more information about what the deal was-- and it concerns fans in the United States who want a piece of this pack, too.

While it's unknown who might have contacted GameStop/EB Games in Canada with the info (they say the publisher notified them, while Capcom has said it's all GameStop), we've been told that the pack is exclusive to the U.S.A., possibly due to GameStop turning it down in Canada. Furthermore, the reason for this is perhaps related to the print run, which was limited to "around 10,000 copies," perhaps all of which are already spoken for by GameStop's U.S. locations and website. And that's all they're planning to print.

This is, of course, unfortunate for Canadian fans who might have had an interest in getting their hands on the Dual Pack, though there are still other options (eBay, international shipping from, etc.). But in addition, if any of you had any plans on acquiring this set, be it for collector purposes, a gift for a friend, or even because you don't have one/either of the games yet, then the time to act would be sooner than later.

Thanks for clearing this up, GregaMan!

Mega Man Double Pack on its Way to PlayStation Portable? (Updated)

Yeah, we're a little late with this one, but it's worth talking about just the same. A few days ago (okay, so closer to a week), we heard from MMN reader RedMage1987 and Protodude's Rockman Corner about a "Mega Man Dual Pack" for the PlayStation Portable, which appears on both GameFAQs and GameStop's website. The former is using the image seen at right, that of the Japan-exclusive Value Pack containing both Rockman Rockman and Irregular Hunter X, while the latter has no image available.

Both websites cite a September 5th, 2011 release date, with GameStop labeling it with a price of $14.99, though the true contents of this package are unknown. But at that price, a re-release of the two games we did get seems more likely than the other noted possibility, that of a localized release of the two ported Rockman DASH games which were not released here.

With a release date so close, it would seem unlikely that this is just hot air, though, but with no official announcement from Capcom themselves, all we can really do is speculate. But between those two options, which would you rather see?

Update: And as Heat Man pointed out in the comments below, Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson confirmed it as a two-for-one re-release of Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X.