Rockman Online to No-Show G-Star 2011?

Maybe. While we were recently updated with word that work still continues on the title, Amunshen informs us that the game may not be at the annual G-Star show in Busan, South Korea, as previously reported. More specifically, researching several articles about the show did not turn up a mention of the game, rather than an actual denial of its presence there.

Amunshen points out this article (Google translation here) as one citing the lack of presence at the show.

So, what's the story? Well, with answers to your questions pending (Heat Man is working on the first of them as we speak), hopefully a little light might be shed on what is now happening with the game.

New Rockman Online Trailer

Yet another fully animated teaser, featuring a handful of classic and X series baddies, including the likes of Air Man, Pharaoh Man, Cloud Man, Flame Hyenard, Ferham and Scarface. We also have Mega Man and Mega Man X finally meeting up for the first time. I'm still not totally sure what's going on in this world, but it's all kinds of crazy awesome.

Hopefully gameplay footage will be coming shortly.

Edit: According to the trailer info, the game is said to take place in 2XXX, and will come together as "the encounter of two generations, and the power of two heroes."

More Robot Master Sightings in Rockman Online (Updated)

If there's one thing I know gets a Mega Man fan excited, it's seeing Robot Masters. Over on the Rockman Online blog, the crew is showing the current setup for Rockman Online at the G-Star event in Seoul. From these images we can see Pharaoh Man, Cut Man and even the Mega Man Killers! An additional image also shows off Proto Man in a different armor style. As much as we've learned about Rockman Online, I still don't think there's any info on what all the classic characters are doing around. Hopefully that answer will be solved soon! Check out all the setup photos right here.

UPDATE: Some additional assets have been released via other Korean gaming sites. Hit the break at the bottom for more environmental scenes, better Mega Man Killer pics and a shot of Axl.

Thanks, HeatPhoenix!

Images from Ruliweb and KHGames (via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

Rockman Online Introduces Cinnamon

For those keeping track of developments with Capcom and NeoWiz's joint venture, Rockman Online has got a bit more spice for you. (See what I did there?) Preceding this week's G-Star event in Seoul, NeoWiz has announced the inclusion of Cinnamon in Rockman Online. I can't gather all the details, and while it appears she will be able to accompany players, I'm not certain if she's an actual character type, like X, Zero and Duo.

As you might suspect, Cinnamon will serve as a healing and support character. Using the Great Force Metal Generator she's equipped with, she can treat her comrades. It's also said that, aside from medical healing, she also makes use of biotechnology and alternative medicines. Additionally, it's said she speaks of visions of a place called "Neo Arcadia" where humans and Reploids coexist. While most think this is a side effect of the Force Metal, Duo type hunters believe her words have truth. Weird...

Speaking of G-Star, it appears Pmang plans to release a new trailer for the game on YouTube once the event begins. Teased with a single image, the trailer will contain new animated footage, which has been made as a joint collaboration between Korea and Japan. I'm uncertain if the trailer will contain any actual gameplay, but we can still hope.

New Rockman Online Environment, and Upcoming Playability

Pmang has updated their Rockman Online blog with details on a new environment. Detailed info will have to wait for a proper translation, but I've gleaned a few details in the meantime. The above image depicts Kronos Forest, and area right outside of the U.C.A. base Gaia. It's an artificial forest that was once under the control of the U.C.A., but lately has fallen under the influence of U.R.A. forces. Of note, an invisible enemy seems to be attacking those entering the forest (likely Sting Chameleon, given his silhouette shown). There are many paths in the forest, but a number of them are unsafe. However, it's believed there are still survivors lingering in the forest, and the U.C.A. is preparing a force to reclaim control.

Additionally, some news from Rockman Online will become playable to the public for the first time at G-STAR 2010, a gaming trade show in Seoul, South Korea. G-STAR will run from November 18th to the 21st, so expect the first glimpse of Rockman Online gameplay to come out around then if not sooner. Naturally we will keep you posted!

News Credit: CAP Kobun