Magicka DLC Lets You Be a "Mega" Villain

Hear about this one? A game on Steam called Magicka, where you play as a robed mage fighting against an evil sorcerer, added some new DLC this week that's, let's just say... a bit "Megafied." If you're anyone who considers themselves a Mega Man fan, you can probably recognize the references these special mages draw inspiration from.

Of course, this is no Mega Man game, but I did ask a friend of mine about Magicka. He said the best way to imagine it is a fantasy take on the game Smash TV. While it may look like an RPG of the same cloth as Diablo or Torchlight, it's actually more or less a flat out action game. There is no emphasis on leveling or loot, but instead building up your arsenal of magic spells and using the elements effectively. I'm also told the game has a pretty fun sense of humor - of course, Robot Master themed characters are evident of that, and in fact the game has a number of mage types that pay homage to other properties.

Although I don't think I'd pick up this game myself just for some Mega Man inspired goodies, it does still sound pretty fun. If anyone out there has given this a try, you ought to let us know what you think about it. But as you can see, it's not just us shmucks who love Mega Man. Game developers love him too!