An Up Close Look at D-Arts Ultimate Armor X

[gallery columns="2" ids="22609,22610,22611,22612"] Ucchy-san has posted a number of photos on Rockman Unity from a recent visit to Bandai. The subject is to show off the upcoming D-Arts Ultimate Armor X. The photos gives a good idea of the figure's detail, as well as how its jet portion detaches and disassembles. Furthermore, Figuarts ZERO Sigma also gets a little screen time, including a look at its prototype molding. The pre-order for Sigma ends this Sunday, the 7th in Japan.

Furthermore, Bandai is ready to reveal the direction they're prepared to go in light of the results to the most recent character survey. However, those details will come in a future update. We'll keep you up to date!

Figurarts ZERO Sigma is Here to Intimidate You

[gallery columns="2" ids="21561,21562,21563,21564"] We got our first look at Bandai's D-Arts Ultimate Armor X earlier this week, and now its time for Sigma to strut his stuff. As a part of the Figuarts ZERO line, Sigma will be a non-poseable statue, a result of his sheer size and detail. In fact, this statue stands at 180mm tall (roughly seven inches). In other words, big.

Sigma will go on sale in Japan in September, and run for ¥5,775 (roughly $58 US). Like previous villain products, he is only available here for those who pre-order through the Premium Bandai website. In North America, however, it ought to be a different story. We'll keep you posted!

News Credit: Rockman Unity

UPDATE: Tamashii Nations has officially announced Figuarts ZERO Sigma for release in North America in September/October. They also confirm it will come with a specially made display stand.

Ultimate Armor X is the Next D-Arts Figure, PLUS Figuarts Sigma

288d01ca-s Following Ucchy's April Fools ruse earlier this week, the true future D-Arts figure from Bandai is revealed. D-Arts Ultimate Armor X is going into production. Can I call them or what?

On top of that, Ucchy-san also confirms that Sigma is being released as a Figuarts ZERO statue. This was mentioned previously, and it's finally nice to know it will be coming for sure. While a Figurarts statue doesn't have the poseability of the other products, it still ought to feature stunning detail.

We'll keep you posted to future updates! Stay tuned!