Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0 Now Available

The last time we heard about "Super Mario Bros. Crossover" version 3.0 was in the trailer above, which was released in April. But now, courtesy of a tip from Beed28, we now know that this version has finally been released. In addition to the inclusion of Easy and Hard modes, there are also tons of skins which homage all sorts of video games, including numerous Mega Man characters.

Additionally, developer Exploding Rabbit has offered an update on their "Super Retro Squad" project, which takes the gameplay concepts behind "Super Mario Bros. Crossover" and applies them to an original game. You can see that update below.

Ripot's Round-Up - 7/8/13

RipotHere we are again, with another big blast of items from the numerous tips that you, the readers of The Mega Man Network, have so graciously sent to us over the past while. Sorry if some of these are a bit late, as we usually only have so much time in the day to write up and run stories, but we definitely want to get through everything! So, without further ado, here's a veritable potpourri of Mega Man tidbits for you to sink your titanium teeth into! And as before, these start with the oldest items first, and we're going to try to work ever-closer to the present, when we'll finally be caught up!


What do you get when you cross Capcom's Mega Man with Capcom's Monster Hunter? According to a tip from GeminiSparkSP, it looks like you get Capcom's Gaist Crusher:

In the story, Gaimetal, a metal ore with high amounts of pure energy, was discovered 50,000 meters (160,000 feet) underground in 2047, and mining began all around the world. However, Gaist, metallic lifeforms whose bodies are entirely encrusted with Gaimetal, emerged in 2055 and began attacking people. In 2064, Rekka, Hayato, Kurama, and Siren are among those who suit up in Gaist Gear and battle over 100 varieties of Gaist creatures.

According to Anime News Network, it sounds like this is Capcom's next big multimedia push, as Gaist Crusher not only has a Nintendo 3DS game slated for this winter, but also anime, manga, a Bandai toy line, and more as part of their "Capcom Kids" project.

Solidifying the connection a little more, GeminiSparkSP notes that the game is rumored to use the engine from the now-abandoned Mega Man Legends 3.


Marvel and Capcom have a long and celebrated history together, and this month, Marvel will be celebrating that relationship with this variant cover of Avengers A.I's first issue:


Click to enlarge.

Thanks to Ivan Alino for the tip, and the link to Robot 6's story.


Linkfreak131 lives up to her name by sending us a link to some sort of French cartoon called "Metaman."

"This isn't directly Mega Man related," she notes, "but I found this short on Vimeo that, as you can clearly tell, was heavily inspired by it called 'Meta Man'. It's extremely beautiful. Check it out, and I think you'll definitely be able to see where they pulled their inspiration of Mega Man, and a bunch other stuff."

While the logo is unquestionably similar to Mega Man's, that's more or less where the resemblance ends for me, though I can see inspiration from Sentai and Metal Hero-style shows from Japan, while the villain looks familiar... though I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh, and my toy Rhino truck from M.A.S.K. could totally do the same thing this one did with the grill.


I know what you're thinking: "Three items already, and none of them really involve Mega Man." Well, fret no longer!

We don't really have enough music tips for another TMMN Jukebox yet, so I'm just going to go ahead and run this "Dr. Wily Stage Acapella" here:

Thanks for the tip, Megamanlover2.0!


Like Mega Man webcomics? Then you might like this recommendation from Saero Novace called "To Defeat Them All (or alternatively "I Can't Defeat Anyone"), a tale of two brothers out to defeat the myriad foes of the Mega Man series. Currently, they seem to up to Skull Man in Mega Man 4, and they update every other day (the odd-numbered ones).


Here's a pair of teaser posters I missed for Last Laff's upcoming Mega Man X fan film web series:



In a blast from the past (last year is technically the past), Erik the Red sends us a "Rockman Style" dance video:

Made in a program called "MikuMikuDance," Erik wonders if anyone is up to the task of downloading the models and having the characters dance to some actual Mega Man music. Are you?

On a side note: While this wasn't bad, I still prefer the Transformers version by far:


Despite running The Mega Man Network, I hope it's not difficult to see why.


Looking for new ideas for Mega Man games? By way of MegaTuga's e-mail, here's a video detailing five from NickonAquaMagna2. Note: It's about 39 minutes long, hence why we didn't embed it here.


Remember the "Mega Man 25th Anniversary" fan game being created by industry professionals that we told you about last year? As it turns out, Polygon posted an article about it earlier this year. Thanks for the tip, er, Rockman!


The Brotherhood of Gaming has been reviewing Archie's "Worlds Collide" crossover between Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Universe. They sent us their review of part 3 a while back, which you can see here:

As for the rest, here are parts 4, 5, 6, and 4, 9 (sorry, couldn't find 7 and 8). Plus, in case you missed them, here are part 1 and part 2.


Also from The Brotherhood of Gaming, but instead sent to us by WS_Andrew, is a 33-minute speed run of the first NES Mega Man game. "I don't watch many speed runs," he tells us, "but this was still no doubt one of the best I've ever seen. It was a completely perfect run-through - no damage and no deaths."


A while back, we put out the call for your Mega Man tattoos, and only one person answered: Longtime Mega Man fan and fan artist Maqqy96, who got a tattoo of Zero on her shoulder:



And finally, we have a short animation set to a Rockman X drama track which pits X against Sting Chameleon, Flame Mammoth, and Vile. And for those concerned, unlike the last one, this one uses more original animation.

Thanks for the tip, David Palleres!


And that's enough for tonight. Hopefully next time, we'll get everything else we missed, and we thank you for your patience.

Also, thanks to everyone who submitted a tip, and remember to submit your own to[at], or just use this handy form! If it's time-sensitive (an eBay auction, a special event, etc.), be sure to note it as "urgent" or "time sensitive."

And don't forget to follow us on The Mega Man Network's Rock Tumblr for more frequent updates of nifty pics and other little tidbits involving the Blue Bomber!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Ripot's Round-Up - 5/28/13

RipotIt's been a while since I've done one of these, hasn't it? And truth be told, it's long overdue: Life has been busy for us here at TMMN, and unfortunately, we aren't able to post every news tip and story we get as it comes in, or give it the full attention they deserve. We try to get what we can out there for everyone, but much of the time... well, there just isn't the time. So here we are with another Ripot's Round-Up (the last one was at the end of January last year-- we should probably look at doing these more frequently), and it's got a lot of stories-- some kind of old by now, but still interesting just the same. I'm sorry that we weren't able to give all of these full front-page attention, and hope that this round-up of news bits will suffice.

So, starting with the oldest first...


From KudosForce, we have news of a fan game being developed by Tarbo-san (which may even be complete by now) which is said to star Roll, featuring a boss rush mode with Robot Masters from previous games and bases its NES-styled Mega Man and Roll on their Marvel vs. Capcom counterparts. Have a look for yourself:

Other videos can be found here, while you can visit the game's home page here and its blog here.


If you're interested in making a Mega Man X fan game of your own, then Game Dragon may have something to help you on your way. He develops game engines, and has begun public testing of his engine, which you can read about here (though by this point, he may have completed such testing). Here is a sample of one of his earlier versions; remember, this isn't meant to represent a full game, but is more of a demonstration of how it runs:

If you'd like to download the engine or leave feedback on it, just click here.

Thanks for the tip, Jad!



Piotyr wanted to share his collection of Bandai Rockman model kits, one he claims is "one of the biggest out there." Think yours tops it? Feel free to share with us! In the meantime, you can admire more of his collection of cool things in his gallery here.


From Amy Rose (@lalalei2001 on Twitter), we have this GameFAQs list of "The Top 10 Achievements Beyond The Player's Control," which contains major spoilers. And just for fun, here's one for you: Mega Man games take up the top three spots on the list!


Here's one from our friend Tony Ponce over at Destructoid. Apparently, a sequel to the PC-based Mega Man clone called Rosenkreuzstilette is now available. Rather than a science fiction setting, this series instead features a more European Goth style.

Created by the doujin group [erka:es], it's only available in Japanese. If that doesn't deter you (and apparently it shouldn't, no more than most Mega Man games, anyway), it can be downloaded here or purchased as a physical copy here.



Rather than be taken captive by tiny men, this real-life Gulliver has been pinned down by tons of tiny Servbots! Check out the full set of pictures here.

Thanks, undamned!



I am really quite disappointed that I never got to give this pic by Zac Gorman its own full, proper post. You can find this and so many more such pieces of fan art about 8 and 16-bit games at his Tumblr, Magical Game Time, including this popular one from The Legend of Zelda, which has been making the rounds lately.

Via GameSetWatch. Thanks for the tip, Knozz!


This isn't really Mega Man related, per se, but we did get the tip and it's worth mentioning.

Did you ever wonder what it might be like to play a Mega Man game set in the old west? Well, wonder no more!

Gunman Clive is an iOS and Google Play game which made its way to the Nintendo 3DS eShop at the beginning of the year, and definitely has a certain Mega Man feel about it. As Adam tells us in his e-mail, "You play as a cowboy out to rescue the mayor's daughter from a group of bandits, and it plays very much like a traditional MM game, albeit with the addition of ducking. It's a nice little run-and-gun, complete with slick bosses and some real platforming nuttiness in the later levels."

It's just $1.99, regardless of platform, and though I've only played it on the Nintendo 3DS, I can say it's worth every penny there, and more. If you haven't already, give it a shot!



From Jin Saotome, via Protodude's Rockman Corner and then again through Destructoid and passed along to us by Desmou is this impressive custom Sigma figure.

It went for $152.48 (with $28.25 shipping) on eBay, and you can find out what he used to make it and view more pictures of it here.


Submitted to us by RedMage1987, Dorkly has a rather morbid take on the "boy and his dog" relationship Mega Man and Rush share.


The ever-popular Japanese video game show Game Center CX had an episode not too long ago about Rockman 4. You can check out a subbed version of the episode's first part here:

Thanks for the tip, Magnet_Man!


Back in the heyday of such sites as The Undersquare, there was a project underway for a fan-made version of Mega Man Battle Network 7, but it was eventually scrapped and the work was thought to be lost. More recently, LordHuffnPuff made a post to The Rockman.EXE Zone containing the concept art and soundtracks which were thought to be lost.

Thanks for the tip, DanSaiSei!


One unexpected avenue from which you can purchase Bandai's D-Arts figures is apparently Toys R Us, who are taking pre-orders now on X and are already selling Vile, as well as the Bandai trading figure set. Who knew?

Thanks for the tip, ZeroXMarquis!


Remember the fan game Megapony"? Well, now it has a sequel:

You can learn more about the game at Equestria Daily, and download it yourself here. Note that this is an original game and not a ROM hack, and has some interesting elements (though why Applejack would need that contraption is beyond me).

Thanks for the tip, MechaHorse X!


That’s all for today, but not nearly close to the end! Expect more in the days to come, and thank you for your patience.

Also, thanks to everyone who submitted a tip, and remember to submit your own to[at], or just use this handy form! If it's time-sensitive (an eBay auction, a special event, etc.), be sure to note it as "urgent" or "time sensitive."

And don't forget to follow us on The Mega Man Network's Rock Tumblr for more frequent updates of nifty pics and other little tidbits involving the Blue Bomber!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Check Out the Mega Man Panel at This Year's MomoCon

484709_10151438708263764_200918139_nIf you're going to be attending this year's MomoCon, which is being held from March 8th to 10th in Atlanta, Georgia, then you may want to check out Scott Laney's Mega Man Fan Panel, which will be in its second year. According to Scott, the focus is on the community the franchise has helped to foster, and will look at various media such as fan music, fan dubs like the one for Rockman.EXE, and fan games such as "Mega Man X Corrupted," and more. He'll also have some goods on hand to give away, such as copies of the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide from UDON (excellent choice, if we may say).

For further information about MomoCon, be sure to check out the official website, and you can also learn more on their Facebook page.

Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X Demo 4 Now Available

It has been six and a half years since the final installment of the Mega Man Battle Network series was released in North America, and while some fans have been content to allow the story to offer closure and move into the future with Star Force, others have wanted to see the adventures of Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE continue.

Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X is a fan game which attempts to act as a spiritual seventh installment to the series, picking up where the CyBeast plot of Battle Network 6 left off and running with it towards new adventure. A newly-released "Demo 4" is now available for PC, and contains around four to six hours of content over the two chapters included.

You can learn more about the game by checking out its homepage, as well as by checking out the screenshots and trailers above and below.

Thanks for the tips, Adam and Raul!

MMBN Chrono X 4th demo preview by ~Kari-MaxRock on deviantART

Updates Aplenty for Tuttle's Legendary Travels

It's been a little while since we last heard from the development team for the fan game "Tuttle's Legendary Travels," but a few things have popped up recently, including the following status report:

Among the items mentioned in the video are the Japanese title for the project, "Teiji DASH ~Fushigi de Soudai na Daibouken~," and their fifth community event to design some Reaverbots. For more information about the event and how to enter, just click here. It's currently in progress, and ends on December 10th.

Finally, there is an early demo now available to allow you a chance to get a feel for the engine. You can find both versions (PC and Mac) in the links at the top of the sidebar here. And with that done, "new releases with additional features and polish should become more frequent."

Thanks for the tip, Blyka!

Maverick Classics Collection: Three Fan-Made RPGs for the Price of None

Though we still don't know very much about it at all, the popular rhetoric when Rockman Xover was announced was that the "fans could do a better job" than what we saw. Well, here is one opportunity to put that theory to the test.

"Mavericks Classics Collection" is a three-in-one package of turn-based role playing games created by Kanaal van maddrex77 over the past ten years. Each stars Mega Man X and Zero, and uses plenty of assets from past games along with some new ones. The most interesting of the three appears to be the third installment, which not only has X, but Zero in his Mega Man Zero form, with both fighting alongside Harpuia and Fefnir from that same series.

If you're interested in trying these out, you can download them here.

Thanks for the tip, Melvin!

Tuttle's Legendary Travels Launches "Sturm Servbot Event"

Remember a few months ago, when we told you about the up-and-coming fan game set in the world of Mega Man Legends called "Tuttle's Legendary Travels?" One part of that was that there would be contests to help the development along in a way akin to the Mega Man Legends 3 Project DevRoom Events. As it happens, the team behind "Tuttle's" has one such contest already underway. Check it out:

Nodin seems a little Teisel-esque, but these character and ship designs seem pretty cool nonetheless. But the Sturm forces need their Servbot equivalent, and that's where you come in!

Blyka notes that this is perhaps the most important event they'll be holding, with the winning design as a part of the game featured prominently from the opening cutscene through the ending credits. To find out more, visit this thread on The Mega Man Legends Station's forums. The contest ends on September 5th, so don't delay! Act today!

Mega Man Fan Games Come Out to Play

When Capcom doesn't deliver, it appears that Mega Man's fans are more than willing to pick up the slack. That seems to be the message being delivered loud and clear today as we've received tips for not one, not three, but two new fan games currently in development. The first one comes to us via a tip from Ferin, and is the revival of a project known as Mega Man Revolution:

As far as we can tell (what we've seen does not definitively say one way or the other), this is not a ROM hack, but an original game made from the ground up for the PC. It is designed to emulate the style of the NES games, and even includes the option to turn on sprite flicker and slow down, much like Mega Man 9 did. To learn more about this game, visit Fifth Independent.

The other game we've been told of comes to us via a tip from Dashe of Mega Man Legends Station. Rather than create a new adventure for the Blue Bomber of the world covered in endless water, Station member fAB and Blyka of Blyka's Door have taken a different approach by crafting a tale featuring a character you might have forgotten about-- that is, if you knew him at all. Check out the following progress video:

On the website for "Tuttle's Legendary Travels," they note that the project is in its early developmental stages, and state "[t]he finished game aims to be a full 3D platformer on par with the official games of the series in terms of quality and scale. This ambitious project will take time to unfold and we want all you Mega Man Legends fans out there to follow its progress as it happens and join in the development process in various ways."

Dashe adds that there will also be community contributions in the style of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project's Devroom, and that "[t]hese guys are incredibly reliable when it comes to designing Legends fangames and already have a bunch of quirky minigames at the Sky Pirate Arcade, located at (along with Legends fangames created by external contributors, too--submissions are open on a continual basis)."

For more information on the project, be sure to visit the "Tuttle's Legendary Travels" website.

As Mega Man's 25th anniversary draws ever closer, we don't know what plans-- if any-- Capcom will reveal to mark the day. But, so long as fans such as these are willing to take matters into their own hands, it appears there will always be a place for the Blue Bomber in the arena of interactive entertainment.