FUNimation and Mega Man: Together at Last?

It seems that Anime Boston has brought some new and unexpected news to the world of Mega Man. Word has it that FUNimation, most famously (as well as infamously) for their use of the North American Dragon Ball anime license, reportedly announced at the convention that it has acquired the distribution rights for the Ruby Spears Mega Man animated series, which has been held by ADV Films, who has released the series on DVD twice over. "The license entitles Funimation to release the show online and possibly on DVD," says Protodude.

In addition, it seems that FUNimation may also be taking the reigns of the other ADV-held Mega Man license, which is for the OVA Upon a Star. "According to Sylar, a Funimation representative implied the acquisition at Anime Boston," Protodude reports.

"Both the RS cartoon and Upon a Star were said to re-release in late 2010."

From the sound of things, FUNimation has been gathering a number of different properties, around 30, from the company. It should be interesting to see if FUNimation might do anything more with the cartoons, or if we might simply see the same releases we've been treated to for the past several years.