Your First Look at WF2012 Summer Rockman Goods

Wonder Fest, as you may know, is a twice a year super-assembly for model and figure-making fans. And lately, there's been more and more Rockman wares available by dedicated garage artists. Sadly, it does not appear that Hobby Rock is organizing again for this event, unless they plan to release a close call announcement (Wonder Fest 2012 Summer is in just a few weeks). But that doesn't mean fans still won't be bringing the Rockman goods!

First we have some sweet new Rockman Killer figures by Planeswalker, pictured up top. Punk was definitely one of the big draw's at the 2012 Winter show, and now he's getting an all new kit! What's more, he'll be accompanied by Enker and Ballade too. Needless to say, I love these. On his blog, Planeswalker also lists a couple figures from fellow collaborators, Plant Man and Zero from Rockman EXE Transmission.

Next we have Kid's Company. Earlier this year they joined Hobby Rock with a poseable Prairie garage kit. At the time they were also working on Aile, but she wasn't far along enough yet. But now it seems she's about ready. This kit will feature all the same poseability as Prairie, AND it will come with parts for Model X and Model ZX transformations.

As for one of the most unique subjects, here is Zero from Rockman EXE Transmission (the not terribly well remembered platforming Battle Network title). This figure is being created by Bamboo 238. I really have to give garage kit modelers credit - they like going for the interesting characters!

Finally, we have this amazing Yellow Devil figure by Minamida Koren. Koren participated at the previous Wonder Fest with these figures of Rock and Roll. Yellow Devil, however, is an interesting route to go. I just love the size and shape of it!

That's all we have so far. Sadly, I won't be going to Wonder Fest this time around, although I'm a little relieved as well because of the trouble it is. Nevertheless, we'll do our best to show you all the great wares to be available!

More Robot Master Sightings in Rockman Online (Updated)

If there's one thing I know gets a Mega Man fan excited, it's seeing Robot Masters. Over on the Rockman Online blog, the crew is showing the current setup for Rockman Online at the G-Star event in Seoul. From these images we can see Pharaoh Man, Cut Man and even the Mega Man Killers! An additional image also shows off Proto Man in a different armor style. As much as we've learned about Rockman Online, I still don't think there's any info on what all the classic characters are doing around. Hopefully that answer will be solved soon! Check out all the setup photos right here.

UPDATE: Some additional assets have been released via other Korean gaming sites. Hit the break at the bottom for more environmental scenes, better Mega Man Killer pics and a shot of Axl.

Thanks, HeatPhoenix!

Images from Ruliweb and KHGames (via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

First Batch of Mega Man 10 DLC Launches This Week (Updated w/videos)

Hard to believe that Mega Man 10 has been out for a month now (at least for Wii owners). I've greatly enjoyed the game, and keep getting the itch to go play through it again! And if you're like me and craving more, then this is your week as the first of Mega Man 10's downloadable contents are dropping. This week we'll of course be getting Bass Mode, which lets you play as Bass and use all his abilities. He even has his own specific story parts. This content will cost 200 Wii Points/160 MS Points/$1.99 on PSN.

Meanwhile, we'll also get the first Special Stage for the Time Attack Mode, a stage based off Wily's domain from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge on Game Boy, and even features Enker as its boss. This will cost 100 Wii Points/80 MS Points/$0.99 on PSN.

The new content should be hitting the Wii in an hour or so, presuming it's updated at the same time of the Wii Shop. It arrive on the Xbox 360 on the 7th, and the Playstation 3 on the 8th.

New videos:

Some More of the Mega Man Killers (Updated)

The news of the special stages and the Mega Man Killers are reaching the Japanese side of gaming news, and we have some more screens as well as full body art of the Mega Man Killers courtesy of I'm really loving how the special stages are "retakes" of the corresponding Game Boy stages, even going so far as to use the same graphic tiles. I do question some of the coloring, however. For more news on the special stage DLC, check our original post. Update: Here's some even higher quality pics, as well as some additional screens not in the report.

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Capcom*Unity is Harboring Killers (Updated)

Capcom*Unity is today showcasing a bit of info on the special stages in Mega Man 10 -- downloadable content for the time attack portion of the game, and revealing their end bosses: the Gameboy series Mega Man Killers. Special Stage 1 will be available the week of April 5th. For Special Stage 1, we have Enker, the first of the Mega Man killers. He was created by Dr. Wily and has completely devoted himself to Mega Man’s destruction. Some of you might remember him from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge where he appears after the second set of Robot Masters. Mirroring his pokey appendages, there’s a variety of spiky hazards Mega Man will have to avoid in this particular stage. The drill robot for instance will launch a threat from underground, so watch out!

Special Stages 2 and 3 will be available the week of April 26th. Special Stage 2's boss is second Mega Man Killer Punk, also created by Dr. Wily. He was designed to be bigger than Enker in size and his special attack is a rapid spinning tackle. Now folks are going to be tempted to rush through on these stages because they are timed, but be careful because the Parabombs in this stage will make life hell for you.

And finally for the Special Stage 3 we have Ballade, the third Mega Man Killer created after Enker and Punk.  This robot is enormously proud of himself and he will not give up easily, even he’s close to death! Make sure to watch out for the fierce attacks he unleashes from high jumps. His stage requires smart decision-making because a series of conveyer belts and diverse traps will challenge the most masterful Mega Man pro.

News Credit: AWD!