Mega Merch Moves En Masse

We hope everyone out there is enjoying their long Labor Day weekend (in the U.S. and Canada, anyway-- is anyone else celebrating?). And if you're bothering to check in on this long, lazy string of days marking the end of Summer, then we have a nifty little bit of news for you.

As you can see above, a whole flood of new Blue Bomber items and trinkets are hitting the streets, as well as online retailers such as AAAanime, now and in the near future. Patches, charms, scrolls, playing cards... all kinds of stuff spanning both the Classic (mostly Mega Man 10, but with some Powered Up in there as well) and X series (which surprisingly features older entries Mega Man X4 and X6).

One of our personal favorites are the Zero armbands, which nicely approximate the design of the crimson Maverick Hunter's shoulder armor. Now we just need someone to toss one in their opponent's face, wave their hand in front of theirs, and say "U Can't Z Me!"

Anyhow, if you would like a complete item-by-item breakdown of what is available, the Video Game Memorabilia Museum has you covered with a visual guide to this latest batch of knickknacks. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for the tip, Nightram!

Fangamer's E-Mug in Review

Those of you who ordered Fangamer's E-Mug swiftly ought to be getting it about now. If you dawdled, it's not coming until January! That's how popular an item it became! But if you're still on the fence about this pricey but awesome beverage holder, then let's take a look at the product in more detail. And I dunno who better to review it than esteemed Mega Man fan and huge drinker (of coffee I'm sure) "jgonzo" of Capcom Unity! That's his personal E-Mug pictured above. Check out his review here. It's pretty simple and straight forward, but I think you'll be surprised at all the lovely extras included with the mug.

Power Up Your Drink with the E-Mug

If that morning coffee still isn't doing it for you, perhaps drinking it from one of these will. Well, probably not, but it still looks cool. You can pre-order one of these E-Mugs over at Fangamer now, which will release in mid-December. The price is steep at $28, but this ceramic marvel looks fairly hefty at 4.5" tall and 4" wide, and will hold 14 oz. Furthermore it will come with a special stylized coaster, though that design has yet to be determined. Orders are limited to a quantity of two, which tells me they don't plan on producing a huge stock. So if you're interested at this pricey but awesome mug, you better act fast! It'd make a great holiday gift!

Thanks, Tony and Cleveland Rock!

How to Promote Your Power-Ups

By now, we all know about the sought-after Mega Man-branded E-Tank energy drinks. But, what of the rest of the world? How will they know which beverage to grab when their health is low and they need to max out their life meter? How else? Commercials!

The above piece was created by King Brothers Films and took them less than a day to create. And of course, you can still order the drinks from online retailers such as Amazon and ToyWiz for about $3.99 USD each. Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner, via Capcom Unity

E-Tank Energy Drink, v2

On the left: Japan's E-Tank energy drink, released to commemorate Rockman 9 in 2008.

On the right: Japan's new E-Tank energy drink, released to commemorate Rockman 10 in 2010.

As you can tell just by looking at the glasses, the new version is different from the old, despite the similar-looking cans. Whereas the old was royal jelly-flavored, the new is a little more mundane with the simple flavor of blueberries.

ProTip: They're called blueberries because they're blue.

For a limited time, the energy drink is being sold for the low, low price of ¥137, or $1.24 USD. Of course, to take advantage of such a deal, you must live in Japan. Otherwise, you're stuck trying to order the less-iconic American version from the likes of or ToyWiz for $3.99 a pop.

For the collectible-minded, you can compare the old and new cans by way of the pictures shown here on Kotobukiya.

Just for fun, we know that E-Tanks are but one of many kinds of tanks in the Mega Man universe, and we've seen it come in two flavors so far. Supposing other tanks were to be made-- S-Tanks, W-Tanks, M-Tanks, even Sub-Tanks-- what flavors do you think would best suit such energy drinks? Share your flavor fantasies in the comments below.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

The E-Can Cushion

We know that Capcom has been putting out E-Cans you can drink. Now how about an E-Can you can snuggle with? Because along with the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack, this is another of Capcom of Japan's promotional items for Rockman 10. The cuddly can is an astounding 30cm by 30cm (nearly a foot square), and made of polyester. It is planned to release in Japan in early March for ¥2,625 (roughly $28.88 US), and is available for pre-order at e-Capcom now. How much would you love to have this?

Ice Cream Man + Mega Man = ???

When we first heard that Capcom would be giving away free E-Tanks before the Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles this past Saturday, there was sort of the mental image of some Capcom staff, perhaps wearing some attire from the Capcom Store, handing out the goods to those who redeemed their coupons. But instead, the reality turned out to be much more interesting as the Capcom*Unity came on the scene:

That's right: the E-nriching, E-nergizing, E-nlightening, E-ndorsed product hit the scene in a most E-lectrifying manner. But, it gets even better; know how most ice cream trucks of this sort will play some lyric-less, out-of-season version of Christmas carols or some-such from the public domain?

Not this ride:

Seriously, forget the Awards; they were a joke anyway. I wish I'd been there for this and the shirts.

To see more of the truck, people enjoying their gifts, and other fun photos, check out this post at Capcom*Unity.

Here's what's in the box

So people were wondering what was in that mystery box Capcom was giving away today.  Seems like Siliconera got their hands on it and the contents are a sight to see. mm10mysterybox

Yep, it's a Mega Man 10 T-Shirt and a new version of the E-Tank energy drink! Interesting to note that the Mega Man 10 logo is very similar to that of Mega Man 2's. Here's hoping they both end up on the Capcom store very soon.

Source: Siliconera

Get Charged in LA on Saturday

Going to be in Los Angeles on Saturday? i am 8-bit and Capcom will be, for this Saturday's Video Game Awards show, of course. And to celebrate, they're giving out complimentary E-Tanks to those who present this coupon:

* Limit of one E-Tank per person. Style of E-Tank not guaranteed. Availability of E-Tanks is subject to a first-come, first-serve basis. May not be combined with any other discounts, offers, or power-ups. Coupon has no cash value. Only at participating E-Tank vendor locations. Offer expires December 19, 2009 at 5pm (or while supplies last). i am 8-bit Productions will not accept any coupon that has been modified in anyway. i am 8-bit Productions, 10061 Riverside Drive, Suite 884, Toluca Lake, CA 91602.

I'll admit, the legal jargon is a touch confusing-- more so than usual. Are there different styles of cans, as opposed to what we've seen? Is the offer good beyond Saturday? Are they offering 1UPs, Heart Tanks, and Weapon Capsules at regular price?

Anyway, it seems that the E-Tanks are coming in boxes like the one shown at the top of the article, so maybe some lucky fans will get to score some empties (what have we come to?).

News Credit: Capcom*Unity

E-Tank Energy Drinks Coming to America (Updated)

Good news, everyone! According to AAA Distribution, it appears that the popular yet peculiar-tasting E-Tank energy drinks might be coming to America. Their site has a listing where a case of 24 can be ordered for $72. Or, if you prefer singles, Big Bad Toystore will be selling them for $2.99 a pop in January 2010. And the bad news (price aside)?

...the manufacturer seems to have missed the point of why people wanted them in the first place almost entirely.

It's merely a hunch, but I get the feeling the other side doesn't look like an E-Tank from the Classic series games. So much for novelty.

It will be interesting to see how these perform, in light of these circumstances.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Update: Thanks to Community member Flame, we have the following response from Boston America as to why the can was changed:

Thanks so much for your input and I do understand your concern. However please note that Boston America’s first concept for the drink WAS the same version that was produced in Japan , however Capcom rejected the design and asked us to move forward with the 8-bit concept we currently have available. We were disappointed too!

Thanks again for letting us know your thoughts!

So at least there is still hope.