From 1UP: Mega Man's Comic Career & The Social Retrospective

Finishing off this week's 1UP Cover Story, "Mega Man: 25 Years of Theme-Park Levels and Stolen Robot Powers," is a two-story main event for the weekend.

First up is Jeremy Parish's "Mega Man: The Social Retrospective," which is described as "a randomly irreverent trip through the history of Capcom's robot hero." This collects the many posts made over the past month in celebration of the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary on 1UP's Tumblr account, with lots of fun tidbits and images.

The other story is one we've alluded to throughout the week, "Mega Man's Comic Career: The Good, The Bad, The Bizarre." Here, Nadia Oxford and I look back at the past and the present, the good and the bad, and overall some of the most noteworthy instances of Mega Man in print. It's by no means a thorough list, but rather provides some of the high and lowlights of his career.

Special thanks go out to Ian Flynn and the Archie Comics crew, UDON Entertainment, and Dr. Neko for my part, while Nadia would like to extend thanks to The Mechanical Maniacs and Rodrigo Shin for hers.

And that's it for 1UP's Mega Man Cover Story this week; we hope you've enjoyed it!

Jazwares Super Mega Figure Media Pack Lands on eBay

We don't cover eBay auctions very often in this space, but here's something you don't see every day.

Some of you might remember a few years ago, when Jazwares' Mega Man action figure line seemed to be in full swing, it came to a sudden and unexpected stop following their showing of several new products at a toy show. One such product was the "Super Mega Figure Media Pack," which included three figures, their accessories, the first issue of Dreamwave's comic book (heck, there were only four... might as well have just packed the entire story in), and a DVD.

As it so happens, Heat Man came across this auction for one of the packs, which was thought to have been unreleased. The description notes it is "extremely rare," and was canceled at the last minute. But apparently some were made, and now it can be yours for... "approximately US $390.65," or the best offer.

So... yeah, this is for the hardcore collectors only. Incidentally, one might notice that the contents of the package for auction are slightly different from those illustrated when the package was initially revealed, with a different color of Mega Man included alongside Bass and Quick Man.

The box appears to be a little banged-up, but for a never-released product, beggars can't be choosers. With that said, would any of you go for this?

Countdown to Archie’s Mega Man, Day 5: Dreamwave's Mega Man

Our final stop on our trip back through Mega Man's adventures into the North American mainstream comes not from the United States, but Canada, and a small comic book company once known as Dreamwave. Though Archie's first issue of Mega Man will be available in comic shops next week, this will not be the first time the Blue Bomber has graced the pages of comic books in America.  And while Captain N:The Game Master did have its own short-lived comic book series, Mega Man never appeared within its pages (despite numerous requests in their letter pages).

In 2003, the now-defunct Dreamwave Productions set out to produce a comic based on Mega Man, but fell short of the mark.  One reason for this is likely due to the book's direct-market releases; those who did not have a local comic book shop near them were unable to find he book-- provided they even knew it existed at all.

Those who were able to find the book often came away disappointed by its contents.  Despite the cover of the first issue showing a number of Mega Man's famed Robot Master foes, the inside was practically devoid of any sign of Crash Man, Guts Man, or any others.  Instead, original robot enemies were created for the book, such as Express Man, Barrage Man, and Multi Man, none of which really looked as though they belonged in the Mega Man universe.

One Robot Master did manage to appear: Heat Man.  However, his appearances were brief, and Mega Man never even so much as saw him as he set out to put a stop to his fiery rampage.

Mega Man's time as a "superhero" in the book was split, however.  Much of the time, he spent his days as "Rocky Light," a new student at a local school.  There, he dealt with all sorts of troubles considered "typical" of schoolchildren: bullies, crushes, school dances, and out-of-control mashed potato machines.

Overall, the story tended to skew towards a younger audience, and one which could probably rarely even find the book if they had wanted.  With all of these factors in play (perhaps among others), Dreamwave's Mega Man did not last very long, and ceased publication after only four issues.  But, there was a bright spot in it all...

For the fourth and final issue, art chores were taken up by none other than fan-favorite artist Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante.  He has since expressed a desire to be able to draw for a Mega Man comic once again, and his wishes have come true, as he will be providing some of the cover art and interiors for Archie's Mega Man, which will be available next week.

What's more, you don't need to worry about whether or not you can find a local comic book shop to get the first issue (though most should be as well; if you aren't sure whether yours is, be sure to ask!).  By going to The Archie Comic Shop and subscribing, you can have Mega Man delivered right to your door!

If you act now, the deal gets even sweeter!  New subscribers will receive a free two-sided Mega Man poster, autographed and drawn by none other than Spaz himself!

But if you cannot subscribe for some reason, don't worry: unlike Dreamwave's books, Archie Comics are carried at a variety of retailers, from book stores and pharmacies to grocery stores and convenience stores.  If you have a local retailer who carries new Archie comics each month, make sure to ask them to order Mega Man!

And, just to sweeten the deal: we promise that Mega Man won't be shipped off to school to get into fights with mashed potato machines and pick up girls, all while providing more of the epic Robot Master-busting and world-saving action you want and have come to expect from the Blue Bomber.  You help us like that, we help you like that.  Deal?  Deal.