Mega Man: "Worlds Collide" Part Four Cover: "Evil Friends Forever" Variant

effWow... there are really no words to describe this, save for maybe "he really wasn't kidding!" We all likely knew that this was coming, but to see it before our very own eyes... it's simply perfect. Just so very, very perfect. Admit it: This may very well be the very best cover for either blue hero's book you've ever seen, and you want a poster of this on your wall right now. Don't worry, we don't blame you.

Oh, right; you haven't actually seen it yet. But read on for the cover (and solicitation), and we're sure you'll agree.



"When Worlds Collide" Part Four of Twelve: It's Sonic versus Mega Man – Round Two! Celebrate 25 issues of Mega Man with the throwdown brawl to end all throwdown brawls! The Blue Bomber has the home field advantage this time – can Sonic keep up in this unfamiliar city? Meanwhile, Drs. Eggman and Wily make their boldest move yet in their master plan! This milestone issue marks the dramatic conclusion to the first act in the biggest crossover story of 2013! Featuring a stunning gatefold cover by Sonic/Mega Man art legend Patrick Spaziante, and a special "E.F.F. (aka Evil Friends Forever) variant" featuring Drs. Eggman and Wily on a (presumably evil) bicycle built for two!

Script: Ian Flynn Art:Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash, John Workman, and Matt Herms Commemorative gatefold cover: Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante E.F.F.* Variant cover: Jamal Peppers, Gary Martin, Matt Herms, and Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante *evil friends forever On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 5/8 32-page, full color comic $2.99 US.

Source: ComicsAlliance

What Would it Sound Like if Wily's Castle Were in Jamaica?

We've been getting a lot of interesting genre albums of classic Famicom music lately. First that was Zoku Fami Compi with its house style arrangements. Then sound got loud with the Japan release of Powerglove's Video Game Metal. But recently things have mellowed again, with the release of Tariki Echo's Fami Reggae.

As you would expect, this takes memorable songs from classic Famicom games and gives them a reggae flavor, though they still retain a bit of their chiptune sound as well, it seems. As you would also expect, the one Mega Man-themed track on this album is Rockman 2's Wily Stage theme 1. I think it's a law that any game album featuring Mega Man music requires that track. You can sample it in the above preview video at the 1:38 mark.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

DDT Pro Wrestler Kenny Omega Gets Megafied

I doubt a lot of you know much about Japanese pro wrestling - I certainly don't. But today the stars have aligned and we get to talk about Kenny Omega, a Canada-born pro wrestler in Japan's Dramatic Dream Team circuit. Kenny's character gimmick is that he's a big gamer and otaku, and even performs a hadouken as his special move. Well, he does the pose, and then smacks his opponent with the thrust.

Particularly, though, Kenny seems to be a big fan of Mega Man. He uses the well known Wily stage music from Mega Man 2 as his entrance theme. One of his moves, wherein he just holds up his hand and makes his opponent stop in their tracks, has the nickname of Flash Man's Time Stopper. And he seems to be good pals with Ucchy-san on Rockman Unity, and has appeared on the blog before.

Recently, Kenny got a special arrangement of his borrowed entrance theme by Capcom's own ROCK-MEN, the sound composers behind last year's We are ROCK-MEN arrange album. Having watched the debut of the tune in Kenny's bout last night, I was happy how many people got into. It was the only theme song I could recall people clapping too. I did my best to get a recording, though coming from a live stream it's not going to be great.


Perhaps the tune will get formally released on a new ROCK MEN album? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, Kenny won both his matches, and will move on to the King Of Osaka 2012 match July 8th. I... just might have to see this. Anyway, if you're really curious, I have some shots from the fight after the break. Whoo, wrestling!

Dr. Wily Disappears from Film "Wreck-It Ralph"?

You'll recall sometime back of the interesting buzz surrounding the movie Wreck-It Ralph, featuring a host of video game villain cameos, including, apparently, Dr. Wily. However, in the newly released trailer for the movie, Wily appears to be replaced by... generic ninja guy?

I don't know, perhaps he's just too short to be seen among the group. But it seems Ralph's villain buddies accompany him through some of the film, and I'm just not seeing the mad scientist show up, much as I've looked. Furthermore, the original image showing Wily came from a pamphlet about the movie, when the film was still in production, so it's possible Wily was temporary for the time.

My greater concern is, still, when was Zangief ever a villain? A much better choice would have been Bald Bull, if they wanted that kind of character (people who grew up playing Punch-Out!! hate Bald Bull, I can assure you). But nevertheless, it still looks to be an entertaining flick, with or without the doctor.

Perhaps Mega Man 11 will focus on Wily's assault on Hollywood?

"My dressing room wasn't big enough!"

Thanks to Maverickdingo and Forte for the tip off!

Takeshi Aono, The Voice of Dr. Wily: 1936-2012

Some very sad news form the world of voice acting today. Seasoned voice actor Takeshi Aono passed away the other day at the age of 76, resulting from an aneurism. Aono had numerous roles over the years in dramas, games, anime and dubbing for foreign films, but the role most well known to us would be that of Dr. Wily. While the Rockman games saw a variety of voice talents, Dr. Wily was consistently voiced by Aono in nearly every production, starting with the drama album Rockman in the Nick of Time. His portrayal of Dr. Wily in the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack was one of his last works before suffering a stroke later in 2010 that forced his retirement. Among Rockman titles, he also lent his voice to Spring Man (Rockman Battle & Chase), Izoc and Ground Scaravich (Rockman X6), and Tadashi Hikari (Rockman EXE BEAST).

Our sincerest condolences to Mr. Takeshi Aono's family, coworkers and fans. He is greatly missed.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Capcom Bringing New Mega Man T-Shirts to Their Online Store

Over on Capcom Unity, DJay has made a post informing us that the Capcom Store will be rolling out three brand-new exclusive Mega Man t-shirts in the coming weeks. And apparently, the above image of Dr. Wily is a sneak peek at what one of them will look like.

What do you hope to see on these new shirts?

Dr. Wily to Cameo in Disney Flick "Wreck-It Ralph"

Mega Man may have his helmet hanged up right now, but that hasn't stopped Dr. Wily from getting a little work. A photo from Disney's D23 Magazine, in an article about the film Wreck-It Ralph, shows Dr. Wily among other known game villains (well, was Zangief really ever a villain?), participating with lead character Ralph in a "villains support group" of sorts. The premise of the film itself, set to release in November of this year, is about arcade game villain Wreck-It Ralph who grows tired of being a bad guy and wants to prove he can do something good, and ends up going on an adventure through various other games.

I'm supposing that the scene itself probably won't amount to much in the full movie, considering the copyright and licensing issues, but the release of just the blurry picture has already caused a major stir of interest on a number of game sites. How much camera time do you suppose Dr. Wily and the gang will have?

More importantly, what awful thing do you suppose Dr. Wily will do with his movie payoff?

Via GoNintendo

Vote Dr. Wily in Nintendo Power’s Latest Poll

You know the drill, folks: Nintendo Power magazine has posted their newest online poll, and as ever, Mega Man is being kept in the spotlight by being included among some of the poll options. In fact, there is one question solely dedicated to our hero! Blue Bomber-related questions include "Which antagonist most deserves to be in a starring role?", which features Dr. Wily as an option against formidable competition (we're betting Fawful takes the win). Another asks "What is the coolest weapon from Mega Man 1?" We said "Thunder Beam," because the enemy of the Yellow Devil is definitely our friend.

And of course, there are plenty of other fun questions to vote on, so be sure to check it out! The results will be included in volume 277 of Nintendo Power.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

Should Robot Workers Have Rights Too? An Argument For the Affirmative

by James “GS Edgeman” Riser Originally published in The Monsteropolis Times.

August 2nd, 200X -The sunrise woke me before my alarm did. I felt rested, even though my excitement prevented me from falling asleep right away the night before. I got dressed and set out to the local park a couple blocks away, where a crowd was already gathered around a small stage. An oddly stoic Doctor Albert Wily sat on stage along with two robots.

Across town the doctor's former partner and fellow Robot Institute of Technology alum, Doctor Thomas Light was busy preparing for his annual Festival of Robotics. The festival's an event where designers are able to showcase their new ideas and advancements in the field of robotic labor. This event's focus, however, is the exploitation of said robots.

As technology advances, new ethical questions arise almost everyday. The internet gives us almost unlimited access to information, some of which may be questionable and even dangerous for some individuals. Meanwhile, advancements in the field of manufacturing has already put many people out of jobs, and the presence of intelligent robot workers pushes this threat further. Of course, flesh and blood workers will be needed to create these mechanical assistants, but how far are we from creating factories that will require little to no human supervision?

Today's robots are programed to perform complicated and delicate tasks, which also means they have access to a wide range of thoughts and can even appear to experience a wide rage of emotions. To a casual observer, these machines appear to be sentient beings.

Currently, robots are employed in a variety of industries, from standing side by side with humans on car assembly lines to cutting trees with human landscapers. They work just as and, a lot of times, much harder than their human counter-parts, so some citizens are supporting the idea that current labor laws should be altered to encompass the fair treatment of robots.

I took my place in front of the stage just as Cut Man stepped up the podium. Cut Man has been working for Cut Man's Timber & Landscaping for over a year. While he is the namesake for the company, another individual owns and manages it. Many people hire the crew just to watch Cut Man sheer shrubs and cut down trees with his head mounted blades. He performs his work with the style and agility that only a robot is capable of, which many customers claim is a pleasure to witness. The crowd quieted as Cut Man began to speak.

“While we don't require the same things as humans to work, that doesn't mean that we can't be treated unfairly,” he said. “We require regular maintenance, but I've been worked for months without any. My blades were dull, and my joints worn. My metal no longer shined and only reflected my discontent.”

Cut Man is usually known for his kind, child like demeanor (another reason why people enjoy his presence) but on this day he spoke with the vigor and passion of a man. I noticed that he had paused to look back at Dr. Wily, who nodded, before continuing.

“If it wasn't for Mr. Doctor Albert Wily, who offered to perform regular repairs and maintenance free of charge, then I wouldn't have been able to continue my duties. I don't know if I can really feel the emotion of sadness, but it's possible that becoming useless, broken and having no work or purpose would be very similar. In the city's current situation, I would have been worked until I could no longer function and then thrown out. No one would have spoken up for me, and that's why we're speaking up for ourselves. We need rights, too! Thank you.”

As Cut Man turned to sit back down, his blades caught a glint of sunlight showing that Doctor Wily has done a great job with keeping Cut Man's blades sharp.

These workers may not be living and breathing, but Cut Man's words shows us that robots have needs too. This brings to mind psychologist Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, an idea usually represented as a pyramid.

At it's foundation is breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, and excretion. It also dictates that we need to secure our employment, living situations, and resources. As one moves up the pyramid, the goals become more abstract as we strive to find love, respect and self-esteem. At the top of the pyramid is self actualization, where we finally realize our full potential.

As Maslow himself put it, “What a man can be, he must be.” It also must be known that the process is never complete; one cannot become self actualized and be done with the psychological process, it's something we continuously strive for. This pyramid has been used many times by corporate managers as a guideline to keep their employees happy and productive.

With that in mind, I propose the idea of a Hierarchy of Robotic Needs:

Since robots don't need to breath or eat, the foundation will be replaced by maintenance and rest. Robots do not require sleep, but they cannot be worked endlessly. Under the safety level, security of body and resources should suffice. As Cut Man said, a robot's purpose is to work, so the love/belonging level will be reduced to simply “belonging.” The need in this category will be “work.” A robot without work is a being without purpose.

As things start to become more abstract, it's hard to identify what a robot would need, but from Cut Man's opening speech one can tell that a robot can feel a sense of achievement from a job well done, thus justifying their purpose and reason for existing. “Reason for existing” will lie at the top of this pyramid as it's a robot's main concern. Perhaps, in a hundred or so years scientists will create robots that can actually feel a full spectrum of emotions and make conscious decisions, but for now the closest thing that a robot will experience to happiness is a job well done and a reason to continue working as their programing dictates.

When looked at side by side, both pyramids have dramatic differences but there is one main aspect that can be said about humans and robots. The top level for humans says: “morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts,” but I think those all points to our own reasons for existing. Everyone goes through life scouring their activities and responsibilities for purpose.

The question often asked is, “what is the meaning of life?” I think the answer is the same for both: to justify our presence on this planet, and everyone does it in their own way. Even though Maslow died in the year 1970 and never got to witness the robotic revolution, I'm sure he would approve of the amendments I've made to his hierarchy. If the labor laws are ever to be rewritten to accommodate robots, I hope that lawmakers will consult ideas similar to ones presented in this modified pyramid.

Elec Man, who works at the city's biggest power plant, was the second to approach the podium. “My fellow workers,” he began, “I say that in hopes that we'll eventually stand side-by-side as workers, not as robot and human. We are both there to accomplish the same goal: a job well done. With that in mind, I implore you to support the revision of labor laws as it will benefit everyone who depends on the work that we do.”

Elec Man's official title is “Manager of Energy Output,” but feels that he is not recognized as such since his rights are not officially sanctioned. He then outlined his negative experiences while working at the plant, which include workers directly going against his directions and, similar to Cut Man, being overworked to the point of breakdown.

“It appears to me more and more that having rights is what makes you human, and also gives people a sense of superiority over others who don't. My plea isn't to be recognized as a human being. I am not. Rather, I'd like to be recognized as an equal worker.” With that, Elec Man took his seat, and to end the rally, Dr. Wily stood up and offered to repair any robots who've been mistreated, free of charge.

After the event, I tried to get a comment from Dr. Wily, but as I approached Cut Man stopped me and said that the doctor had many appointments to attend. I also tried to contact Dr. Light, but his lab assistant, Roll, informed me that he was also busy. I then asked her why hasn't Dr. Light been performing regular repairs on the robots he created. Roll told me that Dr. Light was never contacted by his robot's employers.

Does having rights make you human? That seems to be the question that permeates this debate. If so, then does that mean only humans are deserving of rights? These questions don't have simple answers and can't be solved until law makers sit down and take a serious inventory of the social climate that surrounds this issue.

In my opinion, if robot's are given the rights that they ask for it would incite aversion from many human workers. In the end, however, several industries will benefit from humans and robots viewing each other as equals. They're not asking to be considered human, but only for the removal of barriers that prevent them from fulling their reason to exist. What a robot can be, it must be.

ScrewAttack Death Battle: Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Eggman

The presents are unwrapped, the holiday dinner has been properly devoured, and at long last, the ultimate battle between the two diabolical doctors of destruction is here! After weeks of teasing who will take up arms on either side of the conflict, the time for words and speculation is over: it's time for the forces of Dr. Albert W. Wily and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik to throw down in the war to settle the score! But which rival of blue goodness will triumph? You can view this 19th episode of Death Battle over here at ScrewAttack's website. We would place the embed here, but the goofy things are set to auto-play, and we certainly don't want that annoyance. When and if they add it to YouTube, we'll update this post with the embed for convenience.

Incidentally, we're a little disappointed that for whatever reason, they opted to give Eggman a voice, but not Wily. Really? Could they just not find anyone? Heck, even I'm available, if they want to drop me a line...

Now, we just have to wait for what will hopefully be an inevitable sequel; once you see it through, you'll probably know just what we mean.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in (even though we kind of knew it was coming)!

Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Eggman Death Battle Reveals: The Last Line?

We've seen the Roll Call, the Big Guns, the Double Teams, and even the Mistakes. Now, it's time to check out who is "The Last Line" in each evil doctor's line of defense:

...but wait; if this is the "Last Line," then why are there clearly two more (pretty obvious) reveals left? Looks like we'll find out on Christmas Day, though ScrewAttack Advantage members apparently get it two days sooner. Just... if any of you are members, try not to spoil it for the rest of us, okay?

Also, we know what you're thinking: "Guts Man and Pharaoh Man aren't Wily Numbers." True enough, and while we can't speak to the latter so much, let's face it-- Guts Man has been swiped and reprogrammed by Wily so many times, he probably has a longer collective tenure than most of his own creations. So that one can probably slide...

Thanks for the tips, Chaos Wolf and Jack Red!

The Fourth Wily vs. Eggman Death Battle Reveals: Mistakes

We've seen the first, second, and third wave of warriors who are ready to lay it all on the line for their respective mad scientists in the upcoming Death Battle between Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman. This week, ScrewAttack rolls out a pair of the duo's... "mistakes":

Hmm. We wonder if they know that Dr. Wily didn't actually build their their pick, but merely corrupted him.

Anyway, the battle happens on December 23rd. Thanks to Jack Red for the tip!

The Third Wily vs. Eggman Death Battle Reveals: Double Teaming

First came the buzzsaw berserkers*, then the Big Guns. Now, ScrewAttack has posted their third teaser for their upcoming Death Battle between Dr. Albert W. Wily and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and it's all about double-teaming. We already have a pretty good idea of who must be the Mega Man half of this clash, but as for Sonic...

...oh. Well, that turned out nothing like we thought it would.

We'll keep you posted with more as the December showdown approaches. Thanks for the tip, Chaos Wolf!

* Yeah, we know that neither one likely falls under the definition of a true "berserker," but we liked the alliteration.

It's Mega Man vs Dr. Wily and X vs. Zero in GameFAQs' "Rivalry Rumble"

Oh, the response to this ought to be fun, between it being a poll, involving GameFAQs, and most of all, the debate of whether or not X and Zero are rivals. Whatever, we don't care, but you can go nuts over it all in the comments. Anyway, word has come to us from X Master 1000 that GameFAQs is holding yet another of their video game character tournaments. This time, the theme is rivals, and features all manner of competitors, such as Link vs. Ganondorf and Ryu vs. Ken. But rather than pitting them against one-another, this tournament is instead about which rivalry itself is the best, meaning Luigi and Waluigi are, in essence, working together on this one.

And that brings us to the Mega Man portion of the tournament bracket. In fact, there are two, as Mega Man and Dr. Wily predictably square off in the "South Division," and will soon be up against the pairing of Zidane and Kuja. Elsewhere, the upcoming "Northeast Division" final will be X vs. Zero against Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion.

Quite frankly, we don't like their odds, given that we imagine most people who would vote and get the series some much-needed attention won't even consider the two rivals, and just let it lie. Plus, Mortal Kombat just had that nifty reboot earlier this year...

Anyway, there it is. You can find all the polls, past and present, right here.

The Second Wave of Fighters for Wily vs. Eggman Revealed

Following the recent reveal of Metal Man vs. Mecha Sonic in ScrewAttack's upcoming Death Battle between Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman, Stealth Woman notified us of the following video revealing the next wave of combatants from both sides:

Interesting choices, to say nothing of unexpected. When it's time for the Wily Force to call in the big guns, few come bigger... at least, where guns are concerned. And on Eggman's team? Considering the playable characters from that line are off-limits, that's not a bad pick, either.

Who else will join the fight? We'll see as the December showdown draws ever nearer.

Dr. Wily to Fight Dr. Eggman in ScrewAttack's Death Battle

Those who follow ScrewAttack's Death Battle already know from the end of the Master Chief vs. Doomguy bout that the next clash will be between none other than Sonic the Hedgehog antagonist Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Mega Man nemesis Dr. Albert W. Wily.

Unlike most Death Battlers, however, Eggman and Wily tend to be relatively hands-off; in other words, they seem quite comfortable to let their robot armies do the dirty work for them, only getting involved when unavoidably necessary. To that end, ScrewAttack has put out the call to their g1's (aka members) to decide who should form the ranks for these two mad men of science.

The only rule they have is that those chosen must have served their leader for an extended period of time, and brief alliances don't count. This negates a number of interesting options, such as Shadow the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, and Zero. One would also imagine that this disqualifies a fair number of Robot Masters, including those stolen from Dr. Light, Dr. Cossack, and many others, not to mention Proto Man.

This does leave Wily with a smaller army to call on than one might expect, though he still has Bass and Treble to call on... and may Heaven have mercy on Eggman's army if Bass were to decide that the likes of Metal Man, Crash Man, Wood Man, and their ilk are "acceptable losses" and decides to take their powers for his own. Anything to prove he's the strongest, right?

Backed up by the Mega Man Killers... well, Metal Sonic is cool and all, but he probably wouldn't stand a chance... especially if Bass were to allow Quick Man to live, so as to counter his speed. But then, that may be nothing the Time Stopper couldn't handle, anyway.

And if worse came to worse, Wily could still power up some of his army if he managed to save a little of that Evil Energy from Mega Man 8.

But rather than just go on and on about this (we honestly didn't even think this post would wind up this long when we began), what other factors might play into the battle? What other weapons might Eggman bring to the fore? Plus, Death Battles usually take aspects of a character from all available media, so even if Eggman might be lacking in one part of the Sonic canon, he might make up for it with another.

With that said, feel free to discuss here, and if you're a g1, over on ScrewAttack as well. We'll keep you updated on when they finally reveal this epic clash.

Thanks to Auto for the tip!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Heroes and Heralds Official Trailer

Following on from yesterday's reveal that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would have a free downloadable mode called "Heroes and Heralds," which uses character cards to add abilities, the official trailer has now been posted by Capcom. Have a look:

While we saw Roll and eventually Mega Man X make appearances yesterday, today's version gives us a clearer look at some details. For instance, on the "Team Heralds" image near the start, we can see Zero in the back-left portion, between the hammer and sword (which is really fitting in a neat sort of way, were one to think about it). This does stand to reason, given we see him fight as a Herald in the same video, but we're just pointing it out.

There's nothing more to the video beyond the Legends background and Zero fighting (at least, where Mega Man fans might strictly be concerned), but the official press release on Capcom Unity's blog has a CG trailer and some new screens, including Roll and X's cards, as well as some for the Servbots and even Dr. Wily!