Dorkly Originals: Videogame Trick-or-Treating

Dorkly is at it again as several of our favorite video game characters go trick-or-treating. Just be mindful that there's some gross humor and slight Not Safe For Work language.

Yeah, we know, Mega Man and Zero... it's just a gag, just go with it. Or say Bass was in costume, whatever works for you.

Dorkly: Leaked Memos Explain Early Mega Man Box Art Designs

If there is any part of Mega Man which is sure to outlive the franchise itself, it would be the notoriety of the original series' earliest box art. But how did such design decisions ever come to pass? Why is Mega Man sporting a Tron-esque outfit and handgun on the original? Why is he breaking is ankle in the second? Blasting Spark Man in his nuts-n-bolts on the third? And so on.

Well, as it so happens, the intrepid journalists over at Dorkly have apparently managed to uncover some of the original memos passed between someone known only as "Andrew" to Devin, who was apparently a part of Capcom USA's art staff at the time. Read over these, and all will be revealed...

...well, for the first six games, anyway. Granted, by about Mega Man 5 and 6, things had actually begun to look like Mega Man, though 7 was a bit of a throwback. Actually, Mega Man 6's box art was pretty accurate, despite what Dorkly's findings seem to indicate.

Personally, we'd have liked to have seen Andrew's thoughts when it came to Mega Man 8, when the company just began using regular stock art for their Mega Man covers. But perhaps he was no longer around by that point? Or maybe he was just focusing on Mega Man Legends ("Computer models are all the rage now! Everyone loves 'em! Do it!").

Thanks to Tony Ponce for the tip!

Dorkly Bits: Chill Penguin is Chill

When the original Mega Man X game came out, it featured a slightly odd progression for the series' title character: it starts you off with X beaming down into the city, blasting anything in his way to smithereens. And then later, we learn he's a pacifist who hates violence and fighting. What happened?

Well, if Dorkly is to be believed, then a fateful encounter with one Chill Penguin could be what forever changed the Maverick Hunter's outlook for years to come:

Thanks to RyanThunder for the tip!

Mega Man and Aperture Science Team Up

In this bit of entertainment video, Mega Man gets equipped with his own portal gun after beating who we'd presume is Portal Man (possibly created while Wheatley was in charge). What ensues is a bit of game breaking madness with Mega Man using his new found toy to make his enemies look foolish. And then gets a little murderous.

Given that the video content seems to be largely Mega Man 9 themed, I'm surprised there wasn't a scene in the already portal-laden Galaxy Man stage. Not to mention Mega Man would be in SPAAAAACE. Okay I'm done.

Via Capcom-Unity (Thanks Greg!)