Dr. Wily to Cameo in Disney Flick "Wreck-It Ralph"

Mega Man may have his helmet hanged up right now, but that hasn't stopped Dr. Wily from getting a little work. A photo from Disney's D23 Magazine, in an article about the film Wreck-It Ralph, shows Dr. Wily among other known game villains (well, was Zangief really ever a villain?), participating with lead character Ralph in a "villains support group" of sorts. The premise of the film itself, set to release in November of this year, is about arcade game villain Wreck-It Ralph who grows tired of being a bad guy and wants to prove he can do something good, and ends up going on an adventure through various other games.

I'm supposing that the scene itself probably won't amount to much in the full movie, considering the copyright and licensing issues, but the release of just the blurry picture has already caused a major stir of interest on a number of game sites. How much camera time do you suppose Dr. Wily and the gang will have?

More importantly, what awful thing do you suppose Dr. Wily will do with his movie payoff?

Via GoNintendo