Proto Man Rising: Off the Record

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Sorry for taking so long with this one, folks; we wanted to give resident Proto Fan Tabby first crack at this, but unfortunately, she's unavailable.

That said, it's clear that not everything that Keiji Inafune has had a hand in has been wiped from Capcom's own collective mind following the creator's departure, as Dead Rising 2: Off the Record was just released this past week. And as many of you know, the Dead Rising games frequently feature Mega Man fan service, with Off the Record being no exception.

As you can see in the above screens taken by GameFAQs user HTKA (via Siliconera), Frank West is now donning the garb and weapons of Mega Bro Proto Man.

And why not? If something like Willamette Mall's strange Mega Man/X costume wasn't available, would any of you actually pass on Proto Man in its stead? Especially if it has a real working Proto Buster, as this one does?

Still, something seems a little strange here... did West put on weight? He's looking a little more like the style of art from the earlier days of Mega Man, except his head isn't quite as big. Perhaps subsisting on mall fare last time didn't do many favors for the photojournalist's lifestyle...

Thanks to @Shadowx2468x on Twitter and HeatPhoenix for the tip!