Discounts Mega Man Star Force DVDs

If you're a fan of the Mega Man Star Force series, don't mind Viz's dubbing jobs, and either have a region-free DVD player or live in the UK, then you're in luck. Because if you fit all of that criteria, has the Mega Man Star Force DVD set for £11.08, marked down to almost half of its regular £19.99 price. Not a bad deal at all, especially if you were holding out for a price drop.

Now, if they'd just release the blasted things here in North America-- not all of us were able to watch it on the now-defunct Toonami Jetstream, so a reasonably-priced DVD set would be just the thing. But I suppose we'll just have to put that down on the wishlist next to box sets of NT Warrior with subbed versions of the original episodes, as well as anything from the Axess season and beyond.

News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner