Jin Saotome's "Marvelous" Mega Man Figure

What would Mega Man be like if he were a part of the Marvel Universe? That is the question toy customizer Jin Saotome set out to answer with one of his latest creations, a custom Mega Man action figure made in the scale of the six-inch "Marvel Legends" line. Jin also makes sure to point out that this is based on the original Blue Bomber, as X will come later. And as he is known to do, Jin has also crafted a little bit of back story to address this Rock's role in the modern-day Marvel Universe:

Dark are the foretold days of Future Past, where giant robots roam desolate city ruins once home to a sprawling populace. But this future is not yet set and a hero arrives in a beam of light to make sure it never comes to pass! Megaman is here to save the day as an alternate-reality character set in the Marvel Comics universe.

Parts used to create this piece include bits of Iron Man, DC's Cyborg, the face of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, a custom helmet (rather nice, as Mega Man helmets go), and accessories from other figures as well. You can get further details and more pictures at Jin's webpage here.

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Words Cannot Describe these Rockman Figures

Rockman Zero FiguresJust when you thought things didn't get any cooler than Dimension Driver's limited edition Rockman and Roll figures, Atelier-Sai has to come along and make these magnificent works of art. As seen in the photo on the right, Zero and two of the four Guardians have been accurately modeled into completely posable, color-cast resin kits. The diaroma just adds to the sheer epicness emanating from these figures.

Not for the faint of heart, these kits require drilling your own holes. In fact, the ball joints actually have to be purchased seperately along with 1mm-thick brass rods to hold the joints in place.

In addition to the Rockman Zero characters, Atelier-Sai also had figures of classic Rockman and Forte. You can see all Sai's figures as well as other figures shown at the 2009 Wonder Festival here.

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3 More Custom Mega Man Action Figures

Custom Snake Man Figure by Jin SaotomeLooks like Jin Saotome is at it again! Previously, we posted about custom-made Mega Man and Proto Man figures that were sold on eBay. Now three more have been added to the set! You can find Snake Man (pictured on the right), Heat Man, and Zero up for auction on Jin's eBay store. As with the first two figures, each character has their own G.I. Joe crossover story:

"A new wave of Repliod warriors attacked the P.I.T. recently. At first we thought this fellow was one of Cobra's members the way he was dressed, snake themes stick out like a sore thumb. But his incredible striking speed and strength made it clear he was one of Wily's creations. Fortunately we had Rock and his new friend Zero to combat this scaly fellow and send him slithering away. A piece of his tail was left behind in the battle and is being studied by Hi-Tech. Perhaps it will shed some light on the Repliod's construction."

Visit Jin's eBay store to read the rest of them.

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