Starting TMMN's Year of Contests! Win a D-Arts X Comic Ver!

Well folks, are you ready for some 2012 festivities? Let's kick it off, it's time for a new contest! Our latest offering is the already super-rare D-Arts Rockman X "Comic Ver." figure! This figure was sold in limited numbers at the Tamashii Nations 2011 event int Tokyo, but now it can only be picked up from resellers. Or from us! Our contest is a very simple tribute contest: You make whatever you want to show tribute to Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Rockman X manga. It can be artwork, or a comic, or a video; anything you like! It simply must reference the manga. Show your fandom to win! You have until February 5th at midnight, PST to send us your entry, so get to it!

Additionally, I want to announce our intent to do something amazing for you all. This contest is just the first in a series of contests we hope to hold for the whole year - one a month. We're doing this because, frankly, we want you to remember how awesome Mega Man is. Last year some really unfortunate things happened, and the fandom really got hit in the gut. Can't say I know where we're gonna go from here, but until we get there will be throwing chances to win something unique or cool every month!

We'll also be sure to put some variety into the contests themselves, so something ought to strike your fancy sooner or later. We may not have a new Mega Man for some time, but that doesn't mean we can't get joy and excitement from it. Here's to all you fans!

Comic Version X in Action

Tamashii Nation 2011 has come and gone, and those who were able to make it to the event and pick up an Iwamoto-styled D-Arts Rockman X are already starting to show off their posing prowess. With a stand and some effect parts, you can recreate some pretty cool scenes from the manga! And don't forget, of course, the parts are compatible with the other D-Arts figures (like Full Armored X).

Of course, if you couldn't make it to the event (or even make it to Japan), this gem will be pretty hard to get. I wonder if there'll be some other way someone can pick one up...

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

Zero "Comic Ver." Confirmed, and... Ride Armor?

The D-Arts figure details keep getting more interesting! Amiami has their own photo post on what's set to appear at Tamashii Nation 2011, and it answers a question as well as asks some new ones.

First off, the marker in this photo indicates the mysterious Zero figure is indeed a "Comic Ver." figure based on Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Rockman X manga. What isn't known is if this figure will also be going on sale at the vent, though I imagine it will be. Iwamoto even did a nice promotional art for the exhibit.

What's more striking, however, is the strange hunk of plastic sitting behind Vile. Is that a... Ride Armor? Ride Armors haven't been unfamiliar to Bandai in the past. However, in promotional displays for past D-Arts products, there have been items like Metools and upgrade capsules that never made it to retail. So awesome as the Ride Armor might be, it's hard to say if it reflects an upcoming product right now.

News via CAP Kobun