Mega Man 10 Include Among "Capcom Essentials"

capessentials Coming October 8th this year, Capcom will release a compilation set of five of their top games for a value price of $59.99 for PS3 and Xbox 360. And putting the E in the collection's E-M rating is none other than Mega Man 10. Of course 10 was never a physical game, so it will be included as a download voucher. A nice set for people who may have missed some of Capcom's big titles this generation. Personally, I'm just glad that Mega Man is being considered essential.

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Peeking at the Rockcan's Special Bonuses and Curiosities

The impressive but pricy "Rockcan" soundtrack collection comes out next week, and Rockman Unity has one more promotional push for the set. This comes with the announcement of four special anniversary prints done by Capcom staff artists. Only four people who preorder the Rockcan by the 18th will be chosen randomly to win one of these illustrations. As you can see they're not mere copies or anything - they look like the real deal straight off the drawing board, and they're nice a large. Furthermore, Ucchy's article also gives a brief glimpse of the color booklet that comes with the soundtrack. Aside from a nice collage of Mega Man artwork from the first to tenth titles, the credits page is also shown with some interesting entries. Ippo Yamada is present, no doubt he helped with refining the tracks. Hitoshi Ariga is also listed, so perhaps we can expect some special artwork. There's even a spot that's mysteriously blurred out. But what I find most interesting is the "ROCKMAN series Research & Development Staff" under special thanks. Can't say I was aware of such a group. I can only wonder what they're up to...

You can check out more amusing photos on Ucchy's post. Also, if you have the hefty sum needed and no way to order from e-Capcom, you can still pick up a can from CD Japan.

Well, Would You Look at That?

Click to enlarge.

We haven't taken an exact tally, but according to Kotaku, this is one fan's collection of every (physically released) Mega Man game, all together at once. Well, Rockman, technically; we don't see anything with the Western version of the brand in the pile.

Heck, there are even what appear to be some arcade boards in there!

How does your collection compare? We have to confess; our own collections are probably shy by one or two of these.

Thanks for the tip, Riot.EXE!

Mega Man Double Pack on its Way to PlayStation Portable? (Updated)

Yeah, we're a little late with this one, but it's worth talking about just the same. A few days ago (okay, so closer to a week), we heard from MMN reader RedMage1987 and Protodude's Rockman Corner about a "Mega Man Dual Pack" for the PlayStation Portable, which appears on both GameFAQs and GameStop's website. The former is using the image seen at right, that of the Japan-exclusive Value Pack containing both Rockman Rockman and Irregular Hunter X, while the latter has no image available.

Both websites cite a September 5th, 2011 release date, with GameStop labeling it with a price of $14.99, though the true contents of this package are unknown. But at that price, a re-release of the two games we did get seems more likely than the other noted possibility, that of a localized release of the two ported Rockman DASH games which were not released here.

With a release date so close, it would seem unlikely that this is just hot air, though, but with no official announcement from Capcom themselves, all we can really do is speculate. But between those two options, which would you rather see?

Update: And as Heat Man pointed out in the comments below, Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson confirmed it as a two-for-one re-release of Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X.

Resonnant Vie Initial Track Samples

Here's a nice treat for you all. Although Inti Create's own soundtrack page does not yet have audio samples from the upcoming Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack Kyoumei -resonnant vie-, we still have some samples for you to test out! These were recorded from the Spiceman Stream, a live podcast of sorts from the Spiceman crew (Ippo Yamada, Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto). Because of how these were recorded, the quality isn't the best, and one of the guys occasionally raps his fingers during play. But I've done the best I can to increase their quality. This should give you a good taste of what the soundtrack will be like as a whole. [audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Holy Land Sample] Holy Land in Resonance (Zero 4)

[audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Ice Brain Sample] Ice Brain in Resonance (Zero 2)

[audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Falling Down Sample] Falling Down in Resonance (Zero 4)

Resonnant Vie Track List, Artist Details

Adding to our previous details of the new Rockman Zero Collection soundtrack, Inti Creates' page for the album is finally up. No samples yet, but we do now know what tracks to expect. I've added what games/albums they come from next to the names:

  1. Cyberelf in Resonance (Zero 1)
  2. For Endless Fight in Resonance (Zero 1-3)
  3. Break Out in Resonance (Zero 3)
  4. Ice Brain in Resonance (Zero 2)
  5. Labo in Resonance (Zero 2)
  6. Trail on Powdery Snow in Resonance (Zero 3)
  7. Cold Smile in Resonance (Zero 3)
  8. Holy Land in Resonance (Zero 4)
  9. Falling Down in Resonance (Zero 4)
  10. Ciel d'aube in Resonance (Zero 4)
  11. Alouette March in Resonance (RTRZ Physis)
  12. Awakening Will in Resonance (Zero 2)
  13. Cannon Ball in Resonance (Zero 3)

Additionally, outside of Luna Umegaki, other musicians contributing to the album include Tsutomu Kurihara, Junichi Yamada, Kuske, Eddie, Yuri Tokushima, Maki Sawano, Ryo Kawakami, Hiroki Isogai, and Ippo Yamada himself. No track samples have been put up yet, but it's coming together as a nice album it seems. I'm definitely looking forward to For Endless Fight, Break Out and Cold Smile.

Rockman Zero Soundtrack "resonnant vie" Officially Announced

After Ippo Yamada confirmed a Rockman Zero album in the works last week, it's been officially announced over at e-Capcom today. The full, official name is "Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack Kyoumei -resonnant vie-" or resonant life (which both kyoumei and resonant vie mean). It will release on April 21st (the 30th on e-Capcom) for ¥2,000 (roughly $24.48 US). The concept of "resonant vie" is meant to be a paradox of using organic, non-electric music to represent the outlook of machine lifeforms like Reploids. The album will contain a total of 13 acoustic arrangements of Mega Man Zero songs. This time Ippo Yamada is acting as producer, with all tracks being arranged by Luna Umegaki. The album will also include a a jacket illustrated by Toru Nakayama, and a 12 page full color booklet featuring liner notes by Ippo and an interview with Luna.

All that's probably left to see now is the game's track list and perhaps some samples, which I imagine will surface once the album page is added to Inti Creates.

News Credit: Wizaman